I have Boulder NIST/NOAA site

Boulder is home to National Institute of Standards and NOAA’s research lab…big government facility and probably the most secure weather station in the USA, I had to go through metal detectors, have mirrors run under my vehicle, be photographed, and my drivers license verified.

Took 2 hours…on the road at the moment to get another station in Colorado, blogging via WiFi from Starbucks

Will post new pix soon.

3 thoughts on “I have Boulder NIST/NOAA site

  1. Welcome to the world of security procedures and clearances. This is how it is, and needs be done. These are likely NSI protocols.

  2. You KNOW you’re going to need to write a book about this-here porject of yours, Rev. (Not just the science, but the ADVENTURE!) Search yer heart, Rev; you know it to be true.
    So, how do I pre-order it? (And my Mercury Monkey Patch?)

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