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Doha Conference: United States Must Pay for Climate Change “Loss and Damage”

Guest post by Steve Goreham Originally published in The Washington Times The United States must pay for its evil carbon-emitting ways. According to the United Nations Doha Climate Conference that ended on December 8, developing nations should be compensated for … Continue reading

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Climate Tyranny Avoids Scrutiny

Guest post by Alan Caruba You likely did not read much, if anything, in the mainstream press about the climate change conference that was held in Doha, Qatar. The same applies to television and radio news. These are the folks … Continue reading

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Monckton on his smashing the U.N. wall of silence on lack of warming, and censure

UPDATE: The Russian TV channel “RT” aka “TV-Novosti” blames Monckton for the failure of COP18 to fail to reach an agreement: The 18th Climate Change Summit in Doha is drawing to an end after once again failing to find common consensus … Continue reading

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Monckton gets evicted from Doha COP18 conference

UPDATE: Monckton is being deported from Qatar. Such a show of tolerance from the “tolerant left” who do these sorts of stunts all the time (sometimes illegally). Monckton has been ‘de-badged’, meaning he no longer has a visa to stay … Continue reading

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