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Tisdale: How Does the Evolution of the 2012/13 El Niño Stack Up Against the Others since 1982?

Guest post by Bob Tisdale In addition to the title discussion, this post will serve as the Mid-July 2012 Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update. It also includes a status update on my book about El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). COMPARISON OF … Continue reading

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Tisdale on the Curious Northern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Patterns

Guest post by Bob Tisdale This post will serve as the Preliminary Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Update for June 2012, since we’ll be using preliminary June 2012 data in it. Last week ended on June 30th, so the preliminary data … Continue reading

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Red-shifting the oceans

Unisys Is Changing Their Color Scaling On Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly Maps by Bob Tisdale A couple of weeks ago, Unisys announced they are changing the color scaling on their daily Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomaly maps. The new Unisys SST … Continue reading

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