Happy Birthday Kristen Byrnes

You may remember earlier this year a web site emerged called “Ponder the Maunder” in which a 15 year old high school student named Kristen Byrnes turned quite a few heads when she wrote an essay refuting much of what Al Gore had to say about climate change. She’s had quite a few accomplishments, and has helped out our surfacestations.org effort immensely by covering almost all of New England single handedly.


Today is her birthday, so let’s all wish her a happy one!



Kristen will be celebrating her Sweet Sixteen on Saturday, January 12, 2007.

Birthday wishes can be sent to ponderthemaunder@earthlink.net or mailed to:

C/O Tammy Byrnes

98 Cumberland Ave #1,

Portland, ME 04101,

and will be presented to Kristen at her party.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Kristen Byrnes

  1. Happy Birthday, Kristen. I will be 63 next Friday (1/18). I hope you enjoy your next 47 years as much as I have enjoyed the last 47.

  2. Today is also Knut Johan Ångström’s birthday (January 12, 1857 – March 4, 1910) .
    Knut is the Swedish physicist who completely and utterly crushed the global warming theory of Svene Arrnhius (indeed kicking it back down into the rubbish bin of history so completely that it has taken a full hundred years of misinformation in order to dumb down the population sufficently for it to rear it’s ugly head again) .
    Knut and Kristen born on the same day. Coincidence? Or destiny?

  3. I will put money on the proposition that her posts are being editted or even written by an adult. There is no spark of youth or personality in her posts.
    Also, the flutter about actually having a youthful or female supporter is funny. Plus I think this whole crowd is WAY too overprotective of her. When she makes errors, she needs to fess up. Letting her get away without that is sparing the rod and spoiling the child.

  4. I would have no way of knowing whether you are right or wrong. However, I would be ver circumspect about even suggesting that (yes, I know you only said “you’d put money on”) without any evidence.
    And even if her posts were edited, so what? My posts could sure as heck benefit from a little editing.
    And, yes, this crowd, being “overaged”, will indeed rally ’round to protect her. As we would any youngster who’s done as much as she has in a cause we support. This is natural and, I think, quite appropriate. (You make that sound like a Bad Thing!)
    As for “females”, some do indeed “get protected”–others not! Q.E.D. #B^1

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