24 Hours of Climate Reality: Gore-a-thon – Hour 10

A new post containing a cartoon from Josh will appear every hour. At the end of the 24 hours, everything will be collated on a single page. Readers are encouraged to post skeptical arguments below, as well as offer comments on what has been seen from the Climate Reality Project so far.


Weather is not climate, unless we say it is.

Sometimes coincidences are just too strange and funny to ignore. Here’s the low temperature forecast map from NOAA produced today, for overnight low temperatures during the time that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project gets into its full swing (that’s now). Chill baby, chill:

Source: http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/graphical/images/conus/MinT1_conus.png

And it gets worse, see below. For anyone who doubts the Gore Effect, I’ll point out that it has its own Wikipedia entry, which says:

The Gore Effect is a term used with various meanings relating to Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore. In one use, the term is a humorous concept suggesting a causal relationship between unseasonable cold weather phenomena and meetings associated with global warming, with particular emphasis on events attended by Gore. The phrase has also been used to describe Gore’s impact in raising global warming as a public issue, and in other ways related to Al Gore.

The Toronto based national newspaper Globe and Mail defined the term in 2007 quoting a user’s submission to the online Urban Dictionary website as “the phenomenon that leads to unseasonably cold temperatures, driving rain, hail, or snow whenever Al Gore visits an area to discuss global warming.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gore_effect

Gore effect aside, there is a modus operandi in the plans of people like Mr. Gore to link just about any extreme weather event to man made global warming.There were even attempts to link record snows in the UK to global warming, like this one:

Click image to enlarge.

For a look at why weather “seems” worse, have a look here:

Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective

From the Independent, March 20th, 2000:

However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

According to reports I’ve read, that is the Independent’s most viewed story of the past 10 years. It has become the modern equivalent of the famous “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus“.

Problem is, people have a weather amnesia problem, and they forget that the weather was bad in the past also. For example, Steve Goddard writes

In the year 1900, the city of Galveston was flattened by a hurricane, and  8,000 people died. Do you think that Hurricane Irene was worse than that?

The US has been hit by only one hurricane during the last 36 months – one of  the quietest three year periods in history. It has been six years since a major hurricane hit the US. But in the year 1888, the US was hit by seven hurricanes – including two majors. Why do you think hurricanes are getting  worse? Did Al Gore tell you that?

The website C3 compiled a list of bad weather that made news:

Below is a list of severe weather incidents (and other items of interest) that took place during the 50s, 60s and 70s. These terrible and destructive events occurred well before the current decade’s hysteria about CO2 emissions. These events represent empirical evidence (reality) that refutes Al Gore’s type of climate science.

The expanded severe weather list can be found here.

1950: Floods In Brazil & Ecuador Take 150 Lives – Train Plunges Off Washed-Out Bridge

1950: Hurricane Sweeps Along New England Coast – 60 MPH Winds, Mountainous Waves

1950: 1,000 Villages In Pakistan Destroyed By Flooding

1950: Cold Wind And Dust Storm Sweep Over Bombay, India

1950: Record Rain In Queensland, Australia

1950: Minnesota, N. Dakota & Nebraska Regions Swamped By Flooding

1950: Oregon Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Records

1950: Oklahoma’s ‘Dust Bowl’ Region Struck By New Drought

1950: Nine Die In Midwest Dust Storm

1950: 3rd Dust Storm This Year Strikes Wheat States

1950: Scientists Find Earth Warming, And Glaciers Melting

1950: Eroding Beaches In Australia Due to Rapid Sea Level Rises

1950: Rapid Warming In Greenland – Sea Temperatures Up By Several Degrees

1950: Six Nations Send Scientists To Arctic To Investigate Glacier & Ice Cap Melting

1950: Scientist Says Sidney, Australia Climate Getting Hotter

1951: MIT Scientist Correctly Predicts Global Cooling – Based On Sunspots, Not CO2

1951: Bone-Dry Texas Swelters From Heatwave

1951: Bakersfield, California Life Halted Due To Blinding Dust Storm

1951: Warming of Greenland & Melting Exposes Medieval Farm-Homes Buried Under Ice For Centuries

1951: Hurricane Level Winds Lash America’s Midwest – Flash Floods, Snow & Heat Wave!

1951: Mississippi River Reaches Highest Level For 107 Years

1951: Floods, Drought Ravage China Over 3-Month Period

1951: Kansas City Crippled by Missouri River Flood Waters, St. Louis Next

1951: 100 Degree Heatwave Lasts For 7 Weeks In Texas

1951: Eastern Airlines Pilot Runs Into A Sahara Dust Storm 700 Miles From U.S. Coast

1952: Hundreds Killed In Southern Tornadoes; Flooding On Lake Erie; Blizzard On the Plains

1952: “Worst Ever Seen” Dust Storm Covers The Columbia Basin In State of Washington

1952: Previously Submerged Town Behind Grand Coulee Dam Has Dust Storm

1952: Exodous Begins – Imminent Starvation Due To Drought Facing Mexican Families

1952: Missouri River “Savagery” Causes Massive Flooding In Iowa

1952: Mississippi River Floods – Record Crests In Minnesota & Wisconsin

1952: Norweigan & Alaskan Glaciers Have Shrunk 50% Since 1902 Says Scientist

1952: July Extended Heatwave – 104 Degrees In Norway & 106 In Italy

1952: March Earthquake, Tsunami And Snowstorm Hits Japan

1952: Alaska is really getting warmer

1952: Scientist Says Both Polar Ice Caps Melting At Alarming Rate

1952: Billowing Dust Storm Shrieks Across Southwest U.S.

1952: Massive Arctic Warming, Glaciers Lose Half Their Size, Seas Are Ice Free Most Of The Time

1952: Record Rain Pummels Texas After Record Drought

1953: Hurricane’s Sea Floods Kill More Than 900 In Europe – Worst Since 15th Century

1953: Scientists Say Antarctica Ice Melting Rapidly

1953: Australia’s ‘Atomic” Port Struck by Hurricane – Every Single Builing Damaged

1953: UK Tornado – 89 Deaths

1953: Wisconsin Heat Wave Pales To Heat Wave They Had In 1936

1953: Choking Dust Storm Darkens Most of Texas

1953: Severe Drought – Texas & Oklahoma Declared Major Disaster Areas

1953: Tornadoes Roar Through Georgia & Alabama – 24 Dead

1953: 3rd Huge Dust Storm In 10 Days Blasts America’s Wheat Areas

1953: Tornado Rampage Killed Hundreds In Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Texas

1953: Drought Dries Up Rio Grande River, Missouri River Is Flooding Montana

1953: Heat Wave Blisters U.S. East of The Rockies

1953: Sweden Takes Steps To Stop Paratyphiod Epidemic

1954: 100 MPH Blizzard Winds Howl Across Nebraska

1954: Scientists Tell Congress That The Arctic Might Be Navigable By 1979

1954: North African Earthquake Followed By More Tremors – 1,340 Deaths In Algeria

1954: Longest Drought Expands To Four U.S. States

1954: Heat Wave In Illinois Registers 112 Degree Temperature – Highest Ever

1954: Dixie First Hit By Dust Storms Then Tornadoes

1954: Hurricane Carol Stampedes Through New England – 49 Dead

1954: Hurricane Edna Blasts New England & Canada

1954: Hurricane Hazel Strikes Haiti, U.S. & Canada – At Least 1,000 Dead

1954: 8 Hurricanes Wreak Havoc On U.S. During 1954 – Worst Year On Record

1954: 18 Die In Airliner Crash Caused By Mexican Dust Storm

1954: Radioactive Dust Storm Injures 23 Japanese Fishermen

1955: “Science Agrees! Our Weather Is Changing”

1955: Heavy snows strike France

1955: Northeast US Hit By The Worst Floods In History – Twice

1955: Iceland Hurricane & Snowstorm Sinks 2 Ships – 40 Men Lost

1955: Blizzard Kills 42 Across The U.S. Great Plains

1955: Long Island Sized Iceberg Breaks Off From Antarctica

1955: Muggy Heat Wave In America But Buenos Aires Has 1st Snowfall In 37 Years

1955: Heat Wave Brings Milwaukee Extreme Temperatures

1955: 51 Los Angeles Residents Die From Heat Wave

1955: Europeans Suffer From Long Heat Wave – 70 Die

1955: 25 Million Indians & Pakistanis Lose Their Homes To Floods

1956: 400,000 Square Miles of Australia Threatened By Floods

1956: “moisture conditions are the worst in recorded history”

1956: South Pole Iceberg Sighted That Is 3X The Size of Manhattan Island

1956: 30% of U.S. Has Extreme Drought Conditions

1956: 150 Forest Fires Plague New Mexico & Arizona

1957: “Worst Heat Wave In 100 Years” Scorches Argentina

1957: Arctic Heat Wave Has Russian Scientists Sunbathing; Polar Thunderstorm Is Reported

1957: Greenland Ice Mountains Melting From Extreme Heat Wave

1957: U.S. Heat Wave Deaths Mount

1957: “one of the worst droughts in American history”

1957: European Heat Wave Claims 339 Lives

1957: Hurricane Audrey Kills 431 – Texas & Louisiana Suffer Greatly

1957: After Four Years U.S. Drought Expands To 29 Million Acres

1958: Florida Shivers From Record Cold Winter

1958: Devastating Snow Blizzard Burys New England – 45 Dead

1958: Famous Atomic Bomb Scientist Told Eisenhower That Russia Will Defeat The US Through Weather Control

1958: Japanese Typhoon Kills 2,500

1959: China Suffers Severe Crop losses Due To Major Drought

1959: Aussie Tennis Open Threatened By 100 Degree Heat Wave

1959: Madagascar’s “Unique” Cyclone, Torrential Rain & Floods Leave 50,000 Homeless

1959: Disastrous Snow Fall & Floods Cripple South Africa – Snow 8 Feet Deep

1959: Ice Free North Pole During March

1959: Open Water & Thin Ice Let U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Close In On North Pole

1960: Hurricane Winds Lash Northwest Europe

1960: Hurricane Donna Pummels East Coast – From Florida To New England

1960: Raging Seas & 40-Foot Waves Pound California Coast

1960: Record Blizzard Burys Boston In 11-Foot Snow Drifts – 130 Die

1960: ‘New Scientist’ Magazine Says Arctic To Be Ice Free By The Year 2000

1961: “China Faces New Climate Calamaties – Less Than A Year After The Worst Natural Disasters Of The Century”

1961: Drought Disaster In Manitoba, Canada

1961: Outside Opera Stage Collapses In Italy From Windstorm – 40 MPH Gusts

1961: Hurricane Carla With 170 MPH Gusts Delivers Devastation Across Texas

1961: “Crushing Drought” Hits Australia

1961: Heavy Damage From South African Floods

1962: “Hong Kong Heat Wave; 14 Straight Days Above 90 Degrees”

1962: Four-Story Waves Slam U.S. East Coast – 27 Dead

1962: Severe Drought Hits Everglades, Wildlife Afflicted

1962: Hurricane Daisy Causes Severe Damage In New England & Canadian Maritime Provinces

1962: Open Water At The North Pole

1962: Avalanche In Alaska Triggered By Violent Windstorm

1962: Storms & 117 MPH Winds Take Big Toll In Europe

1963: U.S. Research Station Breaks Away From Antarctica – Now A Floating Iceberg

1963: Hurricane Winds Lash At Ireland, Wales & England

1963: Windstorm That Strikes Eastern U.S. Packs Winds Up To 90 MPH

1963: “Ice Age Holds Europe”

1963: Hurricane Flora Kills 4,000 In Haiti

1963: Residents Flee Homes In East Pakistan As Flooding Continues

1963: “Killer Heat Wave Hits Brazilian Towns”

1963: Saipan Typhoon: 50% of Homes Destroyed, 100% of Farmers’ Crops Ruined

1963: Hurricane Ginny Brings Rain – Lessens Drought/Fire Potential In New England Area

1963: Oregon Raked By 90 MPH Windstorm Gusts

1964: Gigantic 9.2 Earthquake Hits Anchorage

1964: Portland, Oregon Hit With Flood Waters & Windstorm Gusts of 45 MPH

1964: “Worst U.S. Drought In Century

1964: 75 MPH Windstorm Gusts Smash Texas Coastal Area

1964: Hurricane Hilda Lands In Louisiana, 120 MPH Winds – 20 Dead

1964: Hurricane Dora Slams Directly Into Florida’s East Coast

1965 : Drought Emergency In The Eastern U.S.

1965: Proposals To Save Parched Everglades From Drought Considered

1965: Demon Hurricane Betsy’s 120 MPH Winds Do More Damage Than San Francisco Fire & Alaskan Earthquake

1965: One-Third of Australia Is Affected By Drought

1965: Hurricane ‘Billion-Dollar-Betsy’ Slams Lousiana With 150 MPH Winds

1965: Africa’s Parched Wasteland From Drought Threatens Imminent Starvation

1966: Midwest Heat Wave Blamed On Jet Stream & High Pressure Zones

1966: Tashkent Suffers Worst Earthquake In Over 100 Years

1966: U.S. Northeast In 3rd Year of Extreme Drought

1966: Destructive Windstorm Pummels Cleveland, Ohio

1966: Worst Italian Flood In Centuries

1967: Rare Tornadoes Sweep Across Europe – 20 Dead

1967: Seared Everglades In Grip of Drought, Fires Adding To Misery

1967: “Hurricane Like Winds Batter New England” – For Two Days

1967: Two Days of Torrential Rains & Flash Floods Takes Lives In Sao Paulo, Brazil Region

1967: Hurricane Beulah Hits Mexico With 165 MPH Winds, Causes 115 Tornadoes In Texas

1967: Scientist Predicts Pine Beetles Will Destroy Idaho Forests By 1987

1967: Scientist Predicts Hundreds of Millions Will Starve To Death By 1985

1967: Buffalo, NY Hit With Tremendous Windstorm – Winds Up To 96 MPH

1967: Hindus Slaughtering Sacred Cows To Hold Off Starvation Caused By Drought

1967: 3rd Major Flood of Year Raises Brazil’s Death Total To 900 – Incessant Rain To Blame

1967: Rainless Heat Wave Produces Roaring Forest Fire Across Italy’s Vacation Island of Capri

1968: Expert Predicts 65 Million Americans To Starve During The 1980s

1968: From UK To Middle East, Blizzards & High Winds Cause Destruction, Death Over One Day

1968: Heat Wave Causes 550 To Collapse At Wimbeldon

1968: Sudden Windstorm On Lake Eire Turns Perfect Night Into Nightmare – 15 Foot Wave Surge

1968: Sahara Sand Falls On London While Fist-Sized Hail Bombards Wales

1968: Violent Windstorm Lashes Sicily’s Earthquake Disaster Area

1968: Windstorm & Hail Wreak “Near-Catastrophic” Damage On Oregon Forest

1968: Windstorm Batters 60 Block Area of North Miami Beach – Significant Damage

1969: 4 British Arctic Explorers Go On Polar Bear Killing Spree

1969: NYT Reports That Arctic Will Be An Open Sea By The 1980s

1969: Northwest Passage Normally Open 2-4 Months A Year

1969: Wisconsin State Fair Slammed By Windstorm – Large Tents Collapsed, Hundreds Hurt

1969: Record Storms, Droughts And Floods Hit US

1969: Freak Windstorm Packing 125 MPH Winds Slams Into Boulder, Colorado

1969: NYT – Instant Ice Age On The Way

1969: Monster Cat-5 Hurricane Camille Flattens Mississippi With 190 MPH Gale

1969: Tundra & Forest Fires Plague Alaska’s Arctic Cirle Area

1969: 9-Day Rain Deluge Brings California Its Worst Flooding & Mudlsides In 30 Years

1969: Scientist Predicts Humans Only Have Few Decades To Solve Global Warming

1969: Severe Windstorm, Giant Waves & Torrential 6 Inch Rainfall Roar Through Lake Erie Region

1969: Brazil Gets Sizzling Heat Wave & Honk Kong Flu At Same Time

1970: Everglades “Deer Crisis” Result of Too Much Water

1970: Popular Mechanics – Global Warming To Raise Temperatures Nine Degrees By 2020

1970: Brazil’s Torrential Rain & Floods Leaves Tens of Thousands Homeless

1970: 50,000 Likely Dead From Huge Earthquake In Peru Says UN

1970: Hurricane Pummels Greenland With 100 MPH Winds & 22 Degrees Below Zero Cold

1970: Bangaladesh Struck By 13 “disastrous cyclones” Prior To Major 1970 Storm

1970: Killer Pakistan Flood Toll Now At 55,000

1970: Arctic Has Most Ice In Over 60 Years

1970: Global Cooling – “Will Igloos Be The Homes of The Future?”

1970: Strong Earthquake Jolts New Guinea Coast

1970: Typhoon & Tidal Wave Hits E. Pakistan – 1,000,000 Deaths Likely

1970: Climatologists Forecast A New Ice Age

1971: “World Is Weather Beaten” – Multiple Areas of Europe Experience Extreme Weather

1971: Huge Snows & 50 MPH Winds Paralyze U.S. Midwest

1971: Tornado Kills Several People In French Town

1971: Large Ocean Earthquake Strikes Near Siberian Coast

1971: Cyclone & 16-Foot Tidal Wave Slam India – 20,000 May Have Perished

1971: Six Months Of Heavy Rain Cause Severe Flooding In Colombia

1971: 20,000 Sq. Miles of East Africa Severely Impacted By Cyclone & Floods

1971: Hundreds Missing In Cape Province, South Africa Floods

1971: Torrential Rains & Floods In Brazil Claim At Least 160 Lives

1971: 24 Perish During Australia Floods

1971: Floods Leave 200,000 Homeless In Malaysia

1971: Powerful Earthquake Staggers California – 30 Trapped In Collapsed Hospital – 80,000 Flee Weak Dam

1971: Drought Leaves Everglades Parched & Fire-Plagued

1971 : Ice Age Refugee Dies Underground

1971: Landslides & Tornadoes Pummel Southern Europe

1972: Arctic Expert Predicts Ice Free North Pole By Year 2000

1972: “Weird Weather Sweeps Europe”

1972: 118 Dead, 400 Thousand Homeless From U.S. East Coast Floods

1972: 100 Degrees In Moscow Heat Wave

1972: Northern U.S. To Warm 25 Degrees & Arctic Ice Free By The Year 2000

1972: 300 Feared Dead From Flooding In Rapid City, South Dakota

1972: 10-Days of Record Rain Causes Postponement of World Series Between the Reds and the A’s.

1972″ There’s A New Ice Age Coming!

1972: Major Stanford Univ. Scientist Predicts Billions Will Disappear In “Blue Steam” By 1992

1972: Scientists Predict Huge Tsunamis To Strike Coasts of Japan & Russia

1972: Earthquake Destroys Capitol of Nicaraugua, Kills Thousands

1973: Augusta, Georgia Has Record Snowstorm

1973: Sweltering Heat Wave Causes Water Shortages In Midwest & East Coast

1973: Worst Floods In Pakistan’s History

1973: Japan Jolted By Three Earthquakes, Then A Tidal Wave

1973: North Africa Ravaged By Floods – 102 Dead, Over 40,000 Homeless

1973: California Shaken By Earthquake

1974: Global Cooling Causes World Food Shortages

1974: Chicago’s Sears Tower Loses Multiple Windows From 60 MPH Blizzard Winds

1974: Winter Rainstorm In California Claims 14 Lives

1974: Tornado Destroys Zepplin Hanger In Germany – 28 Die Across Europe

1974: The Super Outbreak is the largest tornado outbreak on record for a single 24-hour period – 148 tornadoes, 13 US states

1974: Largest Tornado Outbreak In History Blamed On Global CoolingNewsweek Magazine

1974: Major Earthquake Strikes The Solomon Island Area In The South Pacific

1974: Typhoons & Tidal Waves Bash Phillipines and Bangladesh

1974: Cyclone Tracy Completely Destroys Darwin, Australia

1974: Brazillians Face Famine Due To Torrential Rains & Major Flooding

1974: Wildfires Raging In Everglades – Cause Is “Worst Drought Ever”

1974: Massive Floods In India And Bangladesh

1974: Cholera Strikes Half-Flooded Bangladesh

1974: Brisbane Recieved 34 Inches Of Rain In January (Almost 300% Of What It Received In January 2011)

1974: Major Pacific Northwest Storm Claims 15 Deaths

1974: Scientists Worried About The Earth Entering An Ice Age – Damning the Bering Strait Seen As Solution

1974: NCAR Executive Director Warns Of Global Cooling And Resultant Crop Losses

1974: Climate Change to cause “food wars” say U.S. & European scientists

1974: Global Cooling Causes Widespread Drought

1974: Nome, Alaska “Ravaged” By Flood & Storms

1974: “Extremely Dangerous” Hurricane Carmen To Slam New Orleans After Hitting Yucatan

1974: Expanding Ice Cap And Himalayan Glaciers Threaten World’s Food Supply, Leading Scientists Say

1974: Summer Tornadoes Kill 23 Across Kansas, Other States

1974 : Another Ice Age? – Climatologists Blamed US/Pakistan Flooding On Global Cooling

1974: CIA Determines Moscow Drought And Midwest Floods Result of Global Cooling

1974: Combination of Cold Weather & Meningitis Kills 500 In Brazil

1974: Major Stanford Univ. Scientist Predicts England, India, Japan & Brazil Gone By 2000 Due To Shortages & Starvation

1975: U.S. Senator Predicts 85% of Animal Species Will Be Extinct by 1995

1975: Powerful Spring Blizzard Blankets New England With Up To 32 Inches of Snow

1975: Strong Central Rocky Mountain Earthquake Rumbles Through Salt Lake City

1975: During Global Cooling, Malaria Makes Comeback In Pakistan

1975: National Academy Of Sciences Warned Of A Coming Ice Age

1975: Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Closed Only For 3rd Time In History Due To Paralyzing Snow Blizzard

1975: Strong Earthquake Rattles Northern California

1975: Both East & West Coasts of U.S. Hit By Torrential Rains

1975: Climate Modelers Ponder Return To An Ice Age

1975 : “New Ice Age Dawning?”

1975: Hurricane Eloise Brings Destruction To Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic

1975: Canadian Prairie Heat Wave Does “Irreversible Damage” To Crops

1975: “Heat Wave Bakes European Cities”

1975: Sweden Closes Manufacturing Plants Due To Heat Wave

1975 : U.S. Scientist Holdren Says US Has Too Much Energy – “less energy can mean more employment”

1976: CIA Experts Predict Political & Economic Upheavals From Global Cooling Over Next 40 Years

1976: College Professor Predicts Sea Level To Rise 330 Feet By 2050

1976: Aussie’s Flee Doomsday Predicted Tidal Wave – Scientists Were Wrong, The “Wave” Only 6 Inches

1976: Massive Earthquake Predicted For California By U.S. Govt Scientist

1976: Worst Drought In England And Wales For 500 Years

1976: Extended Heat Wave In Many Parts of Europe

1976: Heat Wave In London Causes Tempers To Flare & Fisticuffs

1976: Big Thompson River Received 14 Inches Of Rain In Four Hours

1976: Rare Tropical Storm Blasts Southwestern U.S. With Torrential Rains & Near Hurricane Winds

1976: “Mother Nature On Rampage” – Earthquake In Philippines & Volcano Erupts On Caribbean Island

1976: Colorado Flooding Toll Over 80, May Hit 200

1976: 1,000 Feared Dead From Hurricane Liza – 130 MPH Winds & Mudslides Leave 70,000 Homeless

1976: Vail Ski Resort Has No Snow To Ski On

1976: Torrential Rains Bring Flash Floods To California Desert Region

1976: U.S. Wheat Shipped To Flood Ravaged Pakistan — 5 Million Forced From Homes

1976: NASA Study Expresses Concern About Global Cooling – Recommends Focus On Climate, Not Space Exploration

1976: April 20 – 98 Degrees In Rhode Island And Seventeen Tornadoes In Texas

1977 : “Second Coming Of The Ice Age”

1977: Western U.S. Drought Blamed On Global Warming

1977: Professor Says CO2 Has Saved The Planet From An Ice Age

1977: Tornado In Bangladesh Killed Hundreds Of People

1977: Giant Earthquake’s Tsunami Plows Through Indonesia

1977: Earthquake ‘Swarm’ Shakes Aleutian Islands – Too Many Quakes To Count

1977: Antarctica Iceberg Is 45 Miles Long & 25 Miles Wide

1977: Almost Every State Registers At Least 90 Degrees During Great Heat Wave

1977: Heat Wave Said To Be A Result of Atmosphere Being In A “Rut”

1977: Drought Plagues California – Concerns That All of S. California Will Be Impacted

1977: Arctic Tundra Fire Burns Half-Million Acres – Lightning Caused

1977: 46 Dead From Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood

1977: 2 Feet of Snow Burys New York While Torrential Rain Deluge Causes California Mudslides

1977: “Cyclone, Tidal Wave Wreak Havoc In India” – 10,000 Dead, 2 Million Homeless

1977: Worst Drought In California History – Year 2

1977: Blizzard With 80 Degree Below Zero Temperature Conditions Roars Through U.S. Midwest

1977: Caribbean Island Nation Suffers From Severe Drought, Many Near Starvation

1978: Freak Tornado Strikes New Delhi, India

1978: “we’re entering little ice age’

1978: 80 MPH Winds & Snow Blizzard Cripples Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky

1978: Freak 1-Day Rain Downpour Unearths Corpses In California

1978: Indochina Monsoon Deluge Threatens Millions

1978: Torrential Rain Causes Rock Slides In Arizona & Mudslides In California

1978: U.S. Scientists Fear Indiana-Sized Bulge of Earth’s Crust In S. California

1978: 8 Inches of Rain Cause Severe Flooding In Arizona

1978: Chinese Authorities Act To Protect Workers & Students From Extreme Heat Wave

1978: Huge Iceberg Floating In S. Atlantic Is 30 Times Larger Than Manhattan Island

1979: Midwest Blizzard Leaves 29 Dead In Wake – Chicago Closed Down By Huge Storm

1979: 2nd Massive Snow Blizzard In a Week Smothers Chicago

1979: Record Rain Deluge Finally Ends Florida’s Drought

1979: Drought In Soviet Union Likely Cause Crop Prices To Increase

1979: “Cooling trend expected to continue into next century”

1979: Hood Canal Bridge In Washington Destroyed By Windstorm – 100+ MPH Gusts

1979: “French Riviera Swept By Huge Tidal Wave”

1979: Another Bad Drought In The Making For Northern California

1979: Massive Earthquake & Tidal Wave Flatten 6 Towns In Columbia

1979: Scientist Predict Global Warming, Then Global Cooling

1979: Skylab’s Crash Caused By NASA Underestimating Solar Warming of Atmosphere


Josh put a lot of work into these, so if you like the work, drop by the tip jar. Unlike Gore’s CRP, he won’t spam you asking for more. Buy him a beer, he’s worked a long time bringing us enjoyment with only some “attaboys” sent his way.

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September 15, 2011 2:11 am

I watched 1 minute after the end of the ad, and I got a hockey stick graph. 😀
I stopped watching at that point.

Chris H
September 15, 2011 2:20 am

Wow! Hats off to the compiler of such a list.

September 15, 2011 2:28 am

Love the polar bear.

Roy UK
September 15, 2011 2:37 am

Thank you for a great list! Thank you to Josh for all his hard work. I am just sorry I cannot hit the tip jars right now.
It would be interesting at the end of this 24 hour fail-a-thon by gore to compare page hits between WUWT and the CR@P site. I will not be visiting over there, but I will be checking regularly here 🙂

September 15, 2011 2:39 am

Global warming is cyclic:

September 15, 2011 2:41 am

I was hoping to watch more of the Gore-a-thon but after one hour of it I risk my brain atrophying though lack of use. I’ll stay here at WUWT where it’s safe and interesting.
I love Theo!

September 15, 2011 2:41 am

Global Everything will cause Global Everything, and it will get warmer/cooler before it gets cooler/warmer. In any case, the Sky has been falling for a very long time.
In the beginning man created TV, and saw that it was quite unnerving.
Then along came Al Gore, who invented the Internet, and Al saw that it was perfect for really scaring people.

September 15, 2011 2:47 am
September 15, 2011 2:50 am

BEAUTIFUL to see the chronology combined with HOT LINKS.

Simon Filiatrault
September 15, 2011 3:00 am

Found a new job for Gore… scarecrow… he’s really scary!

Dave Wendt
September 15, 2011 3:01 am

In 1965 the Spring floods on the Upper Mississippi were the worst on record and still are I believe. They let us out of school for nearly a week to sandbag and man the dikes.

Scottish Sceptic
September 15, 2011 3:01 am
September 15, 2011 3:02 am

Once again we have the propaganda of the government supported “scientists” and other alarmists telling us lies which factual, real-world data refutes; and yet, how can the massive propaganda arm be beaten back?
It will snow again in Orlando, Florida as it did in the 70s and it will also snow again in Miami, Florida. Would that wake up the religious adherents to CAGW? Why no, of course not — that would be just freaky weather. What about 5 cold winters and cool summers in a row? Of course not, the data would just have to be changed to make it look better; much like adding to the sea level measurements to make it appear more scary.
Sites like this one are great, but MSNBC (and all the rest) will tell millions and millions that we need to have total government control of all our actions to “save the world”. CO2 is poison!
Good luck beating the propaganda machine.

Jarryd Beck
September 15, 2011 3:05 am

I lasted about 2 minutes, what rubbish.

Scottish Sceptic
September 15, 2011 3:16 am

Just finished watching above video, and all I can say is the only science and truth was in the dandruff and mouthwash adverts at the end.
Honestly, why on earth are the British Council involved in exaggerated global warming propaganda. I cannot fathom any rhyme or reason that civil servants should be involved in such a corrupt enterprise Is this where are money goes?

September 15, 2011 3:27 am

The list says it all, really. Thanks for that – it must have taken quite some time to put together.

Brian Johnson uk
September 15, 2011 3:34 am

Had he lived in earlier times, surely Al Gore would have invented Phlogiston wouldn’t he?

Viv Evans
September 15, 2011 4:40 am

Thank you for this most excellent compilation – a great resource!
And that cheeky Theo … what can I say … I bet Algore now regrets having saved him (cf cartoon 5 below)!

September 15, 2011 5:42 am

Hour 10 – Canberra. Our government will be belted for 6 as a result of pandering to eco-fascists of this ilke.

September 15, 2011 6:19 am

You all are compiling a treasure. These “Real Realities” will be in my favorites folder because of their longevity.

September 15, 2011 7:21 am

That cartoon actually made me LOL! Best one yet!

September 15, 2011 11:20 am

What a fantastic list *bookmarks* And the cartoons are giving me a good chuckle, thanks Josh, I’ve visited the tip jar 🙂

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