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Bloomberg’s Climate Fantasy

From the New York Daily News: The data doesn’t support him. The temperature rise seems to have slowed in the past few years, here is NYC’s Central Park data: About these ads

About these ads
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Sea level surprise in New Zealand

Ian Wishart writes in Investigate Daily: Century old map throws new doubt on climate change sea level claims A new book on the history of New Zealand has inadvertently stirred the climate change debate by revealing a near zero sea … Continue reading

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Norfolk police give indications that Climategate investigation is (effectively) closed

Bishop Hill Writes: A surprise from Norfolk Constabulary Norfolk Constabulary have previously released details of their spend on the UEA emails investigation – Operation Cabin. This showed that no money had been spent on the investigation since February 2011, something that strongly … Continue reading

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Richard Black, BBC, Hypocrisy, and FOI

Geoffrey Thorpe-Willett writes in with this: Following the Gleick incident Richard Black of the BBC thinks there is a lack of transparency for the organisations involved. I agree, and so I also tried to see how transparent the BBC were. … Continue reading

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Canadian Senate Testimony – Skeptic side now being heard in Canadian politics

Mark Thompson submits this story: Now that we have a majority Conserviative government in Canada and the past history of Liberal obfuscation is being erased, the Canadian and the broader world public is now getting a chance to hear the … Continue reading

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New Climategate 1 and 2 combined search engine

Jo Nova writes (and I’m repeating here to get he word out) Behind the scenes, I’ve been playing with a new neat tool for hunting hypocrisy, corruption, bias and unprofessional behaviour and I’m pleased to announce its ready to share … Continue reading

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Your tax dollars at work – EPA offers “golf swing seminar” on EPA work hours and in an EPA facility

I hadn’t planned on blogging today during my own work hours, but I’ll take a few minutes from my lunch to shine some much needed sunlight on this. Maybe I need to shut off my email to get anything done. … Continue reading

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