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Quote of the week – Myles Allen’s “failure to communicate”

Steve McIntyre writes at Climate Audit: Bishop Hill links to a presentation by Myles Allen to a 2011 conference on Climategate, which like every other such handwringing introspection by climate “communicators”, notably failed to invite any of the major CRU … Continue reading

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Regulatory Czar wants to use copyright protection mechanisms to shut down rumors and conspiracy theories

Guest Post by Alec Rawls As Congress considers vastly expanding the power of copyright holders to shut down fair use of their intellectual property, this is a good time to remember the other activities that Obama’s “regulatory czar” Cass Sunstein … Continue reading

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Emails, schmemails – its only harrassment when they do it,

Without even invoking the angst the media had over climategate emails, where somebody simply got fed up with the constant illegal sidestepping of FOI requests and dumped the whole lot… FOIA said November 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm e We … Continue reading

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