Friday Funny

Albuquerque has reached a tipping point!

On the other hand, nature’s heat regulator, thunderstorms, is kicking in today over NM:

h/t to Dr. Richard Keen

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  1. I just want to know how has a camera ready and sitting on the end-table in order to snap a quick photo of their TV…. That’s a great combination of planning AND skill for sure.
    …And also a great strategy in case the dawning of the next ice-age happens to be televised 😉

  2. Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!
    I have been to NM and it is not THAT hot….lol
    They just have to go into the Carlsbad caverns for relief from the heat. They might meet a cabal of CAGW advocates plotting another “event”, you never know. 😉

  3. The temperature here (Southern NM) just dropped from 85 to 60 in a few minutes in our local thunderstorm. It rained 0.45 inches in about an hour.

  4. Not to worry; it will be counted and added to the temp record just like all the other erroneous numbers. NAP! (Nothing boosts an average more than an added digit!)

  5. Albuquerque is just going the test their new geothermal electrical power plant next Friday. It’s going to heat things up a bit locally, but being sustainable and emitting zero C02, it has EPA’s stamp of approval! 🙂

  6. Quick – get those numbers to NCDC, NOAA, so they can give a boost to other station temps and keep showing how hot it is this year.

  7. UnfrozenCavemanMD says:
    July 16, 2010 at 3:24 pm
    “Thank Lucifer it’s Friday.”
    Good one!

  8. We laugh, yet that number will make its way into the dataset and get extrapolated 1200 miles in every direction. Expect a 2400 mile wide deep red dot on the next anomaly chart from NOAA.

  9. I guess this is on topic (I saw this Friday morning and thought it funny (in a macabre way)).
    On NH’s main commercial TV station, the AM news reported “Victim in fatal car crash improves.” There were two “victims”, they weren’t talking about the dead one.
    (Both passengers, both hanging out of windows while 21 year old driver who never had a license crashes into utility pole.)

  10. As this forecast comes from a model, you can BET that this record will be in the climate data base. After all, models DO provide data now.
    Climate science reminds me so much of the politician that promised above average income for every citizen if they vote for him.

  11. News at 10:00 Albequerque hits 890 degrees. Vulcans land at nearby airport, bringing Warp Drive technology to man.

  12. I live in Santa Fe. An hour or so ago we got a typical summer monsoon rain shower that cooled everything down from the low 90s to the mid 70s in about 30 minutes. In my view this has been a rather cool summer. A couple weeks ago I had to wear a sweatshirt in the house to stay warm.
    We get some hot, dry summers and some cool wet summers. This one seems to be just a little cooler than normal. One summer I took a vacation to Michigan in July and felt like was in a sauna the whole time. I came back and felt chilled (but I had a great garden that year).

  13. Ric Werme says:
    July 16, 2010 at 3:42 pm
    “……..On NH’s main commercial TV station, the AM news reported “Victim in fatal car crash improves.” There were two “victims”, they weren’t talking about the dead one.
    (Both passengers, both hanging out of windows while 21 year old driver who never had a license crashes into utility pole.)”
    Natural selection at work.

  14. I believe I’ve reached a ‘tipping point’ as well, at 4:50pm this Friday! Me thinks it’s time to head down to the beach, crack open a cool Killian’s Red lager, with a Dewars scotch on the side, and just contemplate my toes and the entropy of naval lint! Suggest Y’all do similarly….. and Thanks for the Grin! I’ll put on my SPF 1000, just to be safe!
    Tippy Canoe and Mac the Knife Too!

  15. Might check the placement of their MMTS.
    Punks set the Stevenson screen on fire again.
    That’s more than UHI can explain.
    Maybe GISS homogenized with Roswell.
    Sandia was calibrating their new EMP simulator.
    Yes, but we’re more concerned with the anomaly than the absolute temperature.

  16. According to the wonks at the debate, we just need to be like Mars to be cool….so let’s remove all of our atmosphere EXCEPT the CO2 and we will be cool as a cucumber.
    (Except NM on Friday where the cucumbers will be blanched.)

  17. Layne Blanchard
    Surely you are not suggesting that they should ignore inconvenient data? That’s called cherry-picking!

  18. Lots of laughs in this thread. My favorites are the Lucifer/Friday one and hottest July in 4 billion years.
    My entry:
    Dr Mann admits his prediction is controversial, but he insists the science is sound: “We used a new and even more robust statistical algorithm on our tree ring data, and the results went through the roof. You see, there’s this one tree near Albuquerque…”

  19. It’s caused by poor siting yet again. Never, ever, put a thermometer on the end of a lightning strike, or you will get poor quality results.

  20. This is UHI again. You might not know, but Albuquerque is an artist’s community’s artist community. A massive number of hot artists arrive there every summer. The heat is from naked bodies. 🙂

  21. “I just want to know how has a camera ready and sitting on the end-table in order to snap a quick photo of their TV…. That’s a great combination of planning AND skill for sure.”
    TiVo is a big help, too.

  22. There have been a number of wildfires in the Southwest this year, but not as many as in past extreme years. The onset of the monsoons is a welcome respite and drenching of current fires. Lightning with ample rain is not the dangerous wildfire igniter that dry lightning is.
    For a great (near) real-time lightning map, I recommend the Vaisala Lightning Explorer which uses data from the National Lightning Detection Network.
    “NLDN consists of over 100 remote, ground-based sensing stations located across the United States that instantaneously detect the electromagnetic signals given off when lightning strikes the earth’s surface. … These remote sensors send the raw data via a satellite-based communications network to the Network Control Center operated by Vaisala Inc. in Tucson, Arizona. Within seconds of a lightning strike, the NCC’s central analyzers process information on the location, time, polarity, and amplitude of each strike. The lightning information is then communicated to users across the country.”

  23. Drunken dendrochronologist drills hole in patio heater. Discovers new temperature record.
    Also opportunity for enhancing weather graphics and automation. The lightning does look a little longer in the Friday graphic, but really needs to be replaced with something more appropriate like a heat ray, or GISS logo.
    And.. if you lot would adopt a sensible temperature scale like celsius, this would be less likely to occur. Then, if you needed more than 3 digits, please refer to the senior meteorologist to unlock it, or slap some sense into you.

  24. I would contend that this is a natural result of Boyle’s law.
    Contending a certain amount of volume (the planet earth) with a gaseous atmosphere comprising mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, the introduction of a new gas (hereafter called Boyle’s Stoichiometric Composition Gas (political), or Political B.S. for shorthand), the increase in amount of Political B.S. must, necessarily, displace other atmospheric gasses. Where the production of political B.S. increases faster than the displacement of atmospheric gasses may occur due to inertia, temperature necessarily rises (due to a temporary increase in pressure.)
    Obviously an increase in the number of politicians in Albuquerque caused a tipping point to be reached in the forecast model, where the reaction achieved a criticality event, causing political B.S. to spin out of control. The model, therefore, correctly allowed for this.
    The same phenomenon is allowed for in the East Anglia models. Since politicians travel a lot, they have to allow for their removal from areas, thus temperature adjustments must be increased when politicians move from their home areas, to allow for the reduction in production of Political B.S.
    It all makes sense now.

  25. The weather’s gone berserque in Albuquerque.
    It’s Thermogeddon, and I’m not kiddin’.
    They told us, but we wouldn’t listen.
    Now our bacon’s cooked, all ’cause
    We thought the science was crooked.

  26. That’s nothing.
    Prior to Anthony’s visit to Perth, a TV reporter at the local station of the national broadcaster (ABC Australia) remarked that some people had been brave to venture outside as the barometer plunged into negative territory.
    …. Jogging through the event horizon ….

  27. CRS, Dr.P.H. says:
    Hah! Finish the job, here’s UFO at Chicago’s Metro theater, 1995, playing “Too Hot to Handle!”

    I saw both shows, what a band! Great anthem for the anti-AGW crowd!

    Totally awesome! I was going to put that one in there, don’t know why I didn’t… Quite an interesting story of the Schenker brothers and the Scorpions vs UFO. While Scorpions may have had the commercial crowd, UFO is what I grab when I wanta rock. Love it!
    Michael Scenker remains in the top 50 performances of all time Guitar Magazine with Rock Bottom.
    Very, very busy these days… 190 mph almost all the time, productivity is a priority

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