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Three years of the Sun in three minutes

Spectacular three year time lapse video from the Solar Dynamics Observatory In the three years since it first provided images of the sun in the spring of 2010, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has had virtually unbroken coverage of the … Continue reading

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Time lapse video of Venus transit seen from SDO

Thanks to reader Mike McMillan for pointing this awesome HiDef video out. It is the best I’ve seen.

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New WUWT Solar Images and Data Page

I’ve done some house cleaning and maintenance today to replace the aging SOHO image on the sidebar (which had not been updating since January 11th, thanks to Ric Werme for reminding me) with a new image from the Solar Dynamics … Continue reading

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Massive solar filament eruption captured by SDO

The Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite captured this image yesterday. A massive filament on the Sun erupted in a stunning display as seen here in the videos below. The giant solar eruption created a long filament of magnetic plasma, which extended … Continue reading

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