24 Hours of Climate Reality: Gore-a-thon – Hour 2

A new post containing a cartoon from Josh will appear every hour. At the end of the 24 hours, everything will be collated on a single page.

Readers are encouraged to post skeptical arguments below, as well as offer comments on what has been seen from the Climate Reality Project so far.

UPDATE: The Climate Reality Project Stats page at http://www.ustream.tv/user/climatereality/info-stats is not encouraging at two hours in. I’m not sure why there is such a disparity between it and the cumulative views counter on the CRP live stream page.

Hmm, so far, Al’s not getting the lift he needs after Katrina. The USA recently went over 1000 days without a major hurricane landfall. Watts Up with That?

Here’s the graph:

Source: Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. - click to enlarge

Read more here

Don’t forget Dr. Ryan Maue’s peer reviewed paper that says there’s no trend in hurricanes since 1972, none zip, nada.

In fact we are at historic lows:

AGU journal highlights — Aug. 18

The following highlights summarize research papers that have been recently published in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL), Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface (JGR-F), Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences (JGR-G), and Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans (JGR-C).


2. Global cyclone activity historically low

A new research study shows that overall global tropical cyclone activity has decreased to historically low levels during the past 5 years.

Maue analyzes global tropical cyclone data from 1970 through May 2011 to examine the considerable interannual variability of the accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) metric. Since 2006, global and Northern Hemisphere ACE have decreased significantly, reaching the lowest levels since the late 1970s. Also, during 2010-2011, the overall global frequency of tropical cyclones reached a historical low. The researcher demonstrates that much of the variability in tropical cyclone energy during the past 40 years is clearly associated with natural large-scale climate oscillations such as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.


Geophysical Research Letters, doi:10.1029/2011GL047711, 2011


Title: Recent historically low global tropical cyclone activity

Author: Ryan N. Maue: Center for Ocean and Atmosphere Studies, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA;


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The best part was when they introduced him as a “science expert”.

‘Carbon pollution’ – isn’t that Julia Gillard’s term?

Julian in Wales

Number of viewers > 256,000 ATTM …

Elizabeth (not the Queen)

Sorry. I just can’t seem to summon the energy to care what Al Gore is doing.

So, Gore’s new reality is fear mongering?
His desparation is worse than we though.

True …

Latimer Alder

So a guy watching for ten minutes, going off to puke, then returning for another dose counts as two?

If it’s like many events of this nature, it is the ‘opposition’ (research) folks that are ‘sticking it out’ and continuing to watch … did I ever say that I like watching CPAN too?

Looks like something automated got linked-in/coupled into the chat screen; multiple messages with the same content from multiple sources are clogging it …
So much for meaningful chat!


This is appears to be the same presentation (except in English) that was given during the previous hour (in Spanish) in Mexico City.

We are living ‘rent free’ in these folks heads.


The number of sensored comments occuring on the sidebar ‘Check-in and Chat’ is off the charts –

An economist, this guy is not; promoting ‘wind power’ like it was free …


“Minnesotans for Global Warming” have a new video for the event:
“The twelve days of Global Warming”

Just admitted that trees need CO2 to grow …

Just broke 319,000 viewers …

I have a sudden urge to burn a tire on my lawn.


i’m having a hard time staying with it, took two breaks so far so I guess I count as three views.


_Jim says:
September 14, 2011 at 6:16 pm
Number of viewers > 256,000 ATTM …

How many skepticals/deniers/white/racists etc ? 😉


Mute the sound to this train wreck…..keep watching but play something more entertaining (a classic for us all!):



When they showed a view of their audience (the one with the woman moderator and panel discussion), it looked like a mostly empty theater.

Comments are being throttled; the 60 secs elapse-rule between posts on Ustream is in effect (just tried a post there) ..

Bruce Cobb

“But that is not “simultaneous” no record is kept of people who watched a few minutes then gave up in disgust”
Count me as one of many. I found it not very user friendly, plus I was only morbidly curious in an idle sort of way.

Dave Worley

Only 22,000 viewers when I just visited.
My faith in humanity is restored.

Dave Worley

Wonder how many were gawkers like me.

JFB says on September 14, 2011 at 6:37 pm

How many skepticals/deniers/white/racists etc ? 😉

I prefer to think of those folks as ‘Opposition’ (research) folks …

Robert of Ottawa

I aplaud your ability to follow this garbage and report ‘pon it, I need to know (unfortunately) what the game is, but do not have the stomach to watch it. Heck, we have an election going on here in Ontario and that is absorbing a large chunk of my time.


Does anyone know if the “number of views” is instantaneous viewers or total viewer since the start?

60 second rule lifted … posting at will on Ustream now …


Re the number of viewers the stats page (http://www.ustream.tv/user/climatereality/info-stats) says:
Total views (all shows): 24,138
Total viewer hours (all shows): 105 days, 13 hours, 2 minutes
Total unique views: 5,814
Doesn’t seem to be updating live. If you click through to ustream from Climate Reality it shows “22,129 Live Views” (also not updating).


gore is talking about his home town, where that monster co2 consuming mansion of his is?

Chris in Hervey Bay

They said on TV here the other day, that a new proposed wind farm would supply 25,000 homes with all their energy needs.
My question is : How many wind turbines do you need to supply all the energy needs to one house when the wind is not blowing ?

View count just passed 364,000 …


Al Gore just referenced that many (warmists) don’t want to join the debate. According to him and the Team, I thought that the science was settled and the debate was over. Skeptics have been trying to have this debate for years and the warmists haven’t wanted to participate. They can not have it both ways!

I bet the viewership numbers dropped faster … but they had to ‘hide the decline’

The twitter stream seems to be reflecting all the people who’ve lent access to their accounts to CRP. Lotsa messages about “Hour 2 ….” Makes for a boring stream!

t stone

I do not wish to add to his click count; I am content with watching the play by play here. Thank you for providing it.
I keep thinking of Gore’s quote “there is no longer a shared reality” and how he uses the word reality as if it is subjective, as if reality and consciousness (the perception of reality) are the same thing. He wouldn’t know an objective, metaphysical fact if it came up and bit him on the a**. I would also like to thank him for the fact that I may have to cover my garden this weekend. That’s my reality!

“Distributed wind and solar are the pathways out of poverty” – is he kidding?
Wind has been tried since Carter Administration … FAIL.

3rd hour Anthony?

wermet says:
September 14, 2011 at 6:41 pm
> When they showed a view of their audience (the one with the woman moderator and panel discussion), it looked like a mostly empty theater.
The woman moderator is Heidi Cullen who was once the Weather Channel’s in-house climatologist. She’s now at http://www.climatecentral.org/about/people-bio/heidi_cullen as their Director of Communications. I haven’t seen much of her since she went there.
Sharp, but very biased, and can’t understand why geologists aren’t as concerned as she is. (Answer, they know the world will see much worse soon enough.)

especially Soot/Black Carbon;
may have a significant influence on Earth’s temperature:
Per the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009 Report; http://www.pame.is/images/stories/PDF_Files/AMSA_2009_Report_2nd_print.pdf
Page 5 – “Black carbon emissions from ships operating in the Arctic may have
regional impacts by accelerating ice melt.”
Page 142 – Black carbon is a component of particulate matter produced by marine vessels through the incomplete oxidation of diesel fuel. The release and deposition of BC in the Arctic region is of particular concern because of the effect it has on reducing the albedo (reflectivity) of sea ice and snow. When solar radiation is applied, reduced albedo increases the rate of ice and snow melt significantly, resulting in more open water, and thereby reducing the regional albedo further. In the Arctic region in 2004, approximately 1,180 metric tons of black carbon was released, representing a small proportion of the estimated 71,000 to 160,000 metric tons released around the globe annually. However, the region-specific effects of black carbon indicate that even small amounts could have a potentially disproportionate impact on ice melt and warming in the region. More research is needed to determine the level of impact this could have on ice melt acceleration in the Arctic and the potential benefits from limiting ships’ BC emissions when operating near to or in ice-covered regions. The potential impacts of black carbon should also be a point of consideration when weighing the costs and benefits of using in-situ burning of oil in spill response situations.”
A portion of the warming that occurred during the last 30 years may be associated with particulates/soot versus increases in CO2 emissions. Maybe this is the denial tie in with cigarette manufacturers?…

Good grief, back to cigarette company “featurette”. I guess there isn’t enough climate science to fill 24 hours.


Am I seeing things, or did they just remove the “Live Views” number from both channel pages?
(http://www.ustream.tv/climatereality and http://www.ustream.tv/climaterealityproject)


Chris in Hervey Bay says:
September 14, 2011 at 6:51 pm

They said on TV here the other day, that a new proposed wind farm would supply 25,000 homes with all their energy needs.
My question is : How many wind turbines do you need to supply all the energy needs to one house when the wind is not blowing ?

Well, now you’re talking indeterminate–in other words, the whole world could be full of windmills and none of ’em would do you a lick of good (this even happens when the wind is blowing moderately ’cause they’re so stinkin’ inefficient.)