Bombers away, the end of an era.


It was with sadness and surprise that I learned today that Bombers Baja Grill off East Avenue has closed their doors forever. They served their last Mexican food ordnance today, 12/15/06.

Bombers was known for the biggest burrito ever made (at least in Chico). There was the “missile”, the “bomber” and the “atomic bomb” which between the habeneros, beans, and the calories, was a nearly 2 pound explosive combination.

I’m not sure where they got the idea to mix bombs and burritos, but here is an early picture from the experimental days of the restaurant where they were loading planes at the Chico Army Air Base (now the Chico Airport).


Bombers was an original, so original that those corporate franchisers at Chipotle knocked off the idea I think. But unlike Chipotle, which has food served in prison cafeteria style with steel and glass ambience, Bombers food was great, and the ambience had history you could feel.

I suppose it was only a matter of time though, they had a terrible location, and competition was springing up around them. They were also nearly invisible, which goes to show it pays to advertise.

I’ll miss Bombers.

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