Nature pans Gore's 24 Hours of 'Climate Reality'

From the Hockey Schtick: The November 2011 edition of Nature Climate Change pans Al Gore’s 24 Hours of ‘Reality’, disputing Gore’s suggestion that global warming is responsible for all extreme weather and noting:

“Gore may have briefly pumped up his disillusioned environmental base, but it’s hard to imagine such a polarizing figure convincing anybody who has honest doubts about the severity of the problem, let alone the diehard skeptics.”

Here’s the article:

And, let’s not forget that Gore and Bill Nye faked the infamous “Climate 101” video:

Replicating Al Gore’s Climate 101 video experiment shows that his “high school physics” could never work as advertised


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The Politburo is experiencing some Perestroika.

IPCC, UNFCCC, GREEN PEACE, NSF, CARNEGIE Instituion of science and others; looking forward to hearing from all of you!!!!
Chair person IPPAN, Kathmandu
Copy to the director ICIMOD, Nepal.
Dear Dr. Pachauri and Mr. Algore,
Solution to CC and Power Crisis
Please give me either one scientific reason/ theory that justifies CC is due to gases OR STOP ACCUSING GASES for CC. Just accusation is not science. CC by gases is impossible. Man has disturbed the ‘rain cycle’ causing the ‘climate change.’ No gas can be ‘green house gas.’
I have also explained that applying the property / theory of standing still water column to the running water condition is the blunder being done in the ‘Hydropower Engineering’ and, its correction can give us unlimited hydropower.
Please visit for solutions to ‘CC and power Crisis.’
Summary is attached for your convenience.
Dr. Dev
“Already sent to the addressees, green peace and many others throughout the world”

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Preview link:

Webcast: Rather too much reality
Jeff Tollefson
Nature Climate Change 1, 385 (2011) | doi:10.1038/nclimate1260
Published online 16 October 2011

$32 for instant access to that? I’d ask “what are they smoking?” but due to their obvious worry about the releases of carbon-containing gaseous combustion products, the more-proper question would be What are they snorting?

This journal is printed on recycled paper

Toilet paper, only used once.

David Falkner

They used the words ‘honest doubts’?! That certainly represents a step. Maybe the rhetoric will back down from the ‘you want to destroy the world for corporate profit’ crap? Well, one can only hope.


Frankly if they think throwing St Gore to the wolves will save them they dead wrong , always be careful of who you make gods for they usual turn out to be nothing but men after-all.


Gore didn’t suggest that GW is “responsible for all extreme weather”…that was Tollefson’s construct.


I wonder if Jeff Tollefson now regrets his presumed Gore vote for president. Maybe he learned something? I doubt it.

charles nelson


wayne Job

Useful idiots wear out their welcome if they are seen to be no longer useful.
Fading into history for Al will be a traumatic experience for the ego, as is the odd no from a woman. Poor Al.

Gore didn’t need to convince me. I already knew he was an idiot.


Nature? Printed this???
I’m now gazing to the east looking for three wise man.


Political movements that get into trouble always end up blaming the messenger rather than the message.

Anyone who is still skeptical about human industrial-age influence on the earth’s climate is either on big-oil payroll or is unconscious. Wake up! The detrimental effects of CO2 emissions are evidenced globally. The ice is melting, sea-level is rising, and more adverse weather has become commonplace.
Clearly, natural climate change has been exacerbated by the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants (as well as nuclear testing). In addition, we have already entered an extinction phase, and the climate-change deniers ought to put the welfare of their children ahead of the interests of those who put financial profit before the lives of people.
Business and politics as usual will end the human race. Make no mistake, the writing has been on the wall for decades, and if you can’t see it yet, our children’s generation is well aware of it. Many of them are wondering why we appear to be passing the buck to them. They’ve already learned the science that proves additional water vapor in the atmosphere will continue to create inclement weather that is going to increase to biblical proportions if we don’t effect a rapid shift to clean energy technology while simultaneously implementing climate engineering to undo the damage we have done to our planet’s atmosphere.
EVEN IF we weren’t experiencing severe climate change, we cannot survive if we continue to pollute the air, water, and soil. Fossil Fuels & Nuclear (Radiation) = Death for Humanity! It is a no brainer!
Finally, the reality is Al Gore’s Climate Reality played down the reality of the situation that we face. They thought the full truth would be too much for most people to handle. The fact is that anyone who will live another 10 or 20 years will see an increase in the frequency and severity of storms as well as in severe droughts. We’ve already seen it happening in recent years. Massive amounts of precipitation – tropical storms, and severe droughts are all a product of a warming atmosphere.
Think about your children and grandchildren before parroting a climate-deniers words or allowing yourself to conform to points of view that are out of touch with the facts. The majority of the rest of the World, including the United Nations, already know Climate Reality is the Truth. The United States is way behind even China in taking action to effect the critically needed shift to a sustainable-energy infrastructure. In the U.S., we allow corporations to run our government. Big Oil, Coal, and Nuclear put their profits ahead of our lives. It is a harsh reality, and we must face it head on. It’s a not about politics! Nature is unbiased that way. She’ll take all of us out!


@Gravity Dynamic
You forgot the /sarc tag at the end.


In my working life I always suppressed optimism, because if your wandered into that strange land, optimism, you’d invariably have something rise up and bite you on the bum. Having said that, am I detecting, if not surrender, a level of rapproachement emanating from the warmist camp? Every day a warmist/alarmist scientist seems to pop out of the wordwork with a more cautious statement . The climate scientists at the centre of this farce appear to be, ever so slightly, engaging with the sceptics, and indeed occasionally tossing about sceptical views as though they may, just may, be legitimate. Even Gavin is engaging on climate audit in an unusually humble, if not cordial, fashion about his recent rebuttal of the Klotzbach et al article.
Of course it could be that as none of the predicitions associated with their hypothesis appear to have come to fruition, indeed the opposite seems to be happening while the CO2 rises inexorably, they are beginning to feel a little “out there in no man’s land”, and trying to cover their tracks.
Having said that when the full horror of what they’ve tried to do dawns on the politicians and the people, all scientists will pay the price for their hubris, and so they should, with certain honourable exceptions, the scienctific community has supported them blindly, even saying that questioning their prognostications, and noting that the outputs of their models aren’t coming to fruition is an “attack on science” by unspecified right wing pressure groups and big oil.
The first few to turn state’s evidence might survive the wrath of the politicians, but I believe these oicks have set back climate science and possibly science in general a generation.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

@ Gravity Dynamic, LLC (@GravityDynamic) on November 9, 2011 at 4:08 am:
Please, feel free to include the link to your Facebook page, where the “About” part says this about your company:

To help make the world a better and safer place, we will be selling environmentally-compatible energy technology beginning with our U.S. launch in 2012.

Also says there “Page Owner” is Jeff Jennings.
Yup, the situation is dire, Al Gore is dramatically understating the problem, the time to act was yesterday.
But your company will do everything possible to minimize the crisis by profitably selling exactly the sort of products that are desperately needed by a world that would otherwise be hurtling inevitably irreversibly full-speed over the edge of the cliff without your products, right?

Chuck Nolan

Gravity Dynamic, LLC (@GravityDynamic) says:
November 9, 2011 at 4:08 am
Anyone who is still skeptical about human industrial-age influence on the earth’s climate is either on big-oil payroll or is unconscious.
So, which is Anthony….Bob T? “big-oil payroll or unconscious.”
GD, your teachers must have missed the “dust bowl” of the 30’s and the Johnstown flood in 1889.
I believe both of these were MAJOR disasters with a significant number of lives lost and loads of property damage. Though the dust bowl was long term It took only days to kill over 2200 people and wipe out Johnstown.
I guess those in control of the weather didn’t get the memo to wait for CO2 to increase to CAGW levels.

Bob Ryan

Gravity Dynamic: what Gore and you fail to realise is the distinction between rhetoric and reason. The first drives language designed to impress, the second drives language designed to persuade. Preaching hell-fire and damnation in the end achieves nothing and given the scientific, political and social issues involved in this debate is quite dysfunctional.

Dire Wolf

Great satire, Gravity Dynamic, LLC

Hey GravityDynamic, you forgot the /sarc tag…


Ignore them Dynamic, the philistines.
I’ll take two tin-foil helmets, a biscuit tin with a string chinstrap, and two cabon credit indulgences please

Well, Nature could watch its language

Gravity Dynamic, LLC (@GravityDynamic) says:
November 9, 2011 at 4:08 am
Anyone who is still skeptical about human industrial-age influence on the earth’s climate is either on big-oil payroll or is unconscious

Anyone who would make such a statement is either heavily invested in the AGW concept or delusional.
Wait, that should be “either…or…or both”.
“we have already entered an extinction phase…”
“Death for Humanity! It is a no brainer!”
“Nature is unbiased that way. She’ll take all of us out!”
Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
You’re our only hope.

Rick K

Gravity Dynamic, please get help…

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Heh. I found this comment by “Jeff Jennings” at the “Climate Reality Project” site, dated September 2nd:

Let’s hold on a little bit longer. Some new technology is going to be released soon. It will offer the general population an affordable alternative to fossil fuels. I’m talking about gravity-powered electrical generators. In addition, an old patent has been resurrected…to increase gas mileage by up to 10 times the big-oil-imposed low fuel efficiency of modern automobiles and light trucks. The fact of the matter is we don’t need more oil; we will need a lot less. I’ve been working on the gravity solution for almost 19 years. The higher gas mileage modification to vehicles fell into my lap in just the last couple of months, but it is so simple and easy to implement that it blew my mind. It was actually used during World War II, in North Africa, because of the difficulty in getting enough fuel to the tanks on the front lines. We’re gonna make it! It is time to choose life, and to make our Creator proud! My heart goes out to all of you who are taking a stand and choosing LIFE for the human species!!!

An old patent, whose info just fell in his lap, which will increase gas mileage “up to” 10x the current “big-oil-imposed low fuel efficiency”? And “gravity-powered electrical generators” as well?
Jeff Jennings, the CAGW prophesiers shall welcome you as a brother-in-arms. You think like them, and are as totally believable as well!

Seriously, in Gravity Dynamics post above, other than,
“In the U.S., we allow corporations to run our government.”
did he/she get anything right?
Even then, is Gravity Dynamics, LLC one of those corporations?
Inquiring minds want to know.


Jeff Gravity Dynamic…
“An alternative to oil, natural gas, coal, & nuclear power: gravity-powered electrical generators for residential and commercial buildings!”
…ever heard of hydropower? Well, but anyhow, keep us informed how the scam’s going… and how many gullible idiots you find.

corporate message

This just in:
Gravity Dynamic sinks under it’s own weight of blather.

Dear “Gravity Dynamic”.
Ah, the wonders of the internet:
“Gravity Dynamic, LLC
@GravityDynamic Boulder, Colorado
Sustainable Renewable Alternative Green Clean Energy | Yes: Gravity Solar Wind & Geothermal Power | No: Oil/Gas Coal Nuclear | Get$Out OWS HumanRights NoKXL”
Now, I know Trolls are usually SMALL. I know they threaten bridge builders. But, aside from spouting inane platitudes and being an “activist” have you ever really done ANYTHING worthwhile in your life?


Last sentence of the article on Climate Reality 24 … “I’m bored, are u ?”
Sums it up.

Francis X. FArley

The weather is “warm air rising”, nature’s release of carbon dioxide and water vapor, the winds of weather. Man’s release of carbon dioxide is also warm air rising. See convection and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Global warming is the weather, extreme weathef

G. Karst

Gravity Dynamic, LLC (@GravityDynamic) says:
November 9, 2011 at 4:08 am
Think about your children and grandchildren before parroting a climate-deniers words or allowing yourself to conform to points of view that are out of touch with the facts.

Since you give no facts… how can we know what we are out of touch with. If climate change is approaching an anthro extinction event… Do you not think it would have been compassionate and humane, to provide us we at least some evidence of Doom. After-all, we want to survive too. Our children and grandchildren want to live, please send us the evidence, that has completely brainwashed convinced you.
Our children and grandchildren, (like all previous children ever born in history) will have to cope with the world they are born into. My great, great grandfather, did not waste one second despairing over my possible hardships with weather (he had his own tornado, hurricaine, flood, freezing, drought, crop failures, to despair about).
Thank-you for your concern regarding my offspring. My genetic inheritance, seem to have survived for a million years or so. This probably means a piece of me will be around for a little longer. I am so sorry – you can’t say the same thing, about your genes, that will soon be extinct. Some sperm can swim and some can’t. My sympathies, perhaps the gubmint will help you? GK


I knew as soon as I saw the grandiose LLC name we’d received a visitation from a Gorite with an agenda.

Interstellar Bill

A few AGW-believers are now using the cautious phrase “pause in global warming”.
Calling the last 13 years a ‘pause’ shows their talent for propagandizing.
They’re conducting a retreat they earnestly hope is temporary,
but after 20 more years of ‘pausing’ I wonder what new label they’ll try,
in Leftism’s fanatic war on truth.
They’re already so desparate they’re claiming AGW causes more snow!


Al Gore – Is paned in the more of the warmist gloom and doom publications.
Al Gore’s underwhelming 24 hours
10:11 19 September 2011
It was cringe-worthy, quite dull, and sadly not very compelling.
It was an excruciating few minutes while the London moderators tried to keep the audience of about 100 in the small LSE auditorium busy with impromptu stand-up.
We would hear a telephone ring, they said, and it would be Al.
So what of the presentation itself? An Inconvenient Truth was heavy on graphs and data. Things that looked, well, scientific. Intelligent. Informed. Its successor consists mainly of a series of aesthetic, dramatic photographs showing catastrophic weather events from the past decade or so. Floods in Autralia earlier this year, in China in 2010, in India, Columbia, South Korea, and the US. Droughts in the UK, droughts in Brazil that led to blazing forest fires, the enormous Russian forest fires of 2010. A visual onslaught of disaster after disaster, complemented by videos of people hauling themselves off their roofs just in time to escape a muddy wave.
But more to the point: research shows this kind of activism does not work. Telling people what they must think does not work. Offering scientific fact does not work. Presenting climate change as an irrefutable, global scientific consensus does not work.
People want to hear from those they trust, from their neighbours, from their own role models – not from a former US vice-president with a briefcase full of academic honours and a clear agenda.
But I’m still left with the overwhelming feeling that Gore’s time is over. As Mike Shanahan of the International Institute for Environment and Development puts it: “climate change needs a Gandhi or a Martin Luther King or a Mandela, and Al Gore is none of those”.


To Jeff Jennings (aka Gravity Dynamics),
Dude, you need to come in out of the sun. (It’s that big nuclear reactor in the sky.)
Seriously, nuclear power plants cause global warming? Next you will telling us global warming causes earthquakes. No, wait, someone beat you to that one.
If you have developed a new method to generate electricity, great. What I don’t get is why you have to trash every other method. What is wrong with letting it stand on its own merits? Unless it can’t.
To everyone else,
I can’t decide whether to be entertained by Jeff or to despair that anyone can be so clueless.

I emailed Bill Nye twice. I liked his show when I was a kid…no response. His site hasn’t been updated since August. He seem to have dropped of the face of the Gaia since the “Reality” debacle.

“Gore may have briefly pumped up his disillusioned environmental base, but it’s hard to imagine such a polarizing figure convincing anybody who has honest doubts about the severity of the problem, let alone the diehard skeptics.”
Yeah, but the weak-minded are still sucking it up.


Gravity Dynamic, LLC (@GravityDynamic) says:
November 9, 2011 at 4:08 am
Electricity through gravity? How about rain?
It ain’t Green Energy if it doesn’t have a really small energy density.

Raymond L. Wagner

In Colorado, LLC = Liability Limited Company – not corporation, and issued by the State. Anyone can form a LLC with a simple form online:
You can set up your own rules of operation or use the default set.


UPC/First Wind operates under the guise of about 80 of them. REPO 105 is used to hide losses and you wouldn’t believe how much DOE money they got…


“Interstellar Bill says:
November 9, 2011 at 9:12 am
A few AGW-believers are now using the cautious phrase “pause in global warming”.
Calling the last 13 years a ‘pause’ shows their talent for propagandizing.
They’re conducting a retreat they earnestly hope is temporary”
The activist type AGW-believers a few further years down the track if the pause continues.Will probably do what many deluded activists do regardless of the cause. Claim they’ve saved the World.
The AGW lot will be jumping up and down deluding themselves,. Claiming they saved the world from runaway Global Warming!

Kip Hansen

Has anyone (media) picked up the faked Climate 101 story? I haven’t run across it.
REPLY: Fox new was looking at it, but I hadn’t yet done the climate experiment replication, so no, nobody picked it up. (sigh) -A

petermue: In the future, I’ll remember the tag. Thank you.
kadaka (KD Knoebel): Our FB page: We’re not here to promote our business. We believe that existing solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power are in a position to supply the energy needs for our world. Standalone gravity power will be a mere footnote when measured against the big players in clean energy.
Chuck Nolan: There is no shortage of scientific evidence to support global warming/severe climate change. For example, Arctic sea ice continues to melt and shipping companies will increasingly take advantage of open Arctic shipping routes. No doubt our planet has experienced severe weather prior to the Industrial Age, but it is becoming more severe. We can watch the progress of melting Arctic ice as well as the Antarctic ice sheet via satellite photos. How can we deny the reality of this? Shouldn’t we do everything humanly possible to mitigate adverse human influence on the environment? In addition, wouldn’t it be wise to implement climate engineering to ensure the long term survival of our species on this planet?
Bob Ryan: Given the reality of the situation, being stuck in a perpetual debate about climate change is what seems dysfunctional. The only entities “winning” by perpetuating the debate are Big Oil/Gas, Coal, and Nuclear power. It is time to take action on a global scale. It will take decades (at best) to reverse the damage caused/being caused by polluting our environment. It has become a Human Rights issue affecting 7 billion people. Why are we debating…? Isn’t it a good idea to do everything possible to have clean air, water, and soil?
Dire Wolf: Great satire? Perhaps we take no action, and wait until every city is enveloped in a dark toxic cloud, like when flying into LAX.
Ken Coffman: Duly noted. Corrective action will be implemented beginning w/ this comment.
EternalOptimist: 🙂
Berényi Péter: I was surprised to see that type of language as well as a personal attack being incorporated there.
JohnWho: I am just one of 7 billion people. No one special. Any effective solution relies on a team effort. However, it is time for each of us to examine contrary points of view and to decide what seems like a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence. Supporting only left or only right wing viewpoints will cause us to miss the obvious solutions in the middle.
Rick K: It’s not about me, Rick. It’s about what is best for 7 billion people.
kadaka (KD Knoebel): There are even older patents, even back to the 1930’s. Vapor carb technology has been around for a long time. Obviously, any business selling fuel for vehicles has painted such technologies as fallacy; however, it does work. Liquid gasoline does not ignite in an internal combustion engine; the vapor (fumes) are what ignite. By introducing only vapor into the cylinders, there is less waste. Therefore, 100mpg is a realistic outcome. There is a documentary: GasHole. It provides a lot of accurate information. It is proven technology, but is another example of how Big Oil continues to monopolize the market, focused only on financial profit. Human life does not appear to be factored into their business plan.
JohnWho: Our focus is on helping to save the environment. Placing people before profit is our viewpoint… Maybe Big Oil will see that they can make even more profit by effecting a rapid shift to clean energy. It makes sound business sense since Zero People = Zero Profit. Finally, we’re just a small business. The kind that get run over by the monopolies. Anyway, we prefer to go direct to the People because they can decide what is in their best interest. Manipulating an entire population for financial profit is amoral, in our opinion.
DirkH: Yes, we like Hydro Power! A gravity-driven energy source. Our technology is standalone gravity power. We don’t need a downhill slope. Also, we’re not looking for gullible customers. In 2012, we’ll put the proof on the table for all to see. We’re not among the countless thousands who try to trick people into sending money for “plans” on how to build your own device. It is totally understandable that the vast majority of people will not believe it until they can see it with their own eyes.
corporate message: We’re not sinking. On the contrary…we are excelling in a world full of justifiably skeptical people.
Max Hugoson: Personal attacks are commonplace in this world. After over 19 years of being a target of them, they don’t hurt my feelings anymore. Next year you’ll know how it works, too.
ImranCan: Bored? I can’t imagine anyone being bored in this world. There is always something new to learn and to experience.
G. Karst: I prefer to focus on the positives when put in a negative situation. The way out of this mess is to effect a rapid shift to clean energy, build seawater desalination plants to be able to pump massive amounts of fresh water inland for potable and agricultural purposes, and to implement climate engineering to counteract human and natural planetary forces threatening the delicate balance of nature needed to survive as a species.
jorgekafkazar: Yes, we have an agenda. Everyone does… Our agenda is to help effect a rapid shift to clean energy in order to prevent our civilization from continuing to destroy the quality of our planet’s air, water, and soil.
john: An except from the article: But, explaining the ad, he said, “I do think it’s important for conservatives to be in the middle of the debate over the environment,” and said his comments in the ad were an endorsement of finding “innovative” ways to get clean energy.
Interstellar Bill: There has been no pause in the overall warming. It is just that the air temperature is not skyrocketing yet… A lot of the heat is being captured by the oceans, and it is predicted that the air temperature will begin increasing (again) at a alarming rate in ten years, based on data collected from previous global-warming events.
Dave: Al Gore takes action to inform people of the climate reality. Redirecting people’s focus onto him as an individual is only to divert attention from the reality of nature we all face. I commend his courage and his actions. If each of us followed his example, the world would be a better place.
timg56: Of course nuclear power plants add heat to the atmosphere. The need to have cooling towers are the obvious proof of that claim. Also, nuclear testing is often not mentioned when discussing global warming, but from what I’ve seen and read, nuclear “bombs” burn several times hotter than our Sun. Also, I’m only trashing energy-producing methods that are harmful to life on our planet. Given a choice between energy production that does not adversely affect the quality of the air, water, and soil; and the types that are life threatening, why would/do we choose the latter?
Robert: I know Bill Nye by name only. I do know that anyone who speaks out in favor of the environment gets a lot of hate directed at him/her. My comment on this site if proof of that unpleasant aspect of actively caring about Life. Perhaps he doesn’t have the stomach for inevitable attacks on his belief system…but I don’t know what are his reason(s).
DirkH: Electricity through gravity? How about rain?
This is a very cool article! There are so many “green” alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. I hope that Big Oil/Gas, Coal, and Nuclear see the benefits of moving their energy monopolies to the clean-energy sector.
Raymond L. Wagner: That’s true. It takes approximately 5 minutes and $50 to set up an LLC here. However, as you know, running a successful business will require a lot more time and a lot more capital expenditure.
john: I’ve worked for companies that received huge amounts of money from the gov’t. Some of the technology goes mainstream and some sits on a shelf, never to see the light of day. For sure there is a huge amount of money wasted… The point is whether we want to support R&D for things that allow us to survive as a species, or not. Many businesses fail due to poor management and a variety of other reasons, and focusing specifically on clean-energy failures is usually done by those who have an interest in dirty-energy technologies. There is no mystery there.
Marian: Environmental Activists are people who care about life in general. Why throw darts at someone who advocates for clean air, water, and soil? Why do you put down people who are doing something positive in a world full of so much negativity?
Finally, if you don’t receive your paycheck in some way from dirty-energy producers, and you are conscious, maybe you’re like many of us who want to believe what our elected officials tell us, or what we see on the news. Of course, you know there is a spin on everything depending on the viewpoint(s) of the owners. Personally, I’m betting my cards on those who spin it in a way favoring clean air, water, and soil. It is better to err on the side of Life than on the side of Death.

Hu McCulloch

Thanks for reminding us about your “climate 101” post at
I didn’t realize what a charlatan this Bill Nye is! It’s one thing to dramatize a valid experiment with staged results (obviously you don’t have to balance the thermometers on toy globes and wouldn’t leave the CO2 hose running and the lid ajar during such an experiment), but quite another to make up fictitious results!


Rick K: It’s not about me, Rick. It’s about what is best for 7 billion people.”

So what makes you the expert for “7 billion people” is my question? You think some warming and storms gives you the right to determine the destiny of 7 billion people when you rely on scientists that are fed from the grant trough and would be flippin’ burgers if they weren’t?
Sounds like they’ve got a deep conflict of interest, and I believe you’ve got one too. So rather than position yourself as spokesman for “7 billion people”, why don’t you just represent yourself–I doubt you’ve been elected “world climate rep” because nobody even knows your name and I know there’s no such elected position. Then we can let Mother Nature take its course and see where this all goes, ’cause so far the causation factors touted by the CAGW cabal aren’t looking real strong.


I have never been able to link to
Watts up with that ?
Am I being prevented by our Government’s interent filter ?? Or just paranoid ?
Cannot link to this no matter what I try.
[REPLY: Probably not a government conspiracy. I just clicked on your link and got the page. Try a different browser. If anyone else has suggestions… -REP]


Dave: Al Gore takes action to inform people of the climate reality. Redirecting people’s focus onto him as an individual is only to divert attention from the reality of nature we all face. I commend his courage and his actions. If each of us followed his example, the world would be a better place.

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on this blog for a long, long time. You’d do yourself a favor to look into Gore’s delusional approach to testifying about the woes our planet faces while he’s got one of the biggest carbon footprints of anybody I know. He’s a liar and a thief, and I’d call him that to his face, but then he’d never admit anything that didn’t fatten his pocketbook. (Talk about a conflict of interest–Gore’s the absolute poster child for one.)
Do you really think anybody is going to believe you on this that isn’t already drinking deep from the CAGW Kool Aide well? You have a few good points, admittedly, but you’re so far off base on others you’re not even on the same continent.


Marian: Environmental Activists are people who care about life in general. Why throw darts at someone who advocates for clean air, water, and soil? Why do you put down people who are doing something positive in a world full of so much negativity?

My investigation into organizaitons that are headed by “Environmental Activists” has found that the vast majority are communists, Fabian socialists, or clueless and are just “useful tools” for other C/FS groups to manipulate. They are known as “watermelons”–green on the outside and red on the inside. They, apparently like you, tout their love of “clean air, water, and soil” as a means of denigrating others while all the time their objective is anything other than what they preach. Beware of these people is what I loudly state. And this may come as a surprise to you, but that vast majority of people on this site love “clean air, water and soil” too. To accuse them of not doing so just because they don’t align with these C/FS groups is being dishonest (Saul Alinsky, anybody?).