YouTube sued for 1bil$, are local bloggers at risk?


Viacom has filed a $1,000,000,000.00 lawsuit for ‘massive intentional copyright infringement’ against Google over YouTube video clips. ‘”YouTube’s strategy has been to avoid taking proactive steps to curtail the infringement on its site,” Viacom said in a statement. “Their business model, which is based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content, is clearly illegal and is in obvious conflict with copyright laws.’

This makes me wonder, will the legal hassles spread to those who post YouTube content on their own websites? Blogger Dan NT uses YouTube a lot on his blog Bullfight, and I think almost every seasoned blogger on has used it, me included.

Since is run by ER owner Media News Group which could be perceived to have deep pockets, I think I’ll just leave YouTube out of the blogging loop. Everybody is lawsuit happy these days, in fact we may see a “lawsuit futures” next to pork bellies on the Chicago Stock Exchange soon.

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