Weblog awards – WUWT wins for the third time

That puts WUWT in the hall of fame for the science category, and we cannot be in that contest again. WUWT also wins “Weblog of the Year”. Thanks to everyone for your support!

From the Bloggies Twitter Feed


Some of our friends have also won tonight: 




WUWT wins “Weblog of the Year”



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Brian D Finch

Well deserved. Well done. 🙂




Congratulations. I understand the dilemma of enjoying the win yet knowing that part of the awards is over for you.
It’s a great achievement all the same and a testament to a blog run well with integrity and professionalism.
Robert would be most proud. A win for REP

Congratulations! Real scientists understand that not everyone will agree. Real scientists consider contradictory opinions. Real scientists win the awards, usually.


Highly deserved and well done to WUWT and the other great sites!

Sam the First

Tallbloke and Jo Nova have won in their categories too!
Well done to all winners. May the message be spread…
There is a discussion in train now (click on the link above) why sceptic climate blogs are so popular with Bloffie voters.


Congratulations, Anthony. Very well deserved.

Ron Sinclair

Congratulations to you Anthony and your stalwart contributors. Excellence deserves awards and it is very nice to see you and yours score a “hat trick”
Ron Sinclair

Mike Alger

Congrats, Anthony! Well deserved… but of course, I voted that way!

Sam the First

Oops sorry, they still have last year’s awards posted up.
I was looking at those the second time


Very nice, Antony! I’ve been following you since the beginning and I’m very happy to see you continue you outstanding efforts!


WooHoo, great news. Best of the best.

Link it again, Sam.

Leon Brozyna

Congrats !! Now all that’s left that really counts is weblog of the year and that would be really sweet.

Well deserved, Anthony! Congratulations.


Cool. Congrats all around.

Jimmy Haigh.

Well done to Anthony and all the other well deserved winners.
A lot of people are now realizing they have been had and are now coming round to our way of thinking. Once the politicians realize this they will also ‘convert’ in droves – just watch the stampede – and once they do it will be game over for global warm-mongery.

Peter in Ohio

Congratulations! A well deserved award.


Awesome. Retiring undefeated after three wins in a row is as good as it gets in the Bloggies.
Great to hear that Australian Climate Madness won a prize too. They did some sterling work on uncovering the lies about so-called threats against scientists, and like the other sceptic blogs, run on the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations


Wonderful honor. I just can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the first win.

Congratulations. Glad you won it, again. Just keep it rolling.

Anthony, congratulations!!!

Theo Goodwin

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hats off to Anthony, Delingpole, Jo, Tallbloke, and others. Also, Hats off to Judith Curry whose blog is worthy of winning.

Larry Hamlin

Congratulations Mr. Watts!! Well deserved indeed !!

Robert in Calgary

Woo Hoo!
Five for Five. Congratulations to all.

And now …..
Weblog of the Year: Watts Up With That? http://wattsupwiththat.com/ See you next year!
Well done. Well deserved.


Congratulations. Just confirms why I check your blog a couple times a day to stay up with the latest in climate discussions. It’s interesting, controversial, and always worth the read.


Congratulations on being a Hall of Famer! You just won weblog of the year, too! You’re still eligible for that next year!

Steve from Rockwood

Congrats! I guess 3 strikes and you’re out.

Anthony, brilliant. Congratulations on the win! You have done an excellent job. Great to see Australian Climate Madness, Small Dead Animals, and James Delingpole winning as well.
Strange that Skeptical Science pulled out of the comp, given the four way split of skeptics — you’d think with all his powerful friends in the MSM, UN, Greenpeace, WWF, etc etc that he’d have had a real shot — sweeping in many “vote here” links from the pro-AGW side. But then, I guess no one knows the traffic stats on SkS better than John Cook would 😉

Of course. My favorite blog, and I voted accordingly. Now if we could just get the politicians and the academics to pay attention. . .
/Mr Lynn


Weblog of the Year too! Fantastic!


Congratulations! Next time too, no doubt.
[Reply: No ‘next time’. Three wins in a row = permanent ‘Best Science’ status. — mod.]


I just have to say, what a team you have put together Anthony! Great work.


Congratulations, Anthony!! An award very much deserved and well earned.
Your tireless efforts in getting the truth out has been a source of encouragement to those that love and respect science and source of great consternation to those that put political agendas before the scientific method.
Keep up the good work!

I’m proud! Good job.

You da man.
Your devotion to this website is obvious and amazing.


Congratulations from Tallbloke’s Talkshop.
A spot of fun.

Congratulations, Anthony. Nice to see that my vote counted in electing another winner. Well deserved.
I have a small suggestion: adding a 3/8″ strip under–or on top of–your WUWT banner at the top of this page proclaiming your Hall of Fame wins. I know you do it at the right, but the Hall of Fame wins should be highlighted in a better way, IMHO.


The fact that WUWT wins again is great affirmation of lots of hard work by Anthony and the gang.
I think WUWT wins because it is current, topical, analytical, and open to all ideas and opinions. News breaks here because contributors know that this is the “Big Forum”.
I learn a lot here (special thanks to Anthony, Bob T, and the extraordinary Willis). I always try to keep my comments here factual, relevant, and to-the-point. Just following great examples.


Fantastic Anthony. Congratulations.
I never thought it was in doubt. Just wondering about ways you could win the next three years with a spin-out blog maybe? ….. or would that be a bit too Nature-esque ?

Chuck Nolan

Good on ya!

Congrats, Anthony!

R Barker

Congratulations to Anthony and mods!

Congratulations, Anthony, moderators, contributors, visitors!


What a success!


Fantastic achievement Anthony, well done.

Ian H

Also Weblog of the year! Fantastic!!
P.S. Sour grapes from @PeterGleick in the twitter feed. Probably the real Gleick. Can’t see why anyone else would want to call themselves that.

Brilliant win, Anthony! Well done to all the team. Yah! 🙂