We need a Blue Line!

This image was originally created by Gregg Payne for the Commission Impossible Blog, Blue Line added by this author

City Councilor Ann Schwab proposed a “Gold Line” to protect the foothills from development as a complement to the Green Line which protects rich agricultural farmland to the west of Chico.

Being a meteorologist, I naturally thought of what I might propose to protect our environmentally sensitive atmosphere from errant development, and thus I’ve decided we need a “Blue Line” to protect our naturally blue skies. The Blue line will protect our valuable natural atmospheric viewshed, making sure that development won’t spoil the view for future generations.

Here is what I propose as the Blue Line:

A moratorium on building anything in Chico’s sphere of influence that is taller than our twin water towers downtown. Thats about 125 feet. This will of course allow historical structures like the Senator Theatre Tower, Sierra Nevada’s Brew Towers, and the Bell tower at CSUC to remain among others to be exempt.

UPDATE: A new RED LINE has been proposed by fellow blogger Lon Glazner.

It may however affect the Chico Airport and Enloe’s Flight Care since the planes and helicopters will have to fly above the blue line to meet FAA flight safety rules. I’m sure our City Council and Airport Commission can work that out somehow.

The Blue Line would of course solve a multitude of problems, such as those proposed cellphone towers to service upper Bidwell Park. It would also prevent our downtown from turning into a metropolis by limiting the height of new buildings and most importantly any tall parking garages.

The Blue Line would solve development problems in the foothills, making sure that no new houses are built above the 125 foot AGL elevation level. It would also solve the problems of homes encroaching on the viewshed of the canyon rim in upper Bidwell Park.

The Blue line would also prevent heavy manufacturing industry from coming to Chico, as Federal clean air rules require that smokestacks be of a certain height.

It would also solve that wacky disc golf problem, because it is well above the 125 foot level. Since Disc Golf is not a permanent structure, the Blue Line will finally give opponents the power they need to dispose of it.

Of course the Chico Observatory would benefit, since it wouldn’t ever have to worry about its viewshed of the sky being ruined.

Yes wouldn’t it be great if we had a Green, Gold, and Blue (and now Red) line protecting us from the perils of modern development? I feel safer already.

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January 18, 2007 5:26 pm

I would be the first to agree that disc golf needs to go. An over-abundance of fresh air and enjoyment of a City owned park is all that awaits those crazy discers. For their own good they need to be removed. The blue line does serve that community need.
I am concerned over the plans to extend the red line to the disc golf area. Being an underground railway is it still covered by the limitations of the blue line?

Anthony Watts
January 18, 2007 7:38 pm

When the Blue Line and the Red Line cross, you get one of these:
A) A train wreck in the sky
B) An unmanaged unzoned Magenta line (R+B=Magenta)
C) Deep Purple Grand Funk Railroad
Clearly further study is needed.