Yesterday while driving north on Highway 99 from Bakerfield, I passed a Union Pacific freight train. To my surprise, it was quite long, I counted over 120 cars. When I got to the engines I saw something I don’t usually see, Eight UP SD70 diesels pulling the load. They had this configured to go over the Sierra Nevada obviously.

I love trains, they’ve been a part of my familiy for nearly 100 years. My grandfather made steam locomotives and my dad created a steam train ride that he took around to carnivals and church socials and gave children rides. One of my happeiest memories was sitting behind my dad in the coal tender car as we chugged along. Yes I was a carnie briefly as a kid.

Back to present. So as I pulled ahead of it a few miles, I spotted an overpass for farm machinery that I could pull off on and take a picture. Then further ahead I snapped some others. These were taken near the town of Pixley, and just south of Fresno.

My son William delighted in them. Others are below. Enjoy.





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