Thank you moderators and contributors.

Left to right

Charles Rotter, Alec Rawls, Dr. Ryan Maue, Tom Fuller, Dave Stealey, myself, Steven Mosher, Dr. Leif Svalgaard, and Willis Eschenbach.

To those who could not attend, my sincere thanks for holding down the fort.


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Jenn Oates

And my thanks to all of you as well!

Thank you to all for your priceless work!


A fine crew!


Wow! You were the only one whose face I reconized, and Willis looks nothing like I imagined though Lief does. So where are all the ladies in the crew?

Mark T

Leif and Willis are the only two that do not look as I pictured them. Odd that anyone would draw a picture based purely on their postings. Of course, I’ve seen pictures of both Steve Mosher and Anthony, so I got over that shock loooong ago. Ahem. 😀
Where was this taken?

Roger Carr

Pixilate the faces… these are dangerous people who must needs be abridged for the very chance of the New World Order proceeding.
(Ah… that I could rate being endangered amongst them.)


Yeah, yeah, yeah.
They’re over there toasting each other – and a fine bunch they are! – while I’m back over at my motel (after a 13 hour shift at work) trying to finish moderating the whole row of comments that have been stacking up …. 8<)


Thank you all, and your family for their support 🙂


Yes! TU! You have only a small idea what you mean to us, the “unwashed masses” of the Skeptics! You give us a place to read how the war against “the cause” is going. We have a space to toss our little voice comments in with the legends of anti-CAGW gladiators, like Anthony and the rest.
From a little guy, nobody (but I do have relevant credentials), thank you for a place where anyone (freedom of speech) can post a comment.
Newt Love (

Keith Minto

A great team, a Californian red I presume.
I look like Leif minus the qualifications …. I wonder if he, like me, gets roped into playing Santa at Christmas ?


Thanks a lot for the work on WUWT, team You all are heroes.

Mike Wryley

I know who you really are, Christmas is just around the corner, I’d like an OC12 fiber Internet connection for my business and a tanker load of Jet A. I’ve been a skeptically good boy.


Thank you all! Especially Anthony for the idea to start WUWT! Brilliant stuff.
One day .. one day, you will be rewarded in a big way. ☺


Well, God can’t destroy California yet–there’s still 9 believers in true science.

TIM from NZ

Thanks for all your work guys. Cheers.

John F. Hultquist

I see wine – the making of such produces the dreaded carbon dioxide. And it is unlikely, though the photo gives not a clue, that everyone had just seeds and sprouts. But I see the carbon credits (indulgences) on the table between the glasses. You’re okay then.
Thanks to all. John

Such an intellectual looking team! Something makes me think they’d make state team championship bowling tournament. Which requires a lot of smarts and skill, btw.

Thank you all so very much for your excellent work, attitude, and dedication to the full requirements of the scientific method process and expecting and holding the same high scientific standards from all parties.


Everyone must have sore butts from sitting on all that oil and coal money stashed in their wallets.


Gentlemen! My sincere thanks for the life-saving work you are doing!
Now the Team have a new dartboard to put next to the Climate Sensitivity one.

Eyal Porat

Nice, nice.
But where are the WOMEN?
Anthony, isn’t it time you recruited reps of the strong gender to the “Team”?!

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

I’m wondering if Anthony is pulling a late April Fools Day prank, as in misidentifying the last two. After all, if I was going to lay odds as to which was the dour Nordic solar physicist who was always certain that (practically?) everyone else has it wrong, and which was the reformed cowboy and sometimes commercial fisherman whose blood often angrifies mightily…

Phillip Bratby

A happy crowd, not at all like the miserable doom and gloomsters.

Roger Carr

RACookPE1978: Thanks for holding the bridge, pal.

Peter Miller

Only if you guys were funded by Big Oil could you afford to eat and drink in a restaurant like that,


WUWT is very cool guys – well played. We appreciate the massive amount of work put into it by you all.


Thanks for the picture. It is so much easier to communicate with people after you have met them. While seeing what they look like is not like meeting people face to face it is better than nothing.
Leif and Willis look much better than I expected. I will try to be nicer to them in future.

J.C. Carter

Thank all of you, and I mean all of you for your contributions to the people.

Marvellous bunch. You realize, of course, that there might be a luminary spot in history for team WUWT, after the teetering bastions of alarmism slide into obscurity. Go get ’em, people. Thanks for your hard work, and laudable tolerance of the Troll Faction. I doubt I’d be so forgiving, somehow.

Ben D.

Go Team WUWT…

What a magnificent team. Handsome, too!☺

Heroes to a man. And woman.

NZ Willy

Was that really left to right, or did you mean clockwise?
[Reply: Both. ~dbs, mod.]

Jimmy Haigh

Great stuff. And, all of a sudden, 110 million hits…

old construction worker

From a long time reader. I thank all of you for the Education.


Anthony Watts says:
April 1, 2012 at 11:21 pm
Thanks everyone. Regarding women: Verity Jones, in England, could not be present. Please make a habit of visiting her blog “Digging in the Clay“.
On her side she had an article about the claim by Nikolov & Zeller that planetary surface temperatures can be calculated accurately if pressure and TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) are known.
I support this idea
ps Did you all fit in the same electric car and who was the driver after all that wine.

John R. Walker

Now that’s what I call an open thread weekend…


You all certainly look to be living it up on those ‘big oil’ sponsored salaries of yours. La dee dah!

What, no ladies?
Something for the team to dissect (when they sober up and get back to work)
It looks as the
Svensmark is confirmed by the last Forbush decrease.
data file :
(graph at the bottom right hand side of the web page).


Nice to see you, guys! Where was the meeting? There is no information about it 😉
[Reply: Alexander’s steakhouse. Big Oil paid… not. ~dbs, mod.]


Another big number is coming up – 111,111,111 !
Blog Stats
It is the blog equivalent of a hobbit’s eleventy-first birthday!

jonathan frodsham

Wonderful, great to see a photo of the WUWT team of alarmist fighters. Dr. Leif Svalgaard looks like a “fighting Viking” I bet the warmists are scared to death of him? Good work guys/lady, keep it up, we will beat the bastards soon. 🙂

Ah! the face of Big-Oil-funded Climate Skepticism is revealed at last!
May the Alarmists shiver in their beds at night (from the cold, of course, not fear…)

Ian Cooper

This was a great gesture on all your parts to show not only those of us who can’t get by without a daily (sometimes four times a day) dose of WUWT, some like me over a sustained period of years, but to newbies keen to put a face to a name.
Funny thing is, probably because I grew up in an age here in New Zealand before television, that I enjoy the little game of imagining a name to a voice, in this case electronic. Like others here I somehow imagined Leif as a young thirty something hotshot solar physcist but wasn’t surprised to see ‘global warming’ framing his smile. I was totally convinced that Willis would show more signs of the journey he has travelled on and shared with us on so many occasions. Ryan Maue’s site is on my hit list when I am planning anything astronomical and we greatly appreciate his efforts.
Sometimes I like to kid myself that I am busy when I am trying to apply myself in my day job and being in high positions on four different clubs/societies (3 astronomical and one sporting) until I consider all of the work that Anthony and his team of contributors and moderators put out. It isn’t surprising that the other people are convinced that this whole set-up is funded by big oil or whatever. As an amateur astronomer I can easily see where big money doesn’t fit into this mix (not that you would want to turn it away if it ever darkened your doorstep team). By definition an amateur is not just someone who is doing something without recompense, but more importantly they are doing something for love! From the smiles on the dials in the photo above I can see nothing but love.
Kia Kaha (be strong) my heroes!


Having been interested in wine for a long time, I deduce from the picture that a bottle of very fine wine had just been poured by a knowledgeable sommelier (equal and quite small quantities of a wine with very good colour). I would guess that it is a fine Californian Cabernet, but I could be very wrong on that!
[Anthony brought the wine, then beat down the maitre’d on the corkage charge. ~dbs]


Enjoy the break and thanks to the fort holders (Mods)


I see Willis hitched a ride in time to make it before mains were served.
Well done fellas, keep up the good work.


Ah, their you have spent your weekend! More than deserved, thanks to all mods for the hard work!


A BIG thanks to Anthony and The Mods! (Doo-wop, doo-wa–a-a-h…)