Climate Audit is back online

The new server hardware I built for Climate Audit was deployed in the co-location center today in California, I hand delivered it myself. This new server has much over the old one from a tech spec point of view, including faster CPU, dual core, error corrected memory, and hi speed SATA2 drives. It’s biggest advantage is that it’s not near a flood zone nor an earthquake zone for that matter. Multi-homed fiber to the backbone, DDOS attack filtering at two levels, instant UPS, automated backup, and remote administration by multiple methods will improve its uptime compared to the old server and location.

The DNS/domain name issues should now have been resolved worldwide, and should now be reachable anywhere. The brief issue today with incomplete page loads had to do with the server temporary configuration at a fixed iP address for setup and testing and JohnA made the needed edits while I was on my way back from the COLO facility.

I think we are good to go. Onward.

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August 16, 2007 9:28 pm

Unsubscribing from your blog RSS because of duplicate content with CA. I wish you wouldn’t cross-post!
Bye-bye :(.
*** NOTE FROM MODERATOR – no need for the short fuse, duplicate posts existed for a good reason and that is because:
1) They were requested by Steve McIntyre
2) The Climate Audit blog has been down for upgrades
3) Many readers have migrated here, becuase they couldn’t see CA due to DNS issues over the past couple of days.

August 16, 2007 10:37 pm

Steve great work! Anthony as well. The both of you are to be commended to pursuing this debate in a professional manner.
I have been a skeptic since 1975 when the original movement of global cooling started and fueled by the infamous Newsweek publication. I was in Meteorology school at the time and as well as a serious observer of weather and climate since 1966. I changed majors to computer science in ’78. I only switched because I did not want to make a life long career in academia where you publish or perish – you need the funding. If you follow the money, the money is clearly in the funding for GW and the AGW variant.
To be a skeptic in good standing I try to read both sides. And speaking of the other side, is challenging. It defies my understanding of the scientific process. I have tried posting there a couple of times and neither of posts even get through. Does anyone else have similar experience? Regardless… I see Timothy Chase has invited you to a tea in Seattle to settle your differences. Just curious.. will that ever happen?

David Walton
August 17, 2007 9:15 am

Hey, now that sounds like a heck of a nice machine build. I would love to know all the details.
Sheesh, annoyance over some cross-posts? Is this person serious? Some folks you just can’t please, I guess.
You guys must have had a long seven-eight days. I’ll bet you are happy the fixes are in. I am pleased to see you back up and flying. Now you can return your attention to the progress of Surface Stations, climate science, climate science auditing, and fielding the insults, ad hominem attacks, derision, and steady stream of abuse spewed by your detractors.
Keep up the great work.

August 17, 2007 1:03 pm

It’s in California but not in an earthquake zone? Is that even possible? lol.

Phil Howerton
February 22, 2009 6:06 pm

Still can’t get CA.
REPLY: look at the dat of this post

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