The plastic bucket of doom


I was is COSTCO Saturday and something odd caught my eye. Something I never saw before and was totally unexpected. There on an endcap, was a pallette of 5 gallon buckets labeled “EMERGENCY FOOD SUPPY” $99.99

Does COSTCO know something we don’t?

Are they worried the recent Democratic takeover will hasten Armageddon? I was at the store the week before and they weren’t there. Now the weekend before Democrats take control of the House and Senate, this shows up. I immediately thought of fellow blogger Lon Glazner and his episode of sheltering in place due to a gas leak announced by the City of Chico. The sales lady there seemed annoyed when I asked if there were any “Celebration Ales” in the kit.

Some investigation reveals that this is packaged by a company called “Nutristorage” and here is their description:

275 Servings of our pre-mixed and seasoned foods in convenient 5 serving packages stored in a single 5 gallon bucket for complete portablility.

Each bucket contains: (5) Ala King (6) Potato/Bakon Soup (5) Sweet Corn Chowder (5) Western Stew (5) Rice/Lentil Soup (5) Barley Vegitable Soup (5) Cacciatore (5) Country Noodle Soup (5) Blueberry Pancakes (9) Whey Milk


Oh yum. WTH is Potato/Bakon Soup?

Now for the really fun part. After you’ve consumed all of the delectibles packaged in the bucket, you can still get some use out of the bucket. You can use it as a trash can, a water pail, a vomit catch (in case of radiation poisoning) or my personal favorite, which you can buy an adapter kit for on some crazy outfit called Internet Grocer who says its been tested by The King of Tonga, HRM Taufa’ahau Tupou IV. I’m not kidding. See the link

make a KYAB potty

Maybe newly elected Mayor Andy Holcombe will buy some of these kits and accessories for the homeless camp he is proposing.

Whatever your political bent, lets all hope we aren’t reduced to using “The plastic bucket of doom”. Maybe our new City Council can invite the King of Tonga to test it out in City Plaza.

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Jack Lee
January 10, 2007 10:43 am

What…a survival kit with no Sierra Nevada ale?
What a cruel thing to do to a person during an emergency. There should be an investigation!

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