Another record month!

Ah, bet you thought I was talking about temperature didn’t you?

Nope, I’m talking about you folks – all my readers that have helped make this blog what it is. Thanks to you I’ve hit another traffic high with over 402,000 unique page views for the month of May.

At the same time, I find myself the #1 blog on all of today, something else that have never happened.

I’ve put together the traffic graph and the screencap from the WordPress Global Dashboard that ranks the blogs below:

Thanks to all of you who visit and contribute comments. I’m honored to have you visit my home on the Internet. – Anthony

28 thoughts on “Another record month!

  1. I’m sure it works you hard. For your efforts, though, you sure have built a nice site.

  2. Congrats. WUWT is definitely part of my daily “must read” list. And I suspect many more people are coming here to square their own perceptions and ability to reason that the giant hot ball in the sky probably has something to do with our climate.
    Anyone with any intellectual integrity at all has to fact check the MSM today. Especially with the volume of AGW hysteria coming from nearly every source.
    Hence the rise of WUWT, ICECAP, etc. Thanks again Anthony!

  3. BTW. What’s the yellow Donate bottom? Seems interresting. Hope people are curious and test it!!!!!

  4. Congratulations – I think the general level of science here is “just right” (apologies to Goldilocks et al). Uninformed rant level is low, the heavy science is linked to. The coupling to and your experience in the media are a big help in setting and keeping the tone right. We may get tired of hanging on to every cycle 24 sunspeck for the next year though.
    Do not, do not, do not let readership be the key metric. I won’t be surprised if readership goes down – it could be a sign of your success. As people build a working knowledge of what’s going on expect them to spend less time here. In fact, look for spiky behavior in the future. When interesting or botched stories appear in the mass media, all your past readers may flood here looking for updates that consider all sides of the story.
    At category 5 hurricane doesn’t stay cat 5 for long, but its impact remains for years.
    Hmm, not one of my better analogies. Sorry.

  5. After looking at the UAH graph and then scrolling down to this one, it would appear that your “views” are inversely proportional to global temperature.

  6. OK, I admit it, I’m a WUWT junkie. I have to have my WUWT “fix” along with my morning coffee, and often several times a day as well. Is there a 12-step program somewhere? Help!
    Hee-hee. Congrats, Anthony. Keep up the good work!

  7. I see an inverse CORRELATION between global temperatures and your site traffic.
    Now we need to find a CAUSAL relationship…

  8. Tony, your ability to post a mix topics covering such a wide spectrum is one of the many factors drawing readers, contributors, and debaters from around the world. But unlike RC and others, you don’t stack the deck in anyone’s favor. You post the subject and let the debates begin and the chips fall where they may. It’s not only refreshing, but very invigorating and enlightening!
    Thanks for all your hard work… and I don’t say that lightly: it’s very time consuming to administer such a blog.
    Jack Koenig, Editor
    The Mysterious Climate Project

  9. Great site, I learned about it from a link on Lew Rockwell. I admire your style.
    This is a favorite. Congrats.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  10. After looking at the UAH graph and then scrolling down to this one, it would appear that your “views” are inversely proportional to global temperature.
    Yeah, I noticed that, too. (Complete with dead-cat reverse bounce in Feb. and March.)
    Hmm, not one of my better analogies.
    Could have been a lot worse, actually.
    the origin of this particular “Rev”.
    There is great power in adopting a nomen from an enemy.

  11. Like the content. Like the politeness. Like your whole approach, in fact.
    Can’t give you 10 out of 10 – or even a Grade A – I’m afraid, as we don’t do that here in Germany. You’ll just have to settle for a “Note 1” instead.

  12. Kudos. You have created a forum for the exchange of ideas (and opinions) about real world issues, science related. I have learned a great deal from folks with experience far beyond mine. That’s what life is about.
    Thanks for a great site.

  13. Anthony, My daily reviewing(s) of this site, “Make’s my Day”.
    Keep up the “Great Work”.
    With knowledge, “Truth will Prevail”.

  14. Thanks for the great work. I love the way you “dumb” things down to where a person doesn’t need a college degree to understand your point.
    REPLY: Thanks. That’s the TV meteorologist talking in me. I spent 25 years trying to make complex things in weather (like adiabatic temperature change due to winds or orographic induced precipitation) understandable in under 3 minutes to the average viewer.

  15. Congratulations, Anthony. Between you and Steve McIntyre, you’ll both clobber RealClimate and their fellow travelers, especially when the Maunder Minimum comes crashing down on their heads…

  16. Heh, Ric, it may have made landfall but it doesn’t seem to be lessening in intensity as gauged by the shattered landscape in warmer world.

  17. Congratulations. When you have a good product, it sells. You’ve got just the right mix of science, math, and narrative to make it palatable to the normal layman. Yours is an excellent complement to the prodigious work done at Climate Audit. It’s a pity that normal ‘journalists’ don’t possess such expertise; perhaps that’s why they settle on uncritically reading someone else’s press release.

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