Today is Climate Fools Day

via email: Statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

Today, 27th October 2010, is Climate Fools Day.

For the last 20 years politicians, jets setting bureaucrats and vested interests have been plotting how to make Climate Fools of the western world, taxing industry and consumers to fund green schemes, carbon speculators and international wealth redistribution.

The fightback by sceptical scientists and public was greatly boosted on the first Climate Fools Day when, in October 2008, British politicians passed with little dissent “The Climate Change Bill” a piece of legislation that future generations will come to accept was “the most absurd Bill that this Parliament has ever had to examine”.

Since then, sceptics all over the world have exposed the lack of evidence, the manipulation of data, the misuse of scientific process, the corruption of vested interests and the powerful influence of natural factors in climate cycles.

Despite the now discredited projections of dangerous global warming, the globe itself has continued its normal weather defining cycles such as El Nino, La Nina, the Pacific Oscillations, the powerful solar cycles and the massive ebb and flow of oceans and atmosphere. On a longer time scale there is no evidence that the globe’s long history of recurrent ice ages and violent episodes of volcanic and earthquake activity have suddenly ceased.

Unfortunately, a whole generation of Climate Fools will have to be rooted out of our parliaments before Climate Sense reigns again. We will then see the massive flood of community resources currently being wasted on windmills, solar toys, alarmist junkets, silly subsidies and climate bureaucracy will be more sensibly directed towards preparation for coping with the real natural cycles of heat and cold, floods and droughts, cyclones and earthquakes, vulcanism and ice ages. We will then regret the destruction of industry and wastage of real energy opportunities now taking place.


Climate Fools Day will be celebrated today by organised meetings of sceptics in Westminster and Brisbane.

Brisbane: King George Square 12 noon. More info contact Malcolm Roberts: 0419 642 379

PS for more information on Climate Fools Day see:

And on the activities in Westminster:

Cabal of climate sceptics to descend on UK parliament | Leo Hickman | Environment |


Authorised by:

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition

Rosevale, Qld, Australia
Phone 07 5464 0533

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  1. Vic And Anthony.
    This is related to Today is Climate Fools Day.
    I received this email from Australia re: Al Gore = the madness continues:

    G’day All

    I find it very disturbing to read today that AL Gore’s Science Fiction Movie is to be included in Australian Schools Curricula. I sure that you will remember that the British High Court ruled that it was Alarmist and contained nine significant errors. Mr Justice Burton……said that some of the claims were wrong and had arisen in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration”. Quotes from The Times which goes on to detail errors.

    Today we read in the MSM that it is going to be included in the curricula of schools around the country. The reports include:

    The Herald-Sun (letters
    Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth included in school curriculum
    There is an on-line poll on that Herald-Sun Page.

    The Daily Telegraph (Letters )
    Climate change film An Inconvenient Truth for Australian schools

    I suggest that we all write to the newspapers, but I also suggest that we contact MPs (at least your own local MP) and Senators. Lists attached.

    How dare they!


  2. Hmmmm, I wish I could be there, but the roads are icy and I still don’t have an adequate supply of firewood for the winter laid in…


  3. Hmm, I’d love to attend, sadly, I’m an ocean and half a continent away! In the spirit of liberalism, couldn’t we be more inclusive next year? Perhaps let some common folk in the U.S. and Canada know about the fun? And what of our friends Down Under and N.Z.? Where’s the sense of fair play?

    Good on you for being the first! We should have one in every country across the globe!

  4. Ted Gray – I suggest you will need to initiate legal action in Oz, as in the UK.

    All the best.

  5. more climate fools in the making:

    26 Oct: Marketwatch: Former Vice President Al Gore Hosts Time Warner Cable’s Global Online Town Hall on Student Attitudes toward Math and Science Education
    This unique event is part of Connect a Million Minds (CAMM), TWC’s philanthropic commitment to connect youth to ideas, people and opportunities that will inspire them to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)…
    “In today’s increasingly global economy, America cannot afford to continue to fall behind the world in the very subjects that are going to drive economic growth and development in the coming decades,” said Gore, who is appearing courtesy of Current TV, where he serves as Chairman. “By creating a dialogue that includes not only experts on the subject matter, but the kids who are ultimately affected by this issue, Time Warner Cable’s Global Online Town Hall is likely to provide tremendous insights into the issue and provide a jumping off point for action.” …
    About Connect a Million Minds
    Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) is a five-year, $100 million philanthropic initiative to address America’s declining proficiency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), which puts our children at risk of not competing successfully in a global economy…
    TWC’s national CAMM partners are CSAS (Coalition for Science After School) and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Local TWC markets are activating CAMM across the country with community-specific programs and partnerships.

  6. One of the constant refrains of the Warmists is the question: “What would it take to make you believe in AGW?”.

    I would like to ask them: “What kind of weather is there that is not attributable to global warming?”

  7. I find that the Warmists are now avoiding discussion with me. Very interesting.
    Fear is in the air.
    These people have made fools of themselves.

  8. In the meantime we’ve had just about the nicest Labour weekend weather I can ever remember in New Zealand – beautiful warm sunny days – not too hot – just a hint of a breeze. Fantastic!

  9. “It is not a required text but will be used by English teachers to “analyse the way language and emotion can be used to convince viewers of a particular position”, the spokesman said.”

    That sounds like a step in the right direction to me.

  10. And here in Queensland every state school has been encouraged to send out this newsletter item this week…

    One million women wanted to help fight climate change

    Mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers are encouraged to do their bit to fight climate change by joining the 1 Million Women campaign.

    The campaign hopes to inspire one million women to commit to reducing their personal carbon emissions by one tonne in a year, just by making some small lifestyle changes.

    Pledge online at to find a number of activities to cut your carbon footprint when you’re at home, shopping, eating or travelling.

    There are more than 50 carbon-saving activities to choose from.

    For example, did you realise that by simply cutting out one red meat meal a week you can save almost 195kg of carbon dioxide (C02), the main greenhouse gas pollutant, and almost 10 000 litres of water in a year?

    Join the thousands of Australian women already making a difference and register today.

    For more information visit

    And Queensland is Australia’s biggest range-fed beef producer! They take us all for fools.


  11. “The Climate Change Bill” a piece of legislation that future generations will come to accept was “the most absurd Bill that this Parliament has ever had to examine”.

    Even as the earliest winter snow for 80 years fell outside the building….

    The turning point.

  12. “tallbloke says:
    October 26, 2010 at 11:03 pm”

    Maybe however, if you look at the poll results, ~1300 pollies, it’s almost neck and neck and neck yes/no vote to be used in schools. This suggests, at least those who responded, are still “towing the party line and propaganda” about “climate change”. It’s not a ssurprise given the fact that there is no balanced coverage in Australia.

  13. …British politicians passed with little dissent “The Climate Change Bill” a piece of legislation that future generations will come to accept was “the most absurd Bill that this Parliament has ever had to examine”.

    They examined it before they voted for it? All those non-scientific, gravy-train riding, wannabe seen saving the planet intellectual pygmies inhabiting Westminster actually examined the bill before plunging an entire nation into taxation hell? They actually read the Bill before voting to turn off the lights when many of our existing power stations are forced to go offline without sensible replacements in the desperately near future?

    That’s news to me…

  14. Anthony (and moderation team), I found this story over on JoNova’s blog and felt it warranted your attention.

    “The historical meteorological observatory of the Collegio Romano, in operation for 228 years, has been told to vacate its premises occupied from 1879. To this moment, nobody knows where it will be moved to, and worse, nobody knows what will be the future location of its Library, immense historical Archives and collection of old instruments, a priceless heritage cared for during more than two centuries by many great people with lots of passion.”

    There is a petition started and I’ve already added my name to try and prevent this from happening. From everything I’ve learned I feel the value of an archive like this cannot be over stated.

  15. “kenskingdom says:
    October 26, 2010 at 11:03 pm”

    Strange site. 29,600+ women signed up. Australians are so blinded to the truth. I wonder if they’ve seen Franny Armstrong’s edgy 10:10 No Pressure campaign “video”?

  16. In the UK we have just had a week of unprecedented early frosts, with the night of 24th October being flagged as the coldest October day on record. Does this mean that global warming is happening far more quickly than we thought!!

  17. Didn’t Cameron at the BPI say that he’d be building loads more off shore wind farms for the UK, know thats got to be a climate fool? Hey Cameron how’s Portugal getting on with the Solar panels, there like your wind turbines but better? The man’s an idiot when it comes to the enviroment.

  18. Rick Bradford says: “One of the constant refrains of the Warmists is the question: “What would it take to make you believe in AGW?”.

    That is an interesting question and one my wife asked which has caused me to think about it. I think the key point is:

    You cannot tackle a problem until you admit you have a problem

    That affects global warming in so many ways:

    – the abysmal instrumentational temperature record and the failure to admit there is a problem which means there never will be any money to sort it out.
    – the abysmal quality of people in the climate “elite” and their failure to admit that they can’t do even basic stats without making a cock up.
    – the failure of groups like the “scientists” and e.g. Wikipedia to admit they don’t allow open and honest debate so that they perpetuate group-think mentality rather than an open honest assessment of the evidence.
    – their failure to properly assess and fund research into other potential causes/explanations of the apparent warming.

    All in all, it’s like some motor salesman who pulls the cover off their second hand car just enough for you to see the number plate and the stuck on model number and little else and they say: “look I’ve shown you that it’s a real nice car – have you seen anything that doesn’t make you think it isn’t a real nice car – nothing? – well are you going to buy it or not?”

    What will it take for me to buy the car? A saleman who isn’t afraid to show me everything under the cover – and even then given their past behaviour, I’d want a thorough engineering examination!

  19. The political fightback has begun in Britain against the global warming establishment.

    This is from today’s Telegraph:

    27 Oct 2010


    Launch of “Climate Fools Day” in the House of Commons

    Climate sceptics, including a number of high profile Tory Government backbenchers, are launching a campaign to overturn the Coalition’s “green” targets.

    Climate Sense, a loose affiliation of ‘climate sceptic groups’, are calling for the Climate Act, that commits the UK to cutting greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050 to be repealed.

    Philip Foster, a retired Church of England Reverend who is leading the campaign, said the legislation will cost taxpayers £480bn over the next 40 years because of the cost of new technologies like wind farms.

    He said Tory backbenchers John Redwood, David Davies and Christopher Chope have agreed to attend the launch of ‘Climate Fools Day’ in the House of Commons. Labour MP Graham Stringer, who is a member of the Science and Technology Committee, also supports the campaign. Johnny Ball the television presenter is expected to attend the launch.

    “There is no evidence that human input has anything to do with global temperatures,” Rev Foster said. “Therefore we should not be wasting any money on climate change through things like this legislation.”

    The group, made up of “Copenhagen Climate Challenge,” “Weather Action” and the “Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism,” have also written a letter to the Prince of Wales on behalf of climate sceptics. It asks the Prince, who has accused sceptics of “peddling pseudo science”, to prove climate change is happening and is signed by 166 scientists including David Bellamy.

    But Bob Ward, Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics (and AGW mouthpiece) said the group misunderstood the point of science, which is to disprove theories. He said the UK legislation was overwhelmingly backed by Parliament and is leading the world. “Nobody thinks climate change is not a problem. The discussion has moved on to what is the best way of tackling the problem and making a transition to low carbon growth,” he said. “These guys are a remnant group of dinosaurs trying to argue something while frankly the public and political debate has moved on.”

    … Notice the “D” word used is not “deniers” but “dinosaurs,” which is an ironic word to use considering who is saying it …

    Meanwhile a complaint against an Oxfam advert warning of the risk of climate change was not upheld. The advert read: “People dying thanks to climate change is a long way off. About 5000 miles, give or take.”
    The complainant claimed that it had not been proven that people are drying as a result of climate change, but the Advertising Standards Authority did not uphold their complaint. This is the same ASA which refused to uphold thousands of complaints a year ago about the global warming propaganda from the Carbon Trust in which the fairy story (another bit of irony there) being read to a little girl at bedtime tells her how adults turning on light switches and suchlike will cause puppy dogs and pets to drown in the subsequent floods “caused by global warming”.

    Here are the 10 challenges sceptics have asked supporters of the hypothesis of dangerous human-caused climate change to prove:

    1.) Variations in global climate in the last hundred years are significantly outside the natural range experienced in previous centuries.

    2.) Humanity’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHG) are having a dangerous impact on global climate.

    3.) Computer-based models can meaningfully replicate the impact of all of the natural factors that may significantly influence climate.

    4.) Sea levels are rising dangerously at a rate that has accelerated with increasing human GHG emissions, thereby threatening small islands and coastal communities.

    5.) The incidences of malaria and other infectious diseases are now increasing due to recent climate changes;

    6.) Human society and natural ecosystems cannot adapt to foreseeable climate change as they have done in the past.

    7.) Worldwide glacier retreat, and sea ice melting in polar regions, is unusual and related to increases in human GHG emissions.

    8.) Polar bears and other Arctic and Antarctic wildlife are unable to adapt to anticipated local climate change effects, independent of the causes of those changes.

    9.) Hurricanes, other tropical cyclones and associated extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency.

    10.) Data recorded by ground-based stations are a reliable indicator of global surface temperature trends.

    Copenhagen Climate Challenge
    Weather Action
    Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism
    The Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism should organise itself into an unincorporated or an incorporated association and seek to attract members. To do this they need to contact some more people – at this point a large number is not essential – another half dozen would suffice initially. These good folk will have to attend a meeting to specifically launch the new association and elect a committee. A constitution and rules can be formulated and subsequently agreed and then such as a bank account can be set up. This will enable membership fees to be received and to finance such as a website and a domain name. It will then be essential for it to seek new like minded members. It will be absolutely essential for the Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism to remain independent of all political parties. This has to be a cross party organisation although it clearly should be “of the left.”

    The Campaign Against Carbon Capitalism has the following objectives:
    – To educate the political class and the general public about the reality of “climate change” – that it is driven by the sun and other astronomical influences and NOT man made emissions of gases such as CO2.
    – To expose the trade in carbon credits and the whole new capitalist money making agenda as the monstrous scam it is.
    – To encourage those most vulnerable to the sky high fuel bills coming down the tracks – i.e. the poor and the elderly, and those who seek to represent them – to learn the facts about “climate change” and to protest and to organise to end this scam.

  20. Tallbloke nails the irony of the first ‘Climate Fools’ Day’ prefectly – first October snow lying in London within almost anyone’s living memory (the year of the previous occurrence was actually questioned as to whether it was 1933 or 1929, as the records weren’t very good). Surely should have given anyone not wedded to the ideas that computers inevitably give you the right answer a chance to stop and think…

    2008-09 winter was moderately cold in southern England, with regular hard frosts and a couple of minor snow falls, and was followed by a properly cold winter with quite a lot of snow (by UK standards).
    And this Autumn has been pretty cold – heavy frosts a few times in the last couple of weeks, which is about a month earlier than typical.

  21. Way to go, Viv!

    How privileged you make me feel to be a part (tho small) of this (WTWU) and the larger international community minority of enlightened and unsullied seekers of truth!

    “..lack of evidence, the manipulation of data, the misuse of scientific process, the corruption of vested interests”

    What a remakable summation of climate science in the twentieth century! It only goes to show once again (as it has been many times before here in the Village) that any amateur off the street has more knowledge of climate at birth than the so-called ‘experts’ with all their pseudo-training and ‘data’! And, may I say, a comment completely in line with the introduction to the website of ” The Carbon Sense Coalition”:

    “We aim to restore balance and reason to the carbon debate, and to explain and defend the key role of carbon in production..”

    ( “Material on this site is protected by copyright. However we encourage people to copy, print, resend or make links to any article providing the source, including web address, is acknowledged. We would appreciate notification of use.”
    Scource: You are hereby notified about the use of this quote)

    What a beautiful world it will be when not only individuals but also business and industry are free from petty regulations and restrictions. The ‘role of carbon in energy production’ will be fully exploited to the benefit of all mankind and profits channeled to cope “with the real natural cycles of heat and cold, floods and droughts, cyclones and earthquakes, vulcanism and ice ages” and eliminate poverty from the earth forever!

    Meanwhile, as the good fight proceeds, lets rally to the cry of: “don’t waste those real energy opportunities now taking place” and “pass me that shovel, I’m going to dig for coal!”

  22. Probably the biggest climate fool in the UK must surely be our chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne. Last week he announced many sensible but drastic cuts to reduce our record deficit. He also reminded us of the most serious problem facing the world – climate change! Surprise, surprise.

    He then proceeded to announce that he intends to donate £1 bn of taxpayer’s money towards developing “world’s first carbon capture and storage demonstration project.” See: Added to this is another billion for UK’s first Green Investment Bank, whatever that is. He then boasted a further £200 M towards the off-shore windmill business. And this at a time when our nation has just escaped bankruptcy!

    But, nuclear power will receive no government subsidy whatsoever.

    Unfortunately Mr Osborne is surrounded by nearly 600 other climate fools, of all political persuasions, who make laws in our House of Commons.

  23. UK Sceptic says:
    October 26, 2010 at 11:25 pm
    They actually read the Bill before voting to turn off the lights when many of our existing power stations are forced to go offline without sensible replacements in the desperately near future?

    That’s news to me…

    I don’t have a TV anymore but someone commented here that the BBC announced 8 nuclear plants in a ten second slot between footy and food the other day.

  24. Stephan says:
    October 26, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    OT But dramatic persistent (now around 5 years) cooling of whole South America continues


    How do you manage to arrive at that conclusion, from that figure? It certainly seems to be at odds with the NOAA anomalies (Sept 2010) , that show a very slight cooling of the southerly tip of South America.
    Please show me some evidence to support your claim.

  25. In the UK we are constantly being told “we must share the burden of reducing debt” …. now where is that burden being shared by the wind “industry”?

    No where!

    These parasites on the national economy who weedled their way into the heart of government in the Nulabour days are still getting over a £1billion a year for what? Watching these bird-mincers turning round and round.

    Surely if everyone else is having to contribute “their bit”, then whether or not you personally believe in the GW nonsense, you’ve got to admit the wind “industry” ought to be doing its bit in the UK and having its belt pinched. Come on government, what about a 30% reduction in renewable obligation – better still a “windfall” tax for raking in the money for doing bugger all for the British economy except suck it dry?

  26. I have an invitation to the House of Commons and the ‘climate fools’ meeting.
    (A stupid name, but that is my opinion)
    Would Watts Up like a write up, of this meeting..

    I previously wrote up a report of the Guardian Climategate meeting, over at
    The Air Vent (Jeff Id’s blog)

    27 Oct 2010


    Launch of “Climate Fools Day” in the House of Commons

    Climate sceptics, including a number of high profile Tory Government backbenchers, are launching a campaign to overturn the Coalition’s “green” targets.

  27. Three Conservative MPs voted against the Climate Change bill: Christopher Chope MP for Christchurch, Peter Lilley MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, and Andrew Tyrie MP for Chichester.
    Tyrie is the MP for the constituency in which I live. During the run-up to our last, somewhat abortive General Election here in the UK, I went to a couple of meetings where Tyrie was speaking. He received a great deal of support for having voted against this ridiculous piece of legislation and was re-elected with an enhanced majority. It’s what got him my vote.

  28. With regard to the campaign to save the Italian weather observations:

    Help Save Five Hundred Years Of Weather Observations

    After you have added your name and e-mail address to the petition you will get an e-mail message with a link which you ought to click on to verify the fact that it was you who signed the petition.

    If you haven’t (yet) clicked on the link in the verification e-mail message it will say
    “non verificato” in brackets after your name in the list of signatories below.

    Presumably non-verified names are likely to be ignored and therefore it is important to click on the verification link in the e-mail message you will receive after adding your name to the petition.

  29. It does feel as if slowly, very slowly, the tide is turning. I’m fairly confident that in ten years’ time the nonsensical Climate Change Bill will either be scrapped or, more likely, simply ignored.

    One aspect of the Bill is extraordinary. At the time there were no costings from the government, so they were in effect voting for a blank cheque. Months later the government quietly slipped out the costings: 400 billion pounds (around 600 billion dollars). It was guaranteed to be an under-estimate. Not long after, an accountancy firm released their own estimate: 1.2 trillion pounds, three times the government estimate. This is possibly similar to the entire national deficit.

    And what will this huge burden achieve? Precisely nothing. Britain could probably put men on Mars with that kind of money. That really would be an achievement.

    The ironic thing is that, if CAGW were true, it would still achieve nothing. It seems that when it comes to climate change and energy policy, common sense flies out of the window.

    In the past I always voted Conservative, but no longer. I would like to return to the fold, but I will only do so if there are *big* changes in Conservative/Coalition policies on climate/energy and the EU. I simply refuse to vote for climate clowns such as Cameron and Clegg. Looks like I’ll be voting UKIP for some time to come….

  30. I think its sad that Michael Crichton and John Daly are not with us to enjoy Climate Fools Day and the sweet deconstruction of the progressive activist ambitions.

  31. Dave

    I was in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago. Hot? first thing I bought was a winter coat…

    One thing to remember with the new nuclear sites is that the originally proposed government money has been withdrawn and these are now to be built using only private funding – the good news is it looks like EDF and Westinghouse are both continuing with their development works.

    Of course the gov is still putting money into wind farms, despite the obvious limitations of these in providing consistent and reliable power to the national grid.

  32. This is a really great birthday present for me! ;)
    And my friends will all think I somehow promoted this…lol


  33. It’s easy to poke fun at something this ridiculous – condensing emails to save the planet. It’s better to know that when you see something like this, to keep in mind that this is a suggestion now and will be pushed into law later. Every silly, innocuous thing the Left and their environmentalist wacko allies push starts small and before long it’s mandated.

    Never underestimate the Left’s hatred of the human race and their desire to control it.

  34. Ted Gray: This is the price the Greens extracted from Julia (twice selected, never elected) Gillard for the job of Prime Minister.

  35. RE: And the rate of sea-level rise just keeps going down!!!

    Yes, you are correct, sort of. Its pretty clear and every one would agree (?) that sea-level rise, both historic and recent, moves in a very steady and harmonious step-wise fashion. Thus to extrapolate a line on the up-tick of the step gives a grossely distorted number. To do the same on a downward step gives a likewise distorted number.

    So yes, over a slightly longer time frame it is `steady as it goes’. However, I note that the paper by, can’t remember her name, a French geophysics scientist, using GRACE data indicated that se-level rise had decreased to about 2.6 mm/yr attributed to a lack of thermal expansion in the oceans since the early 2000’s.

  36. “We will then see the massive flood of community resources currently being wasted on windmills, solar toys, alarmist junkets, silly subsidies and climate bureaucracy will be more sensibly directed towards preparation for coping with the real natural cycles of heat and cold, floods and droughts, cyclones and earthquakes, vulcanism and ice ages. We will then regret the destruction of industry and wastage of real energy opportunities now taking place.”

    Sadly, this is far too optimistic. Before AGW is beaten to death, the real powers behind it will have a new horse to ride. It looks like the new horse will be called “biodiversity”, but the route is the same: a massive wealth transfer from developed nations to everyone else, with lots of opportunity for tapping into the money flow.

    AGW has occupied most of a generation. We will now have a new generation of well-meaning youth and and young scientists. Too many of them will fall into this next “save the planet” trap, thinking they are doing good, when in fact they are just being manipulated. Once you’ve seen enough of these cycles, they’re easy to recognize. No wonder us old folk sometimes get cynical…

  37. Anthony

    I would like to ask you to do a story that highlights the last winter around the world with snow over most of the NH, the cold SH and then compare the facts to the declaration that this year is the warmest ever. Clearly the two can not both be correct.

  38. Climate Fools Day………. I like it!!!

    We’ll make a tradition of it, to serve as a cautionary tale for future generations about the fallibility of Science that has been corrupted by political processes…. and the general inclination for people to be sheep and follow, panic and jump imaginary hurdles on a rush to nowhere in particular at great expense.

    Climate Fools Day…. a damn good idea.

  39. We are faced with the same political problem here, political parties in opposition to the people and very little alternative in the voting booth. Plus rabid voter fraud, and did I mention the politicians running from their record at election time.

    They have all the loyalty of a street walker in a 30 second romance. Having failed to pass a cap and trade bill because of the fraud being exposed in climate change and opposition of the people, they are attempting to by pass the people and implement it through regulation. Climate change is the path to illegitimate power. Regulation is the new legislature for unlimited power. And its all in the name of saving the earth.

  40. ‘The future of a wind turbine manufacturer which received millions of pounds from the Scottish government to safeguard jobs is in doubt.

    The Danish company Skykon, which took over the Vestas wind turbine factory in Kintyre last year, has announced it is suspending payments to its creditors.’

    ‘The Scottish government agreed £9.2m worth of financial backing for Skykon which was intended to safeguard 100 jobs at the factory and create 300 more.

    However so far only £2.4m has been paid out since the money was being delivered in instalments with each batch dependent on Skykon fulfilling a number of conditions.’

    ‘Meanwhile, Danish firm Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, said it would axe 3,000 jobs and shut some plants to adjust to weaker demand.’

    Looks like the wind has gone out of their sails…

  41. George Lawson says:
    October 27, 2010 at 12:15 am
    In the UK we have just had a week of unprecedented early frosts, with the night of 24th October being flagged as the coldest October day on record. Does this mean that global warming is happening far more quickly than we thought!!

    George: NO. It merely means that it is worse than we thought!

    Seriously, what a shame, what a waste of money. If all the wasted money had been spent on better projects, education, health, help for the elderly, clean water projects in developing countries etc, just think what a worthwhile change we could have achieved. Future generations are going to judge the squandering of all this money on an unproven ideology very harshly indeed.

  42. Stephan says:
    October 26, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    OT But dramatic persistent (now around 5 years) cooling of whole South America continues
    It’s good to see other peoples’ issues, it’s a kind of psychological self defense…because it means: “I don’t want to see what’s gonna happen here!”.
    Interesting times indeed!. Buy more popcorn!
    BTW: If you see SA temperatures you will see that minimum temperatures were lower by 2 degrees Celsius.(This is better than to see averages, the minimum is crawling stuck to the floor)

  43. bradley13 says:
    October 27, 2010 at 7:26 am
    It looks like the new horse will be called “biodiversity”

    Hold your horses Bradley, this could be at least a two horse race. “Asteroid-induced Global Climate Disruption” is at the starting gate.

    I must admit though, I’m putting my money on “biodiversity”. The taxation potential for the asteroid thingy is not quite as clear.

  44. Happy Climate Fools’ Day from James Delingpole

    The majority of greenhouse gasses are water vapour. Carbon dioxide represents 2% of greenhouse gasses, and of that carbon dioxide 2% is attributed to human activity (including livestock). So let’s consider the following visualisation of 1000 (double stacked) 55 gallon drums.

    The blue drums represent water vapour and the yellow drums represent naturally occurring Co2 (from the oceans, rotting vegetation and volcanoes – note here that a good volcano could easily wipe out several years of any anthropomorphic Co2 savings we might make). We can’t do anything about the anthropomorphic Co2 in the red drums because it is produced in developing countries like China and India who have no intention of hamstringing their economies to keep up with the latest eco-fad.

  45. Sydney Morning Herald (27th Oct): “Remano brand pure and extra virgin olive oils … had the smallest carbon footprint, with 220 grams of carbon dioxide emitted for every millilitres of oil on the shelf. This means using 100 millilitres of the oil is roughly equivalent to driving a car for one kilometre, in terms of carbon emission.” – Ben Cubby, Environment writer.

  46. “Dr A Burns says:
    October 27, 2010 at 2:39 am”

    Yes, sadly this appears to be the case. Far too many Australians were more outraged about the name of Hewitt (A lame tennis player who is past it), his wife (An equally lame acrtess who is past it) and the name of their new baby being sent via an SMS text message for $2. But this is the sort of gutter bogan trash which the Australian MSM cover. Anything serious, or anything outside the political “consensus” on “climate disruption”. Almost every day there is an AGW article. And for several weeks we’ve had “documentaries” about “climate change” etc etc, one series call “Hot Cities”.

  47. More British are openly revolting against being ruled by eco-fascists every day:

    British wind-farm revolts blamed for dramatic fall in planning approvals …

    Local revolts by British residents against wind-farms are to blame for the number of planning approvals hitting record lows, an industry report has warned.

    More than 230 campaign groups across the country are putting plans to generate more than a quarter of Britain’s electricity in jeopardy, it was claimed. New figures show one in three wind-farm applications were approved by councils amid heightened opposition from angry residents. Approvals in England has fallen by 50% half over the past year while the number of new wind-farms coming “on-stream”, or becoming active, has dropped by almost a third.

    The report, from RenewableUK, which represents the wind-farm industry, blamed a groundswell of opposition in areas including Kent, Yorkshire and Cornwall and Scotland. The report, to be published next week, casts doubt on the government’s ability to meet its ambition of generating a fifth of Britain’s energy from renewable sources by the end of the decade. “The industry has significant concerns for both the rate and consistency of local decision-making on projects yet to come forward for determination,” the report concluded.

    According to the report, it can take seven years to build an offshore wind-farm and more than two years to obtain planning permission. But changes to planning laws, due to be announced later this year, are expected to make it harder for wind-farm to be built as local councils are given more power over decision making.

    “The court of public opinion plays a big role here,” said Maurice Cann, head of planning at Hambleton District Council. “I can see the situation getting worse. Some of these structures are 125m high and have a huge visual impact. It does not surprise me at all that so many applications are getting rejected.”

    Michael Hird, from the Campaign against wind-farms, said his group’s campaign was working while environmentalists called for a compromise.

  48. I went to the meeting yesterday. I felt that everyone in that room were the first people since Guy Fawkes to enter the HoP with honest intentions. Unfortunately we didn’t get to ask any questions so I ask mine here: the science is obviously not settled and yet many people at my university claim that it is. How to I bring the debate to my university?

  49. m white says:
    October 27, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Happy Climate Fools’ Day from James Delingpole

    Did anyone notice that Delingpole only showed the costs and not the benefits in that article?

    Overall the Net result is a minimum net benefit of £53billion. Now why would Delingpole pretend otherwise?

  50. kenskingdom says:
    October 26, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    And here in Queensland every state school has been encouraged to send out this newsletter item this week…

    One million women wanted to help fight climate change————–

    Hmm, seems it hasnt taken off? this is the first I have heard, and I sub to greenbits to keep up with their idiocy, woulda thought they’d be in on something so daft :-)

    ken, brilliant webpage you have! I have sent your data to my favorite aussie pollies.

  51. Wind Farm Bribes For Councils From UK Taxpayers

    “Cash incentives” for councils that sign up for new wind farms

    29 October 2010

    Local councils are to get extra funding if they give the go-ahead to new wind farms, under plans to stop local communities sabotaging renewable energy projects. Ministers are worried at the vast number of wind farm projects that are being turned down by councilors in the face of local opposition. The number of planning approvals for onshore wind farms is at an all time low, with only one in three applications getting to go-ahead. There are now 233 separate local campaign groups against wind farms. As a result ministers have agreed that local councils should be given incentives to help persuade them to approve more wind farms.

    Under the plans councils will be allowed to keep the business rates generated by wind farms – which currently have to be passed to central government. Even a small wind farm with just five turbines pays business rates of around £37,000 a year. The money would come without pre-conditions on how it is spent.”For a small district council who, especially now, does not have large sums to spend without strings attached, this could make a significant difference to the way in which they approach these applications,” said one source familiar with the discussions. “This is money councilors will be able to spend on their own projects. The idea is that it gives them an incentive to say yes.”

    Another possibility which has been investigated would require wind farm developers to make contributions to the local economy as a condition of planning approval – either as part of the proposed community infrastructure levy or the existing section 106 rules. Such conditions already apply to some other commercial developments, such as housing developments or supermarkets, although in the case of wind farms it would be more complicated to administer and would pass on the cost directly to the renewables industry.

    Clllr Gary Porter, chairman of the Local Government Association’s Environment Board, said it was vital that local communities were given a stake in wind farms. “Councilors are elected to represent the interests and concerns of people in their area and will quite rightly take this into account when making decisions on whether to permit this sort of development,” he said. “People need to see how wind farms will benefit them and their local areas – whether that be financially or by supplying renewable energy to their homes and businesses. It is only when local communities can see clearly the benefits of renewable energy at both national and local level that individual proposals for renewable energy will be welcomed as a matter of course.”

    A spokesman for RenewableUK, which represents the wind farm industry said they would be in favour of the business rate proposal: “You need to make the benefits of renewable energy obvious to local communities. Other countries, like Spain, who have mature renewable energy markets do this. It’s not reinventing the wheel.”

    But Michael Hird, from the Campaign Against Wind farms, said it the payment amounted to “a bribe”. “This is nothing short of a bribe to get local councils to agree to wind farms. They should be spending money on good green energy and not this.”

    A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman said: “The UK needs onshore wind in order to help deliver energy security and to combat climate change, however we recognise the concern some local authorities and communities have about hosting wind farms. We are working with communities and Local Government to ensure that communities benefit directly from the wind farms they host – for example through retaining the business rates they generate”.


    The global warming industry has always operated on this basis; resistance to their schemes is overcome by including their opponents in their schemes for massive cash payouts. Up until now, though, in Britain, it has been quite discreet, but such is the desperation of the racketeers in the face of public hostility and fraudulent science that they have now resorted to outright blatant bribery of whole rural communities (which are usually poorer than most) to get their way.


    … The more I think about this, the more I like it. It proves how scientifically, ethically, and morally bankrupt the whole global warming fraud actually is. They are now offering democratically-elected representatives a corrupt deal to cut them in on a share of the taxpayer-funded global warming loot. All the councillors have to do to get their hands on the cash is to trample on the wishes of the people who elected them in the first place, ignore the massive scientific fraud upon which the whole “man-made global warming” industry is founded, turn a blind eye to the outrageous despoilation of vast areas of the British countryside (over which they were elected to administer), remove any thoughts that none of these wind farms actually produce much electricity and, in fact, they consume electricity from coal-fired power stations, and, while we are at it, forget about the millions of birds killed every year by these “bird-shredders”.

    That’s how low these “planet savers” have sunk.

  53. On a longer time scale there is no evidence that the globe’s long history of recurrent ice ages and violent episodes of volcanic and earthquake activity have suddenly ceased.

    Yay, the existence of earthquakes disproves global warming!

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