Dear Al, watch the skies

From Al Gore’s Climate Reality project today:


Dear Friend,

In case you missed our big announcement Sunday, I wanted to share some exciting news: Our second annual 24 Hours of Reality event, 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, will take place on November 14.

We will gather together for a global webcast, streamed for 24 hours in all 24 time zones, showcasing how climate change and extreme weather are altering our lives and our planet.

Watch the announcement here from former Vice President Al Gore and share it with your friends: 

Last year, millions of people around the world watched the first annual 24 Hours of Reality and were empowered to share the reality of climate change and join our call to action. And now, one year later, the climate crisis has intensified more than we even expected. The need for us to come together has never been more timely or important.

I’ll have much more to share with you soon, including ways in which you can be a part of this global event. Thank you for your continuing support of our work. We look forward to seeing you online on November 14!

Click here to watch former Vice President Al Gore announce 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, and share this video with your friends.


Maggie L. Fox

President and CEO


Like our effort last year,  The Gore-a-thon on WUWT… look for counter coverage from WUWT. If you thought alarmists got upset about my PBS appearance, then this new media event is sure to be a winner. An announcement will be coming in the weeks ahead.


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Kurt in Switzerland

Get the popcorn popping!
Kurt in Switzerland

Eve Stevens

Tried to listen to it. Got to around the 1 min mark. Started to feel sick so shut it off.

Mark and two Cats

“the climate crisis has intensified more than we even expected”

Maybe he could take the time, this year, to explain how he fudged the CO2 experiment last year?


Good thing he picked November 14. If he had waited a week (the day before Thanksgiving) the Gore Effect would probably have happened and the whole country would be buried in snow and everyone’s travel plans would be ruined.

“the carbon credit climate crisis has intensified more than we even expected”


Can’t access his site without accepting his cookies. Bleugh, my Mummy always told me not to accept treats from strangers. Still, if the Gorethon is a big a borethon as last year, I’m not missing anything.
Looking forward to more from Theo!

“more than we even”
To boldly go… and seek new infinitives to split

An announcement will be coming in the weeks ahead.
I’ve already “liked” it.

John M

I wanted to share some exciting news

The last time I saw a letter starting that way was from our HR Director telling us about “changes” to our pension plan.
This sounds similarly “exciting”.


We will gather together for a global webcast, streamed for 24 hours in all 24 time zones …
They forgot Newfoundland — UTC – 3.5.

Bryan A

apparently, the only real Climate Crisis is that the AGW crowd can’t seem to convince anyone else that there is an actual crisis
Although 78 out of 80 (out of 10,000) climate scientists polled believe there is a crisis

I will plan on hunkering down for early cold and snow on November 14, courtesy of the AlGore effect.

Paul Westhaver

When I see Al Gore, all I think of is him and his fat pale body and a massage therapist…..I am sure Tipper Gore had that in mind when she divorced him. When I hear him yap, all I hear is: that there was no credible evidence that he sexually assaulted that woman. yeah…. tell that to Tipper y’all.


the only thing I can think to add while waiting for Nov 14 is … “meh”

cui bono

Oh, not again….


Anthony, how about a global skeptic response for the same date? Bring in all the big guns, heck bring in everyone, Jo, Tallbloke, Steve, the other Steve, Bastardi, smalldeadanimals, junkscience, the whole works!


Anyone catch this howler of an alarmist article?
“Facing far and away the greatest threat in human history, Mitt would have us practice the modern-day equivalent of putting hot cow manure on our open wounds. In 1881 a potent mix of arrogance, ignorance and the denial of science doomed a beloved president. Today, the same mix in a would-be president, could doom us all.”
I’m laughing so hard I may get the hiccups. Oh, no …

Rick K

Can’t wait to see what Josh and Theo will cook up this year!

Dave Worley

His blog posts draw 3 comments at best. Not sure why you encourage him with hits from your link. I know it’s not intentional on your part, but it’s borderline cruelty to the disabled.
I’m sure the Alexa data will show the vast majority of traffic coming from the WUWT link.


Anthony, are you going to setup a streaming source as well? That would be awesome, even if you used ustream like Bill Whittle does. Here is the youtube version of his weekly show –


Has it been a whole year already!?!?? W-a-a-a-a-a-y too soon again for me.
(Never would have been soon enough.)

John Blake

Beavers should stick to macerating helpless old-growth trees.

Philip Finck

He has to get out his bull s@#t before the new chapters of the IPCC 2013 get out in final version. Even if it ends up heavily distorted by the lead authors it will probably still trash the drivel that he presents. Get ready with the BS button.

Gunga Din

Dave Worley says:
September 25, 2012 at 4:25 pm
His blog posts draw 3 comments at best. Not sure why you encourage him with hits from your link. I know it’s not intentional on your part, but it’s borderline cruelty to the disabled.
I’m sure the Alexa data will show the vast majority of traffic coming from the WUWT link.
If he doesn’t like the numbers he’ll just demand a recount. (Leaving out the people in the recount that didn’t go to his site to get Gored.)

Big Al must need some more money. Beachfront houses in California ain’t cheap after all. Someone has to pay the mortgage and light bill.

Tom J

Ok, so I clicked on the link and went browsing through Al’s Climate Reality Project and I found this request:
Sign our petition to bring climate change into the first presidential debate. Tell Debate Moderator Jim Lehrer that he must ask both presidential candidates about their views on climate change and what they are going to do about it.
Anyway, I thought to myself, ‘what a ridiculous question. Ok, I’ll concede that maybe Jim Lehrer might have to ask Mitt Romney what he’s going to do to line the pockets of thoroughly useless parasites looking to cash in on a climate scare. But, for chrissake he doesn’t have to ask Barack (or is it: Barrrrrrak, or Baaaaarak, or Brrrrrrak?) Obama that question. I mean c’mon, after almost 4 years we already know. All you have to do is just simply destroy the economy: pass a few thousand pages of new, onerous regulations while the economy just begins to claw out of a recession. For a real spicy effect make some of those regulations completely contradictory, and make others impossible to understand. Don’t bother with those pesky little congressional reps from “Padukaville”, just whip out that almighty executive pen and instruct the unaccountable bureaucracies to wipe out whole industries while taking taxpayer dollars and giving them to totally, completely, absolutely, undeniably useless industries. Finally, make the dollar useless even for lining a birdcage. And, voila, the “destruction of industrialization” has saved us from “dirty climate”. So what’s the point in asking Mr. Obama? He’s shown us the way.

Gunga Din

Eve Stevens says:
September 25, 2012 at 3:35 pm
Tried to listen to it. Got to around the 1 min mark. Started to feel sick so shut it off.
Same here but I got a bit further. I got a little past the part where he talked about us living in a “new normal”. Sheesh! Now he’s even trying to make normal sound like a problem!


“Dear Al, watch the skies”

Why the skies? Is a tornado about to drop a house on the wicked witch of the East?


Saw that singer Kathy Matthea was on their junket to Antarctica…she has a lot that’s good to say about what’s going on in West Virginia, but I can’t believe that someone who originally studied
engineering would fall for the faulty math/analysis/etc. that Gore & co. are spewing everywhere.
We should be spending time and money on issues like black lung instead of (supposed lack of)
white fur (polar bears, etc.).
The warmists talk about our children’s future being at stake because of
supposed global warming; I say we have to worry about our children’s future
being mortgaged to pay for warmist foolishness such as wind farms and
solar farms (for lack of a better term). I used to live in Livermore, just
down the hill from the (at the time, defunct) Enron Altamont Pass wind farm.
They were beautiful, but so were the many birds (often rare) that were
consumed by the rotors of these “bird blenders”.
There has to be a better way. Let’s get back to pure, correct science.
And if Franzi is reading (or in any case), this blog is one of the most, if
not the most, civil and intelligent blogs in the blogosphere.
Have a look at the computer blogs (u**x, etc.) if you want to see folks savaged at the hands of folks with different views. Or, have a look at Mozart vs. Salieri, Hanslick vs. most musicians of his time, or George Bernard Shaw vs. the known universe (at times….). The world of criticism,
skepticism, and dissent is perhaps a difficult one, but without it, a great deal
of truth might never see the light of day.
Steve Jobs was said to have remarked that the hardest part of what he did
was NOT creating new ideas, but rather, winnowing out bad ideas. Skepticism
and the scientific method do this – models, thought experiments, the
Aristotolean method and conjecture usually do not…

Sounds like an opportunity to me!!!!!!


Alert Josh!

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

1. Thank you, Climate Reality Project, for displaying Al Gore with his mouth covered.
2. You know, from his lips on up, he looks a lot like Bob Schieffer, host of CBS’ Sunday morning show Face The Nation. Wow, Al’s really getting old. If you’re not seeing the resemblence, it’s mostly in the “Washington insider eyes” look. The one that says even before he speaks, “Greetings, unwashed masses. I’m far smarter than you and it’s my thankless yet necessary task to inform you of that undeniable fact, among others”.

John V. Wright

Absolutely beyond parody.
The poor sap. Pity him – and pity the starry-eyed non-thinking simpletons who follow his misguided star.


I kinda like Al Gore. He is the epitome of the “could have been a champion” sort of chap.
Doesn’t matter how many times he’s been knocked down, he just keeps bouncing back for more. Dunno whom I’m reminded of most by his indominatable spirit – Wiley Coyote, maybe, of Coyote and Road-Runner fame. A Homer to an invisible Lisa? Perhaps even the Stan Laurel half of that classic, B&W, cinematic-brace of comedians.
If only he had a straight guy to pair with, he could have been up there with the Gods!
Notwithstanding his past setbacks, I look forward with genuine interest to the unfolding narrative of this fascinating character.
Beep, beep – Doh – and another fine(nice) mess you’ve got me into .
Love it!


The Gore family became rich on Occidental Petroleum.


Kurt in Switzerland
Me too (in Switzerland). Where are you? What a blast it would be to get together with the popcorn for part of the next boreathon. As you know, what makes it fun is us.
I’m mostly down south but can get to Z. Mini numere isch null einenunsk achtsiebenafufzg, ochtasechzg zweiedochst (I’m Engl mother tongue so my Swiss spelling ain’t proper – not that there is a proper – plus an attempt to encrypt).
While I’m here – are there any blogs in CH? Maybe along the lines of Pierre’s in Germany? It wouldn’t have to be in English, German or Italian would be fine. All I’ve found is a site with no real action named something like No Carbon Tax. As you also know, there’s hardly any awareness here of what’s going on, MSM never mentioned Climategate altho Weltwoche, the weekly apparently did. Maybe it’s all down to the truly embarrassing for Switzerland Thomas Stocker, who I finally saw with Vahrenholt in the cringeworthy debate.
I noticed a Max Manacker also over at Judy’s but have been too late in comments threads (and too shy) to ask him. Other than that, once I saw someone years ago at Jeff’s who gave some info about a weather station in CH.
No obligation on your part, so feel free to ignore.
Kendra (in Switzerland)

The old LP is stuck in the same track. The Earth has a fever. Climate crisis. We are spewing out carbon pollution and treating the atmosphere as a sewer. Extreme weather. And on and on.
The same old celebrities from Hollywood, the UN, the NGO people and elsewhere.
Plus now he had added “dirty weather” to the list. Must be from advice from his PR agents.
Climate reality project just a big sleeping pill. Same old, same old.


“24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report”

What’s a “dirty” weather report? Is Al Gore planning to do a weather report in the buff from the North Poll to prove how much warmer it has gotten? I sure hope there’s no dirty dancing between him and Bill Nye the Science Guy.
I see no evidence that climate change has made our weather more extreme, but it sure has made Al Gore more extreme. Was that predicted by any of the climate models?

You can take the man out of politics but you can’t take politics out of the man, at least not when the man is Uncle Al. Notice the tease : “Much worse than we thought,” a seemingly impossible
state, but one sure to entice the Armageddon crowd. I think we can all agree that Al’s
telethon will be “much worse than we thought.” How’s about monitoring his show and keeping
count of patent falsehoods with a Watts Lie-O-Meter? Nah, that won’t work :forcing anyone with an intellect to listen to Al would surely be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

David Chappell

Speed said:
They forgot Newfoundland — UTC – 3.5.
And India – UTC +5.5


So the Gored-a-thon is doing the Bore-a-thon again. Complete with faked experiments, studio mixed and photoslopped fakery coupled with a massive blast of CO2 exhaust.
Watch if thee wants, I got better things to do… like clean the porcelain throne since it’s far better company than the Gore.

D Böehm

Skeletons in Al’s closet:

john robertson

Al Gore and reality? So at best his minions can try climate reality for 24 hours out of each year? At least the old time evangelists had passion and colour, Al, has got nothing going for him I expect most of the visits to his site will come thro WUWT.

Eric N WY

I wonder if these “Al Gore-trained climate leaders” also fly around in private jets?


I vaguely recall that global warming (affecting mostly the poles) should lead to fewer extreme weather events. Yet some people ‘believe’ the opposite. Is this the birth of a new religion?

James Allison

“I want to share some exciting news”
LOL Al Bore has stolen the opening line of typical spam email……..


As an addendum to my previous post let us never forget the contribution made by VP Gore to peer-reviewed science,
Et Al.
And the Internet.