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It’s not often that I get to have a glass of wine at a restaurant in Chico and have WiFi Connectivity at the same time. Having both of these at the newly opened Market Cafe where Highway 32 meets 99 I decided I’d do my first “Live” blog entry.

Restaurants come and go in Chico, some don’t ever rise above the level of having an “open” sign. Finding new ones with ambiance and class is a treat. Finding one that gives every customer a free appetizing plate after 5 is even better.

This restaurant used to be “The Bean Scene” which was started by a couple of people I used to call “The Evil Blonde Ladies” because they’d come into Bidwell Perk and take notes on that business just before opening up their own gig. They didn’t make it, partly because it took them 20 minutes to toast a bagel.

So seeing a new restaurant in Chico is always a good thing, as on Friday and Saturday nights it’s often impossible to find a classy place to eat that isn’t fully booked. So while I’m never mentioned any Chico business before, I thought this one was worth a mention not only because they are new, but because its run by locals, Bob and Patricia Johansen.

I’m partial to wine blends, as they tend to take the edge off of the aftertaste. Tonight I sampled one of the best blends I’ve had in a very very long time. Its called Falling Star Merlot-Malbec (shown above), and I gotta tell you it beats my former favorite “Clous du Bois Marlstone” by a long shot, and costs about 66% less. ($19/bottle -vs- $60)

It’s worth checking out, if nothing else for the free appetizer and WiFi.

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