Lord Stern: Deny the whole USA trade if you don't play the AGW game

Climate Wars: Nick Stern Threatens U.S. With Trade Boycott

The Times, 19 November 2010

Ben Webster

The United States will be banned from selling goods to many countries if it continues to shirk its promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to the world’s leading climate change economist.

In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said that nations that were taking strong action on emissions could start imposing restrictions on “dirty” US exports by 2020.

Lord Stern, who advises several G20 leaders and is one of the key players in the international negotiations seeking a deal on emissions, made his comments ten days before the annual United Nations climate change conference opens in Cancun, Mexico. They reflect the feeling in many countries that a lack of action on emissions in the US is delaying progress in the talks.

Lord Stern said that Europe and the Far East (sic) were forging ahead of the US in controlling emissions and switching to low carbon sources of energy. They would not tolerate having their industries undermined by American competitors that had not paid for their emissions. “If you are charging properly for carbon and other people are not, you will take that into account,” he said. “Many of the more forward-looking people in the US are thinking about this. If they see a danger on the trade front to US exports that could influence public discussion.”

Asked what type of US products could face restrictions, Lord Stern said: “Aircraft, clearly, some cars, machine tools — it’s not simply what’s in the capital good, it’s what kind of processes the capital good is facilitating.”

Lord Stern said that a complete ban on some goods was also possible. He said the American people should overcome their historical antipathy to taxation and accept that emissions needed to be controlled either through a tax or a trading scheme.

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Oh, we could always buy British goods instead. 😉


Very Stern-like. What I don’t understand is why he doesn’t promote tariffs against China because their low wages and poor working conditions are clearly giving them a competitive advantage against the US and Europe.
Is Stern an economist?


We need to get this guy on TV over here. 5Mins of him will be worth a hundred studies of flawed methodologies and poor statistics.


What a tosser…a UK economist saying that they will boycott the USA…..jeez…start a trade war that will, can’t wait. I’m sure you yanks are really quaking in your boots….Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.
On the other hand …maybe he will be seen to be what he really is, now by his friend the UK Prime Minister David Camerlunatic and his ‘greenist’ party.
Stern is an ecofacist…..


Presumably the trade ban would extend to banning goods from China, India and now Canada, the list gets longer by the day.
Who does Lord Stern think he is kidding!


And imports from China and India will be banned when, exactly? If hypocrisy were gold, this guy could pay England’s debt himself.


“American people should overcome their historical antipathy to taxation”
Like the rest of the world just love to be taxed.
We Brits have a word for people like ‘Lord’ Stern who spout such nonsense.
The work is “plonker”.


Another barmy Brit; he of the “stop eating meat” variety.
I have no idea how the man became a professor, but he seems determined to stop breeding pigs and cows, because they contaminate the atmosphere with far too much methane, which he reckons is 23x more effective as a GHG than the dreaded CO2.
Think it’s more like 26x, but don’t tell him.
Also, don’t tell him that much of any methane ‘contamination’ did not come from domesticated animals, but from the Russian trans-continental pipeline, which they have now repaired.


They will have to add Canada to the list…


Presumably as China is now the largest emitter of CO2 this embargo will also be applied to them.

Josh Grella

Lord Stern can take his “conceptual mistake” comments and go [/snip] himself. Making people pay money to a government whether directly or in the purchase of some good or service is a tax, no matter how you play the semantics game. They want to isolate us? Good. We’ll stop saving their [/snip]s when some dictator uses these same tactics to gain too much strength and takes over all of Europe. Enjoy your bullying of America Europe and Asia. Don’t come to us to bail you out of your self-imposed consequences. We’ll still be here and will be using all those horrible “dirty” fuels that we have an abundance of (which we’ll be able to do once the greenies here are told to go sit down and shut up).


I’ll do it myself. Snip, snip, snip, double snip. I think that about covers it.

Old Goat

Call his bluff, pompous, ignorant idiot.

It won’t happen while the dollar is still world’s reserve currency. Just look at how flooding a few $100 billion into the monetary pool scared the world shitless.
And that’s just the direct negative effects of such an action upon these countries’ economies. Can you picture the effects on Asia and Latin America if the US responded by instituting a “human rights tarrif” where we tarrifed goods made by workers in conditions that didn’t meet our standards – only foreign owned companies of course; American owned companies in foreign lands would be exempted?

a jones

The gentleman has been singing this song for some time now, for example in OZ recently, because I suppose he feels it puts pressure on countries before Cancun.
It is pure codswallop because the WTO regime does not allow for such a thing and countries do not start trade wars on the say so of eccentric economists: not least from one whose great report on AGW has been so thoroughly debunked.
That is why I imagine he suggests that this will happen in ten years or so, safely far enough in the future to be forgotten by then. When it does not happen.
Pure alarmist grandstanding with a bullying line mixed in. Just a different tack. How very unusual.
One for the circular filing tray I fancy.
Kindest Regards


I see myself as more Scottish than British, but all the same I would like to apologise profusely for the imbecilic utterances of Lord Stern on behalf on the all or at least the majority of people from these isles.

Esther Cook

By 2020, Even this idiot will have asked a few farmers whether crops grow better at 12 degrees C (54 F), the current average global temperature, or at 22 degrees C (72F), the norma and maximum per the 600 million year fossil record.
By 202, a few people will have found out what photosynthesis is, and will have decided this idiot would cause the death of half the human race and thousands of extinctions if we act on his advice.
We have nothing to worry about on this boycott threat.
Just the possibility that anybody WILL believe him enough to act and more countries will follow Zimbabwe’s example of anything but “carbon” and destroy the biosphere.


Usually it’s a bad idea to threaten America.

Robert Morris

Why is it that so many clever men give every indication of being complete idiots?


What an idiot , one sure fire way to get the USA’s back up is pushing ideas like this , meanwhile both China and Indian will tell him were to stick the idea too. So what is left a handful of EU countries that is until election time they laws which will mean massive increases in prices will look at as popular as fish that has been dead for 2 weeks.
Lots of talk and threats and nothing to back them up with , sadly for Stern he is looking increasingly unlike to be making big money out of carbon trading any time soon. Never mind.


This is the world’s “leading” climate change economist?
Good luck with that boycott, Nick, you’ll need it. Something tells me that England needs us more than we need them. Just because the Brits decided to gut their economy doesn’t need we need to follow them down the tubes.
And as for his thought that “… the American people should overcome their historical antipathy to taxation and accept that emissions needed to be controlled either through a tax or a trading scheme…” I have two words – Screw you.

Doug in Seattle

Anger and then despair. These folks have invested their lives and reputations to this hoax. They will fall really hard if they can’t get their way.


What makes this begger think he can tell Americans what to do? Everybody loses in a trade war. What promise? I don’t recall the Senate ratifying any promise. Quite the opposite. “Forging ahead?” Sounds like fabricating a loo; makes me want to go join a Tea Party. This flamboyant, spittle-spewing posturing is another example of the End of Warmist Days, as the wheels come off the worldwide hoax.

Peter Whale

This is the type of comment I like from these people, they have no idea how to address people who are not fooled by their self important rhetoric. More to the point it puts the back up of people who have not yet abandoned the AGW hype. Bring it on lord Stern you have my blessing.


Why do the greens always harp on the US emissions.
China by 2020 will be burning coal like a speeding locomotive
Will the worlds countries stop buying “dirty” Chinese exports?.


Let me help you out here Lord Stern.
The USA will default on it’s national debt and financial obligations.
It is a mathematical certainty the USA will have a complete and total economic collapse.
The rest of the world will cut the USA off from trade with them because we are a deadbeat nation.
The USA will make it own little trinkets, bobbles and whatever other electronic crap its people want to buy., right here in our own land mass.
Lord Stern, please don’t try to rationalize why the rest of the planet will stop trading with the USA. You just sound silly, uninformed, and kooky with your rationalizations.


Stern has gone completely nutter, jumped the shark, lost his marbles.
He needs better meds, seriously.


See the thing is, US citizens don’t take kindly when threatened. Good luck…

R. de Haan

Let them have it, these arm twisting bunch of crackpot brags.
Don’t send a single US made product to Europe, ban all the use of US patents, withdraw all American companies, close US Air Space for European aircraft and withdraw all US forces.
And the next time these EU hacks need to be liberated, screw them all.
Arrogant bastards.

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

I say go ahead USA – don’t sell your goods to any nations that blackmails or terrorises you, whether the threat comes from some medieval caveman in Tora Bora or from a “climate change economist”. Don’t sell them any of your patented products or license them any of your patents and see how long they last.


A comment was made this summer that is telling on this topic. To paraphrase, leftists were saying that the way to help Obamba is to do things that forces him to act. Now, some of it was directed towards violent actions, but this commnent reminds me of that. For someone in the G20 to say that America will be cut off if we don’t push climate legislation would give Obamba an opportunity to enforce it as a national security item, or regulatory edict to claim it was done to save America.
I really don’t like Progressives.

Roger Longstaff

To friends in the USA – don’t panic.
Stern is a born-again idiot who resides in an asylum for un-elected fraudsters called The House of Lords. He wrote a bizzare report a couple of years ago on the economic impact of CAGW that sought to enrich his cronies with shares in wind farms. His rantings made Jones, Mann, et al look like reasonable scientists – only Gordon Brown took it seriously.


“it was a “conceptual mistake” to see charging for emissions as a tax”
If you are a government and you are taking money out of my pocket it is a tax. Is that concept too hard for them to understand? Maybe he thinks “carbon user fees” are not a tax?


Remind me again what happened the last time someone in Europe proposed people in the US pay more taxes…

D. Patterson

The Marxists are getting impatient and revealing themselves. They subverted the democratic electoral processes to install their own leaders. When the electorate rebels, the Marxists then disenfranchise the electorate. When the electorate protests their being disenfranchised, the Marxists resort to executive orders, diktat, and finally open dictatorships. It appears that Lord Stern has grown impatient enough with the opposition to the Marxist redistribution of wealth to invoke worldwide economic warfare.


LOL. No one can stop trade to penniless Iran, North Korea or a myriad other countries that are problematic. And this jack ass thinks he is going to embargo the USA? Please. Some one convince the good Lord to lay off the hard stuff.

Ed Caryl

Would they do the same to China?
If the US reduces emissions, manufacturing would be reduced, reducing exports, or if the US doesn’t reduce emissions, exports will be boycotted. It looks like the US is doomed no matter what.
It won’t happen!


David Cameron leads largest trade delegation to China in 200 years
Read about it at:
Lord Stern and the current government will, of course, be delighted to trade with China’s clean economy….


I always thought he was nuts but this confirms it. What country in it’s right mind would start a trade war with the US – the largest trading nation in the world. Stern started much of the global warming nonsense and seem to think that his ideas still have value in the real world. This is almost on a par with geo-warmists wanting the flood the atmosphere with sulphur dioxide from volcanoes they’ve activated to “cool the planet”.


What a load of rubbish.

R. de Haan

Lord Stern must be afraid that Great Britain’s Green suicide program will bankrupt the country before the US.


Why not just sign everything over to China? Or encourage an isolationist US. That always works.


I suppose this Stern moron doesn’t know that we can deny access to our markets for countries that want to play that game. We are not only the largest exporter in the world. We are also the largest importer.

Nusquam Nihil

Pound salt my lord.


Whatever the merits of reducing carbon emissions, this is typical UN bashing on the USA. It’s in the same category as putting Libya on the Human Rights Commission. The UN and its political positions have nothing to do with reality and everything to do with schoolyard politics.
Really: all first-world countries should drop out of the UN and let it collapse under its own, corrupt weight. Start over with a new organisation. The new one will also eventually become corrupt, but sometimes you have just got to clean house.

Dave Wendt

I don’t have the links available right now, but I believe the record shows that the U.S. has a better record of reducing CO2 emissions than the EU, since they collectively embraced their carbon trading scheme.

Leon Brozyna

Give me a break !
China’s already passed the U.S. in carbon emissions due to its rapid industrialization and electrification. In ten years it will be emitting even more and exporting even more goods. Will Lord Stern suggest barring the importation of Chinese goods then ? Thoght not.


Why would we want to trade with carbon fools?

David C

These people are evil.


Stern is an embarassment to us Brits. I offer my apologies on behalf of normal Brits.