Gore goes off the deep end, calls to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’

From EcoWatch:

gore-groundhog-day-McKeeFor the third time in the last few years, Al Gore, founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, spoke at the festival on Friday. Naturally, his interactive discussion focused on addressing the climate crisis. The former vice president focused on the need to “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’” said the Chicago Tribune.

Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy. “We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends,” Gore told the Chicago Tribune, referring to a proposed federal cap-and-trade system that would penalize companies that exceeded their carbon-emission limits. “And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics.”

He called on the tech-minded SXSW crowd, which is dominated by Millenials, to harness technology to launch a grassroots movement to tackle climate change and call out climate deniers. “We have this denial industry cranked up constantly,” Gore said. “In addition to 99 percent of the scientists and all the professional scientific organizations, now Mother Nature is weighing in.”

Years from now, Gore said the next generation will look back at us and ask: “How did you change?,” according to Macworld. “Part of the answer may well be that a group of people came to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas in 2015 and helped to make a revolution,” Gore said.

Gore wanted these young, tech-savvy attendees to start a grassroots movement using social media like they did when “net neutrality was threatened or when the Stop Online Piracy Act threatened to blacklist websites that offered so-called illegal content,” said Macworld. That means signing petitions to fight climate change, utilizing social media to call out climate deniers in Congress and streaming the Live Earth Road to Paris concert on June 18, an event designed to draw attention to the climate talks in Paris this December.

The former Veep even gave a nod to Pope Francis during his talk, showing a slide of the pontiff and saying “How about this Pope?” Pope Francis celebrated his two-year anniversary as Pope on Friday, riding a wave of popularity “that has reinvigorated the Catholic Church in ways not seen since the days of St. John Paul II,” said the Chicago Tribune. Gore said he was looking forward to the Pope’s highly anticipated encyclical on the environment which is due to be released in June or July. “I’m not a Catholic,” Gore said, “but I could be persuaded to become one.”

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      • Hey, hey, Gore only wants you to spy on your family, friends, and neighbors. Then, if you suspect they don’t follow his doctrine, you are to give their names to a lynch mob he is putting together.

    • Al Gore is such a hard hitter.

      “…..politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’”

      Al Gore “should pay a price” for ignoring the science and selling his TV station to oil funded Al Jazeera. He should be punished for having rejected the science on lung cancer and having grown and sold tobacco in the past. He even took tobacco funding six years after his sister died from lung cancer.
      His family should be punished for having got rich off petroleum produced by Occidental – and keeping the profits – and so on on punishment for Gore.

      Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy.

      That’s why he divested from green stocks in 2012. Maybe he’s hoping that all these proposed carbon caps etc will make Generation Investment Management’s life easier and make him even more money.
      In this book he attacks consumerism and materialism. Then he forgot what he attacked and purchased a SECOND New LARGE VILLA $8.875 Million Montecito Villa with a pool and six fireplaces.
      Luxury villa against consumerism during our planetary emergency. This is the real Al Gore, a man never to be trusted. Al Gore is an eco-hypocrite.
      There is so much more I want to add but my blood is beginning to boil. Good night.

      • Oh Jimbo, You are cruel..
        At least the villa isn’t less than 4 feet above sea level cos he knows the sea level rise will inundate it otherwise.
        He’s not THAT hipocritical…

      • Al Gore’s partner in Generation Investment had a last name of Blood. How funny, Blood and Gore. And perhaps off topic, but in conjunction with your comment, tobacco company political contributions went overwhelming to Democrats until the 90s when the south started turning Republican. Then, once their money started flowing primarily to Republicans, tobacco became the evil that it now remains. That is why in his 1988 campaign for the Democrat nomination he was still inclined to claim credit for how hard he worked in that industry. But with the swing of the funding to Republicans, all at once the second-hand smoke became the devil and the EPA went on the warpath against it. Gore pandered in the 80s about tobacco, now he panders about the climate. He changes his focus and who he is trying to influence, but he is a unrepentant panderer.

      • Isn’t this is the same kind of thinking that demanded Galileo pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science’?

      • I can see Al as the Grand Inquisitor. No, sir, you will not take my rights to question away just so you can fly in the family Gulfstream or live to excess where I am barely getting by..
        You , Mr. Gore, are a Braying Jackass…

      • Well, Jimbo, just as the warmist science rhetoric doesn’t correlate with actual observations, the demands of some of their loudest proponents are not reflected in their personal lifestyles.
        I would like the media to show a bit of logic and call for formal debates. If the CAGW opponents are merely ‘ignorant deniers’ then a debate should be duck soup for a real ‘climate scientist’. (But I think they have other reasons to avoid debate. BTW, looking forward to the results of Dr. Tim Ball’s debate.)

      • Louis says: March 16, 2015 at 5:46 pm
        Isn’t this is the same kind of thinking that demanded Galileo pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science’?
        No, Galileo was an idiot. The accepted science at the time was based on good data, showing that the earth was round, and approximatly the correct size. Galileo rejected that, saying that it was much smaller, and that he could sail to India on a sailing ship. Everyone know that was rediculous, but he managed to conn the Spanish crown. Turns out he was lucky, and NA happend to be within reach. It was only through blind luck that he and his crew didn’t die.

    • “So is this saying that it’s okay to trample on the right to free speech of Americans?”
      Probably not. It is tough to tell from what the Tribune says: “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science’.” But it sounds like he is saying to punish politicians by voting them out of office, which is perfectly reasonable. If so, that may be the only reasonable thing he said.

    • These are the same guys who invented speech codes at most colleges that ban any speech that offends a leftists sensibilities.
      They have never had any interest in protecting any speech that they disagree with.

    • I don’t agree with much of anything Gore says, but he’s not calling for denial of free speech.

      • Agreed, but he is rejecting the silly notion of a free exchange of ideas. It would be nice if he defined his terms better, I neither deny that climate changes nor claim the earth is flat, but I suspect he considers me a member of both groups.

      • He made a political statement. It’s obvious. He has an opinion, and he’s calling for his army of zealots to follow him off the cliff — again. It’s obnoxious as all get out, but not an attack on free speech.

    • If he is saying that people that think like him should vote people out of office that don’t think like him then that is fine. He is a nitwit and the more people realize it the more likely they are to vote for people who don’t think like him.

    • I guess Gore must also want to punish all religious people who have beliefs that do not fall into “accepted science”. You believe in immaculate conception? You must pay the “Accepted Science” tax surcharge!”
      This has nothing to do whether I or anyone else believes in immaculate conception or not, it is a right to do so. This has nothing with the science, even though it is interesting climate science needs government intervention to establish it’s credibility.
      To answer Bohdan’s question, yes this is absolutely about the right to free speech. What else can you call it when he is suggesting using government authority to punish thought?
      If that wasn’t enough to make Gore a despicable excuse for a public figure, his motivations behind providing government this kind of abusive power is for growing his wealth. It is completely selfish, as his past financial dealings clearly show he has no affinity for any principle he may espouse.

      • It was a political statement. He’s calling for non-believers to be punished at the polls. I disagree with Gore and think he’s a fool and a hypocrite, but he didn’t attack freedom of speech.

  1. “He called on the tech-minded SXSW crowd, which is dominated by Millenials…”
    If you wondered why AlGore’s hate-filled message of scientific ignorance was aimed at this audience, wonder no more:
    “Millennials, the quarter of the U.S. population that was born after 1980, give us a clue into what America will look like in the future. Unfortunately, at least when it comes to education, that future doesn’t look so bright. Millennials are on track to be the most educated generation of Americans ever, but their skills are still not on par with other wealthy countries around the world.
    “The U.S. scores dismally when compared with other advanced nations on literacy, numeracy (the ability to work with numbers) and problem solving…”

    • I sure hope the movie “Idiocracy” doesn’t prove to be more accurate than the climate models!

    • The comment of ” Millennials are on track to be the most educated generation of Americans ever” is amusing in light of the following statement of “The U.S. scores dismally when compared with other advanced nations on literacy, numeracy (the ability to work with numbers) and problem solving…” Just goes to show you that have a piece of paper that says “I are a greduit from Kollege” doesn’t hold a whole helluva lot of water when the college hasn’t taught you shit.

      • Tom O March 16, 2015 at 1:25 pm
        “Just goes to show you that have a piece of paper that says “I are a greduit from Kollege” doesn’t hold a whole helluva lot of water when the college hasn’t taught you shit.”
        Just goes to show you that have a piece of paper that says “I are a greduit from Kollege” doesn’t hold a whole helluva lot of water when the college hasn’t taught you one fourteenth part of the cube root of shit.
        There, as another says – sorted for you.

      • Tom,
        Yeah, quite poor choice of words by the reporter there.
        A better formulation would have been:
        ”Millennials are on track to be the most CREDENTIALED generation of Americans ever..”
        Credentials do not an education make.

    • “Millennials …”
      More like ‘millenarianals’:
      ‘Millenarianism, a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming major transformation of society, after which all things will be changed’ (Wiki).

    • They have been educated alright but what were they taught? If they were Australian students they would know about our “shocking” treatment of Aboriginals but not of our pioneer’s successes in creating the nation that gives them their high standard of living. They would know about global warming but nothing about the sun, clouds and cycles and they would not know that the world hasn’t warmed for nearly two decades. Our kids can’t do mental arithmetic, can barely read and certainly can’t write but they all know the Green mantra. They have been denied the ability to think for themselves.

    • “The U.S. scores dismally when compared with other advanced nations on literacy, numeracy (the ability to work with numbers) and problem solving…”
      [And just in case you are a Millenial, and hence don’t get it : everyone else knows what numeracy is].

    • The now “retired” Bill McKibben formed his 360.org traveling minstrel show around dozens of millennials before they were even called Millennials. What an embarrassing side show they produced.

      • These greens are very dangerous, they either want to replace capitalism with communism and/or remove 6+ billion people from the population. Tit for tat is a very effective way of dealing with them.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right, stop this sort of nonsensical death wishing.
      Secondly, never stop a man while he is making a Mistake. Let’s keep Gore front and center as long as possible. He is easily shown to be a horrible hypocrite, and he tarnishes everyone he’s with by association. He’s a sterling example of a corrupt, political actor being given center stage because he gives the cause lip service. Gore has done as much for the skeptical movement as the Viscount.

  2. Gore is a complete nitwit. I attended an informal showing of “An Inconvenient Truth” and was twiddling my thumbs right up to the point where he presented a mosaic of species that had become untimely extinct. Clearly evident among the lot was a picture of a coelacanth! For those unfamiliar with the subject, the coelacanth is a famous survival from the Late Cretaceous epoch, 70 million years ago, still living today. So, in an audience awed into silence by the solemnity of such extinctions, I could not restrain a bark of laughter. I would say he has the I.Q. of seaweed, but that might be an exaggeration…

    • Michael J
      That is frigging unbelievable. Coelacanths have survived multiple extinction events and are still swimming (vertically) off the SE coast of Africa. Does he have a speech writer who is secretly trying to make him look foolish?

    • Al gore is anything but a nitwit. He knows what he’s doing and what he’s “selling.” He doesn’t have a conscience, any sign of morality or ethics, but he’s not a nitwit. Useless human baggage, but everything he does is to put long green in his accounts, and he’s doing a wonderful job of that. It doesn’t matter if poor people and the elderly die because of what he pushes, because he doesn’t know them, wouldn’t associate with them if he did, and intends to be part of the elite that will survive anything – including the nuclear war they are pushing for since we aren’t willing to freeze and starve to death for him.

      • Al gore is anything but a nitwit.

        Underestimating the opponent is for people who are ready to lose one that was theirs to lose.

      • I think you are right… but what Gore does know is how to lie, how to make people trust him, how to steal money from people by use of fraudulent stories. Remember! When Gore says that “climate deniers need to pay a price!” Those words are coming from a talented deceiver and a man who can convince others to do what he tells them.
        He is dangerous!

    • The coelacanth , in its various genera, goes back 400 million years . For some of those eons the ocean temperatures were so high that , according to the palaeoclimatologists Crowley and Berner , the ocean depths reached 15C.
      What threatens the species is indiscriminate fishing and the desire of every museum and collector to have a (dead) specimen.

    • I’ll bet some of those youngsters were put off by Gore’s unctuos nature and his polished politicitian glibness. His carnival barker smile and sweat would make his message less appealing too.

    • From the link:
      “Phil Libin, CEO of software firm Evernote, frames the protest and movement as the latest iteration of the man vs. machine debate. “People worry about robots taking over the world, but I assure you there are much more dangerous things (income inequality and global warming) in front of the line,” he said.”
      Priorities, priorities!

    • And its a bird-brain robot at that. Rather, bird-legged.
      The dog and the mule were scary, but the problem is ‘reading’ rough ground. (The best was where they jump-kicked the running mule, on ice!
      DARPA thinks they need a biped machine that walks like a person … but of course, birds don’t.

    • They can protest all they want, but the die has already been cast. As the $15 minimum wage issue grows for people who don’t produce enough value to be paid it, the process is already underway to replace them with the robots. And there are not many who will be immune to this process. Even managers claiming that their jobs involve discretionary decision-making that can’t be done with a black box are in for a rude of awakening. The 80% of their job that can be systematized and the 20% that is discretionary will be rolled up into one manager out of five that retains their job. Too funny that the techies that have made this evolution of computer technology possible, now protest against the very things they put into motion.

    • His Holiness would do well to remember Cardinal Baronius’ comment during the Galileo dust-up:”The bible teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go”.
      In engineering, the principle is “Don’t practice outside the area of your expertise”.

  3. Two bad things: One, Gore isn’t an idiot. He is just encouraging really bad ideas and isn’t worried about the truth. Two, the people listening to Gore are just like those who listened to Hitler. They aren’t questioning the message.

    • They’re most like the people during the LIA who believed it when they were told bad weather was caused by witchcraft.

    • the people listening to Gore are just like those who listened to Hitler
      Exaggerate much, Godwin?

      • Yeah, Hitler actually raised the standard of living for average Germans in the Thirties. No one could accuse Al Gore of doing the same for average Americans.

      • Not really, Jake. If you’d care to read something like The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, you’ll see strong parallels between the two.
        We know the whole story about Hitler; what we don’t know is the future with Al Gore.

  4. Perhaps Gore could organize massage parlors to refuse service to non-warmists. He seems to have a lot of contacts in that business.

  5. Gore is a ‘has-been’, he has been ridiculed, proven on this site to be a fake and now just tries to bring himself into the headlines at every chance he gets.
    What Bohdan Burban says above is worth making the message that Gore and his followers are trying to stifle free speech, freedom of expression and trying to manipulate government.

    • Gore and his followers are trying to stifle free speech

      They can’t even stifle assault rifles used in mass-murder of the most innocent.
      But they would be happy to see us swatting at a hornet in the car, and drive into oncoming traffic.
      He’s talking Ballot Box, not Free Speech. He may act goofy, but he’s not so confused as to threaten the Press.

  6. I remember voting against him when he almost won the election, it was very close. If he had been elected he would have been the worst President of the US ever. It is very, very hard to imagine anyone being as bad or worse than Obama, but Gore might have been close or just as bad.
    As asking that “deniers be punished” strikes me as a hate crime and suppression of free speech. But then the radical leftists are NEVER even charged with such things, much less convicted. But let a rational and conservative patriot say something like that and he might indeed wind up in jail, or a big fine, and be ostracized the rest of his life and in the history books he would be vilified.

  7. I’m borrowing this shamelessly from Allan MacRae on another thread:
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    – Albert Einstein
    Seems appropriate to the topic of this thread. Works both for Gore himself and his idea.

  8. I’m no supporter of Al Gore these days, but if the links provided in the article don’t contain the quotes provided it looks bad for WUWT.

  9. Well he is nothing if not entertaining, perhaps dangerously so. In the Middle East this would be called a Jihad: a holy war founded on beliefs that is waged against those who think wrong thoughts.
    Fanaticism takes many forms.
    This is one of them.
    Fanatical speakers influence mobs.
    Mobs run amok.
    Fanaticism is not good for children and other living things.
    This is more proof, as if we needed it.

  10. Gore increasingly directs away from the actual evidence to the alleged opinions of the expert scientists. It is akin to the criminal courts dispensing with the forensic evidence and taking an opinion poll of police officers.

  11. I don’t like Gores cap and trade idea. It makes more sense to use a carbon tax. But the tax needs to be imposed on all greenhouse gases, including cattle, rice paddies, garbage dumps, and cement plants. The tax should be offset with a reduction in income taxes.

    • Art Laffer, Reagan’s supply side guru, has also called for a carbon tax but only if all other taxes were eliminated and it would be revenue neutral. It would essentially serve as the consumption tax or national sales tax that many have called for. I’m not sure if I agree, but it is an interesting concept to consider as it would be levied on production, but paid by those who consume the production.

      • Fernando,
        I expect it is a general problem, to use taxes for what amounts to social engineering. Taxation is provided for specific purposes in the Constitution, and getting too ‘creative’ with the tool will come to a bad end.
        Carbon schemes also amount to ‘price controls’, and even ‘centralize control’ of the economy, both of which have bad reputations.
        The Constitution provides and Congress exercises the power to Regulate, and we should go with straight-forward rules & regulations, to effect changes in the use of fuels. What we’re flirting with in using taxes to suppress Lawful activity, is a systemic legal liability.
        If we think something should be done about certain Lawful activities, then we should address it through the Constitutional provision to Regulate, not the provision to Tax.
        Taxation is spelled out as a revenue-mechanism, and if we get too innovative with how we use the tax-tool, the Court will firmly assert their provenance over the matter. Indeed, we saw a ‘shot across the bow’ in this regard, when the challenge to Obama’s Health Care ‘funding mechanism’ was resolved by SCOTUS officially declaring it a Tax – and legal as such. To everyone’s surprise.
        Deployment of Taxation can’t stray too far from being about revenue. Taxation isn’t ‘whatever we want it to be’, and real stakeholders who are vested in such Powers (ie, eg, The Courts) will allow distortion of it to go only so far.

    • The (carbon tax should be offset with a reduction in income taxes.

      Lower-income folks pay geometrically-declining income tax. They would fork over higher prices for everything, and then reducing their income tax (which they already get back) does little or nothing to offset the hit.
      Most of the voting pool could not be compensated in such a fashion, and will oppose this scheme at the ballot box.

      • Ted, you are probably right. A carbon tax doesn’t go over very well. But it’s a lot more reasonable than cap and trade. The key is to make it revenue neutral. As far as I’m concerned they can just send us a check on a quarterly basis with the full amount they collect. Those of us who want to spend the money eating rice and usng cement can do keep on doing it. I suspect some of us will cut down on rice and beef and use less cement if their price increases.

  12. Did the ‘hanging chads’ in 2000 save us from this messiah, or doom the planet to CAGW? Is CO2 the catalyst or an indicator of warming?

    • Harvey, it’s been 15 years since this guy was nearly elected President of the United States. I still don’t know if the fact that I haven’t had a nervous breakdown as a result of this incredible close call is a sign that my mental health is good or if it indicates that I cling to a deep seated denial of the dangers that can arise from the stupidity of voters.

      • I still don’t know if the fact that I haven’t had a nervous breakdown as a result of this incredible close call is a sign that my mental health is good or if it indicates that I cling to a deep seated denial of the dangers that can arise from the stupidity of voters.
        Or possibly a subconscious defense mechanism that refuses to accept the ignorance of some of those voters.

  13. We need to put a price on the lies that Gore and all the other Climate Liars tell. They have caused humanity immense harm.

    • I’m afraid the ‘price’ will be our fiscal well-being as common folk, if the general population doesn’t wake up to the fine print that goes with “sustainability”.

  14. Crispin:
    He didn’t discuss the various extinct species, but pretty much created the implication that CO2 was somehow to blame, in spirit if not in fact. Among the extinct was also the Dodo. Make of that what you will. It is clear he didn’t employ any fact-checkers.

  15. Kinda makes me want to invest more into fossil fuel based stocks. The Millennials might realize their folly when warming turns into cooling, and the SHTF.

    • Or even better when The Millennials finally realise that fossil fuel companies also produce the base products that make up 99.99% of the plastic and synthetics that go into their Tech Toys!

  16. Isn’t America a great country, where lowly purveyors of snake-oil can achieve international fame and wealth … do I really need to tack on a /sarc tag??

    • Hmmm….maybe somebody can stick one on Al’s back? Like the “kick me” tag put on George McFly. I doubt the current Secret Service would notice.

  17. This is all frighteningly like a replay of 1930s Germany where Gruber & Schirach’s Hitler youth were indoctrinated & instilled with the motivation that would enable its members, to fight faithfully for the cause without question.
    We all joke & laugh at Al Gore, but he is Fanatical, dangerous & manipulative, don’t underestimate him, he desperately wants to be a leader & the American public wisely rejected him, but now he’s found a band that will follow him, he’ll do everything in his power (& he has plenty of our money to help him).
    We should be calling for his head on a plate before all counter arguments are stifled for good ?? He & his followers are doing immense harm.

  18. Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy. “We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends,” Gore told the Chicago Tribune, referring to a proposed federal cap-and-trade system that would penalize companies that exceeded their carbon-emission limits. “And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics.”

    Sounds like just bought some cheap “renewable energy” stocks and wants to artificially raise their value…or he’s loosing big on the ones he already owns.

    • You know what they say in Politics.
      When the other guy is talking himself into a hole, don’t interrupt.

  19. Gore knows he’s a rapidly fading star. All he has left is inflamatory, extremist rhetoric. He’s nothing more than a bore in a bar vainly appealing to self centred millenials to go on a climate jihad.
    The pope gave up on God and wheeled in Gaia. The perfect ally for this clown.

  20. Errrr—- ahhhhhhh—- I have a problem. Isn’t science supposed to be about asking questions, and not accepting at face value everything you’re told? So—- aren’t skeptics who actually go out and measure things more apt to be real scientists? If I accept Al Gore’s statement at face value, he should still believe that the Earth is flat, and resting on the backs of elephants standing on a giant tortoise. After all, that was supposedly at least the accepted view, and anybody who challenged it was a heretic fit only for being put to death for challenging that belief. Accepted by 97% of scientists who had never ventured more than 25 miles from the place they had been born.

  21. And so begins the new Gulag ArchipelaGore, Re-education for all who deny him. I can’t help thinking about how many have been saved by so few hanging chads.

    • And hanging chads resulted from trying to punch through multiple ballots at the same time. Remember during the aborted recount, the electoral commissioners holding the ballots up to the light and trying to discern the intent of the voter? That was hilarious even though it was a perpetuation of the fraud that created the hanging chads in the first place.

  22. So he could be persuaded to become Catholic. Looks like it that they forgot to mention what he is likely to have said next: “if the price is right”.
    If he is really serious about what he is preaching he would have been there via video link rather then being present in person using a CO2 emitting transport system of some sort to get there.

  23. There’s no doubt, he is screaming for government action against the fossil fuel industry so that he can claim credit for the current global warming hiatus by saying ” I told you my ideas would work”. There might also be a bit in there for him to raise a million or two extra dollars to keep his bank balance healthy.

  24. What’s the big deal? Gore’s just saying that the people who lie about climate change should have to account for that. Shouldn’t Jim Inhofe have to explain to the voters why he’s so deep in the pocket of energy companies that he feels compelled to deny an overwhelming scientific consensus? If Exxon told him to say the Earth is flat, would we believe him?

    • I am glad to be able to tell you that the World has stopped warming 18 years ago, Joe. Rejoyce. The danger is over (for a while now). Sing and dance in the street, if you like it as cold as it is now. With frozen over Big Lakes and all that.
      Me, I would have loved growing some pomegranates here in Germany, but, you can’t have everything.

    • I agree, shouldn’t Michael Mann have to explain the Hockey Stick fraud or explain why he needed to “hide the decline”. If his government funders told him to say the Earth is flat, you would believe him.

      • “I guess free speech isn’t important to someone with nothing to say.”
        Except that Gore is not talking about taking away the right to free speech. He is talking about “punishing” politicians who oppose taking action on AGW by voting them out of office. How is this any different than the NRA actively campaigning against politicians who support stricter gun laws?

      • How is ((Gore) talking about “punishing” politicians who oppose taking action on AGW by voting them out of office.) any different than the NRA actively campaigning against politicians who support stricter gun laws?
        There are parallels. There are differences.
        1. The NRA communicates clearly; Gore baits.
        2. Gore has the White House & MSM riffing off his lines; and vice-versa.

    • Shouldn’t Jim Inhofe have to explain to the voters why he’s so deep in the pocket of energy companies that he feels compelled to deny an overwhelming scientific consensus?

      Any ol’ Okie can figure that one out.
      Consensus is what happens in the Metroplex, watching Cinderella.

  25. This is all a bit rich from the man who has one of the largest carbon footprints on the planet, in addition to being a torturer of science and a third rate horror film producer.

  26. Hey Putin is hurting for cash right now mabey he would lease Algore some space in the Gulag. Putin might even sell Algore a Black Sea Dasha

  27. Algorian Logic
    A reasoning technique that entails reaching a supposition about a subject in which one has no expertise and subsequently creating factoids to support the supposition without using critical thinking skills or research to discern the obvious implausibility of the facts or the conclusion.

  28. Q: How do you dance to the Climate Change Tango? (Hat tip to Tom Lehrer.)
    A: With Al Gore rhythms.

    • My brother used to say, “There’s always a couple of you sickos in the audience.”
      Very good, by the way.
      Al cuts quite a figure in those britches.
      The last time I needed twenty stitches…
      Long live TL, Long live!

  29. Gore More Years!
    Hillary Clinton’s handling of the State Department email scandal is causing Democrats such discomposure that some now suggest dumping her as the presumptive presidential nominee in favor of—wait for it—Al Gore.
    Vox.com’s Ezra Klein tries to throw some cold water on the idea. “The problem with a Gore candidacy, to be blunt, is Gore,” Klein observes. He notes that the former vice president is a “wooden,” “aging” candidate with a “challenging” relationship to the press. He has “complicated” finances, though Klein doesn’t tell us exactly what that euphemism means, except to note that Gore “made an insane sum of money by selling his cable network to Al Jazeera.”


  30. How about we put a more positive spin on things:
    “…saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science…’”
    Let’s take him at his word.
    Accepted science says that there is a long period of time without and change in the temperature of the globe, and the CO2 has risen considerably during this time. That is well-accepted science.
    The sun has gone very quiet. That is accepted science.
    CO2 has just now paused, as mankind is burning less non-renewable biomass and less fossil fuels, and less maybe-renewable natural oil and natural gas (depending on whether or not the Russians are correct).
    The Antarctic land temperature has been dropping for more than 50 years. The Sea ice around that continent has been expanding pretty much offsetting the melting that took place in the Arctic. That is accepted science.
    There are no more frequent and no more powerful storms than before, nor tornadoes, nor floods nor droughts than happened historically. That is also accepted science.
    CO2 and methane and water vapour are GHG’s. That is accepted science.
    And lastly, the IPCC says that the models are not doing a very good job of predicting global temperatures because their computers are not large enough, and/or there are multiple (up to 100) additional things they did not think of that are causing the temperature not to rise as modelled.
    So how about every politician who rejects these facts pay a price for doing so? Suits me fine. If politicians can’t even research the basic facts of climate, the fundamental failures of models that have been predicting disaster for 20 years, and models which cannot narrow the range of expected warming from the first guesses made a generation ago, they have to step aside for people who have a clue and are willing to learn enough to do the job properly.

  31. It is remarkable to me that all the “progressives” seem to think that “big oil” is the primary source of corruption on Capitol Hill. I’d like to see the totals once you add up the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Greenpeace, PETA, American Friends Service Committee, Environmental Defense Fund and on and on. Another interesting thing to look at is the musical chairs game between the boards and managers in all of those and the bureaucracies and regulatory agencies that set policy on all issues environmental. There is huge corruption on Capitol Hill and I believe if you stacked it all up that Al Gore’s fellow travelers are if fact at the core of the richest, most pervasive, and far reaching corruption there is.

    • Not all progressives. In fact, there is a conflict between the two main factions about the misuse and misrepresentation of the facts, if perhaps not the resolution. One faction is, ironically, and poignantly “protesting” the other. The other faction calls them deniers… or was it heretics? One step forward. Two steps back.

    • Just today, our President complained about elected officials fronting for the dreaded fossil fuel industry – “in some cases, though, you have elected officials who are shills for the oil companies or the fossil fuel industry, and there’s a lot of money involved. Typically, in Congress, the committees of jurisdiction, like the energy committees, are populated by folks from places that pump a lot of oil and pump a lot of gas.”
      And of course he’s right, Tom Steyer, who made his fortune in fossil fuel, promised (and did) back the campaigns of any congressional candidate who would vote against the Keystone pipeline.
      Oh wait a minute, those were Democrats – never mind!

      • Probably a conflict of interest between trains and pipelines, not oil. Similar to so-called “green” technology, carbon credits, and Chinese markets. Similar in the sense of propagation of marketing tropes by special interests and their political representatives. Everything changes in secular cycles.

  32. Well my 22 year old graduated in December with a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. She would love the music at SXSW but she would thumb her nose at Al Gore.

  33. As we know, Gore majored in diviity studies,.
    1John,2:22 “…He is Antichrist that denieth (catastrophic anthropological global warming”)

  34. Those who control the media control the message. The Liberals/Progressives control of MSM is overwhelming in the US….and probably elsewhere. People like Gore are not only protected but supported as well by the current administration and media to act without fear of reprisal but encouraging witch hunts against the opposition will backfire. It’s a sign of desperation that can’t be hidden.

  35. “Climate Reality Project”
    Ironic name.. for a group trying to alter the present paradigm away from reality.

  36. Gore did pay a price for rejecting accepted science, causing West Virginia to move by 40 points towards the Republicans and handing George W Bush the presidency.

  37. You folks in the USA sure churn out some doozy Vice Presidents.
    And at the moment – a really doozy President.

    • Tony should have at least gone a half-speed short-round with him. He would have, ya’ know. 😉

  38. politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’
    Voter punish politicians. Evidently Gore isn’t too happy with that system (remember Florida!) and wants something where politicians punish other politicians that won’t tow the line.

  39. >> “punish climate-change deniers, saying politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science,’”<<
    ummm, could be voters deemed you one such politician and denied you the position to which you aspired, Al.

  40. To quote the great Ronald Reagan, “There he goes again.”
    ’nuff said.

  41. So a career politician (son of a high politician) comes within a hanging chad of the White House.
    Then he subsequently does not try again. Circular files the whole idea.
    It’s not like Gore was a Ben Carson, didn’t know – Biblically – what he was in for. Or even a Barack Obama.
    How does a guy put in all those years, all the sweat & tears, then with the prize so close turn and walk away?
    Some major gaping gaposis in that calculus, ya ask me.

  42. “I’m not a Catholic,” Gore said, “but I could be persuaded to become one.”
    Of course that all depends on whether the Pope’s encyclical on the environment is in full agreement with Al Gore’s existing environmental beliefs. In other words, Gore is not going to convert or change his views, but he will become Catholic if the Church converts to his way of thinking.

  43. It makes no sense to coerce the measly 3% holdouts into believers if this is what this is all about. It’s got to be something else. If Inhofe is responsible for swaying over half the population, this man should be seen as a national asset! He must have charismatic powers and be saying the right things. Why would Al be surprised that an Oklahoma Senator would be supportive of their main industry. According to Al they have 99% of the scientists, why is the other 1% able to cause so much pain? Why would you want to punish the meager skeptic crowd. Inhofe and skeptic scientists are grossly outnumbered, the skeptic ‘clique’ is unfunded and really only fighting with words. They haven’t enlisted the communications consultants and advertising psychologists that the clime syndicate is always working with.
    We don’t have the cable networks and only a handful of newspapers and a couple of radio stations. We don’t get any support from the wealthy NGOs and foundations. We don’t get any Nobel prizes or Academy Awards. Those now worrying about skeptics getting the upper hand must be wondering what wizardry we possess. Skeptics don’t have any universities, any scientific societies any agencies, governments supporting them – hey we’re all alone out here with only our computers and a few wonderful blogs like WUWT to keep us warm. Don’t forget to mention this in your engagements with the warmers. Regarding the products of indoctrination of lefty education who have been taught not to think for themselves but how and what to think, like Joe:
    March 16, 2015 at 2:09 pm
    “What’s the big deal? Gore’s just saying that the people who lie about climate change should have to account for that. Shouldn’t Jim Inhofe have to explain to the voters why he’s so deep in the pocket of energy companies that he feels compelled to deny an overwhelming scientific consensus?”
    Why should we recant, Joe and Al, if its overwhelming and skeptics are caught up in a losing cause. Leave skeptics alone to suffer the outcome – that’s the only way I would accept to account for it. Man, I knew when that old Iron Curtain fell down, we were in for trouble from professionals who really know how to control their ‘fellow man’ Nearly all wanted freedom but there were enough apparatchik career types, Stasi, well educated professors of Marxist history, philosophy, economics, sociology, etc. who had no other skills and were unemployable in their newly liberated societies. They went abroad to the institutions, the agencies, academia, UN, the big NGOs and were patient. Joe and Al may not know it but Putin funded anti-fracking protests mainly in the EU and probably in the US.
    They may not also know that the oil companies weren’t against windmills and solar panels. They openly embraced it. These guys are engineers and businessmen. They new that the technology was a joke and that it would only half-assed work with large subsidies from government. They had the money to invest and away they went. They talked renewables up. They even bad mouthed coal to worm their way into the hearts of the ‘movement’. Here’s a bit of news for you to choke on:

  44. It’s the tired old leftist story short on facts high on censorship. A small close minded buffoon. He and that idiot Kerry ,the whole democratic party really, have been operating out of same sorry playbook for decades.

  45. Gore couldn’t be a Catholic. Thou shalt not lie. And he’d have to go to confession to confess his sins. Like he would want to do that.
    Maybe he’s doing this in revenge for not making him president. And for the money. Money is the root of all evil, Al.

    • Tragedy here is, NYT just ended the Pope Francis honeymoon.
      They didn’t get the memo at SXWS in time.

    • To clairfy, the commandment doesn’t say “Thou shalt not lie”, it says “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” That’s lieing uder oath.

  46. “I’m not a Catholic,” Gore said, “but I could be persuaded to become one.”
    So he could be persuaded to be “pro-life”? What a sleazy opportunist.

    • “I’m not a Skeptic,” in other words, “but I could be persuaded to become one.”
      Just bring on the eco-porn and you might have yourself a hot deal!

    • He might as well have said “as long as the pope says what i want him to, I’ll pretend to be his supporter”.

  47. He called on the tech-minded SXSW crowd, which is dominated by Millenials, to harness technology to launch a grassroots movement to tackle climate change

    Sounds pretty good, let’s identify these SXSW’s and deprive them of our energy and materials … not allowed to use electricity from ‘fossil fuel’ generators, no cars, no flying, no stocks and shares in any corporation involved in our generation’s investment, nada, turf them out of their homes and let them live in caves and under trees … the homeless and betrodden would be grateful for this.

  48. Reminds me of The Austrian Lieutenant in the ‘Zombies’ spin offs of the ‘Black Ops’ Series.
    “You are dirty …. Dirty! You Must Be ,… Punished!”
    Well after all, back in the day of the ’80s, Tipper wanted to “Punish” Ozzy! Cut of his ‘Thingy Dingy’ and eat it on camera … for a heavy PRICE $$$$$$ … of course. Oh Yea. And the CD warning Labels … Ha Ha.
    Piss in the Face of Tipper and Piss in the Face of Gore.
    Ha ha.

  49. not for the first time in recent weeks, another Gore presidential run is being floated!
    16 March: Vox: Ezra Klein: Al Gore should run for president
    The most ambitious vision for the Democratic Party right now rests with a politician most have forgotten, and whom no one is mentioning for 2016: Al Gore…
    PIC CAPTION: In addition to some interesting ideas, Al Gore has a sun-powered death ray that can obliterate the earth if he is not elected president.
    Climate change is a real and growing threat to the world’s future. In 2009, nearly every country in the world agreed that global warming must be held to less than 2 degrees Celsius. We’re on pace to blow through that — warming the planet four degrees or more is horrifyingly plausible…
    Income inequality is a serious problem. But climate change is an existential threat…
    When it comes to climate change, there’s no one in the Democratic Party — or any other political party — with Gore’s combination of credibility and commitment. Bill McKibben, founder of the climate action group 350.org, calls Gore’s work on the issue “the most successful second act of any political life in U.S. history.” Perhaps that’s hyperbole, but it speaks to the regard in which Gore is held by climate activists…
    Moreover, in an era in which very little moves through Congress, climate change is an issue where the president has real unilateral authority…
    He begins with a powerful asset in presidential politics: credibility…
    He serves on the board of Apple, as a senior adviser to Google, and at the mega-venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. He’s also carved a path through finance and telecommunications, becoming fabulously wealthy — richer, even, than Mitt Romney — as an investor and mogul. And then there’s his centrality in the environmental community, which is, itself, quite rich — it’s easy to imagine, say, billionaire Tom Steyer gathering some friends and putting some massive Super PAC money behind Gore…

  50. Gore has devolved from a middle of the road effective politician to a bloviating self-enriching bigot. Someone who nearly won the Presidency is actually promoting the idea that free speech must be crushed in those who dare to disagree with him.
    What a profoundly evil man he has become.

  51. ‘Gore said forward-thinking investors are moving away from companies that invest in fossil fuels and towards companies investing in renewable energy. “We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends,” ‘
    This translates as: ‘forward thinking investors need a subsidy to guarantee them profits in our risk-based market economy’…..
    Very forward-thinking, demanding that the rules of capitalism don’t apply to you, isn’t it?!

  52. ‘punish the deniers’.
    can’t help it but that’s exactly what happens the very minute I type that phrase into my millenium gadget.
    this very minute. from middle east to somalia to west africa.
    97pct conscencors to Al Gore.
    Regards – Hans

  53. comment still awaiting …
    that’s OK with me. It’s not the time for plain truth. YET.

  54. my point –
    the skies ARE falling.
    our ‘experts’ defeated, tired.
    mind less.
    correct me if I’m wrong. ‘d be glad.
    mod: eyes only

  55. So, if the Pope does what Manbearpig wants he’ll switch his religion from AGW to Catholic?
    “God, I’ll be a good person … if you just let me win the lottery.”

  56. Mr Mega bucks Al Gore seeks to back up lies
    over global warming by locking up all the opposition.
    ie anyone who could call him out on his lying he
    wants to give life long sentences until they
    In the past folk might have been burnt at the
    stake for predicting the weather. But for
    Al Gore he wants to send to hell all those
    who don’t predict the weather.
    Everyone must pass through some so called truth
    filter, questioning and if they don’t agree
    that Gore is right even if they know nothing about
    the subject then Gore wants to send them to
    the gas chambers.
    This strange behaviour from the eco nazi Gore
    is all the more strange as he himself has
    got weather predictions wrong, like his
    7 foot sea level rise.
    And if we’re talking about the science is all
    in and getting things a 100 percent right,
    then a recent paper about solar zenith calculations
    should send most weather scientists to jail for
    being wrong.
    But the absurdity doesn’t end there. Gore, a religious
    nut with religious zealot like solutions doesn’t apply this
    same logic to his own unproven god. And seeing as
    he is denying the science on God, shouldn’t he be
    locking himself up, and everyone who ‘believes’
    in a god?
    Now is there anyone still left in any doubt
    that they are following a religion and the
    rich prophet Al Gore?
    Clearly no real science came come from such
    a climate of fear. That the hysterical propagate.

  57. Hi Big Al, I’m a denier, so how about you fly in on your private jet and try and punish me. Come armed.

  58. If he’s talking to the tech savvy and they’re buying it, the “savvy” part left the room. Elmer Gantry on stilts.

    • If he’s talking to the tech savvy and they’re buying it, the “savvy” part left the room.

      The ‘tech culture’ lacks sufficient female membership to reproduce itself. Al Gore ‘works’ in this setting, in significant part thanks to its massively-distorted gender-distribution.
      This is indeed a ‘tragedy’ for the tech-world … even well-funded tech-entities that can throw serious money at female workers and attract more than their share, suffer from ridiculous gender (and race) imbalances.
      Girls tend to dislike Al Gore a lot more than boys … their antipathy approaching revulsion.

  59. Biden, Gore! Moar in four! USA! USA! USA!
    I’d vote for that, the dissolution of the Untied States would be worth a Mass.
    (Or as Gandalf would put it, there are fouler creatures than Orcs, in the deep.)

    the tech-minded SXSW crowd

    Pray enlighten the unacronmyied , Single Chromosome Short Wits?

  60. I have a comment on the sign Al Gore is holding in the cartoon, “The sky is falling.”
    Of course it’s falling. It’s always falling. If it wasn’t falling, it would float off into space and that would be a really, really bad thing.

  61. Right, we should all follow a known sexual predator, whose wife left him as a result, in his mad dash into false science and oblivion.

  62. Is he actually saying that people should be jailed, fined or otherwise punished in the courts for stating their beliefs? I was unable to determine that.
    Gore has become a mostly irrelevant gas bag, pandering to a smaller and smaller audience. He doesn’t deserve this much attention.

  63. Carbon credits are falling with the temperatures, the real temperatures and not the ones the tech savvy crowd are making. Along with his uncanny ability to invent the internet, who would have thought? He’s losing money. Of course we should be punished… Let’s get those carbon credits back up to $35. The upkeep on the house he bought at the beach back in the early 2000’s is being swamped by rising sea levels. No? … Just us poor, stupid flat earthers, wouldn’t know which end of smart phone to talk into… I’m sure dear al would like to keep us poor, (mostly poor, how else can you be rich)) and ignorant (swallow any tale told) we’re doing this for your own good … and the official reports say so. How dare we question officialdom!!!!! The Holy Father of AGW has SPOKEN!!!

  64. I actually thought the alarmists were right and reflecting the science until I watched gores movie, knew many things claimed were false, then went in for further study.

  65. As a Millennial I’m often surprised at just how many people in my generation who grew up steeped in an education system loaded full of crap like this think it’s nonsense at worst and exaggerated at best. I suspect these out of touch politicians aren’t aware of just how skeptical a generation of people are. But given that Gore and his ilk only seem to care what we think when it comes to the environment it doesn’t surprise me that their selective hearing has them way off base.

  66. the young are not as naïve as the think. after generations of lies the no longer belive just nod and say yes

  67. Al Gore should explain how he proposes to punish people that don’t share his perspective .Over 30,000 scientists signed the Oregon Petition ,9000 with PhD’s , and they don’t share his perspective .
    How exactly does he propose to punish people and who is he threating to punish ?
    Should people that lie to children in movies being presented as fact also be punished ?

  68. Algoreium- a noxious, hot ignoble gas; Atomic Weight of at least 300 lbs and growing; known to readily combine with ozone and carbon dioxide to form gases that have been proven toxic to freedom and truth. Persons in proximity to this gas have been known to experience perverted levels of sexual harassment as well as climatic hallucinations. While limited in quantity, the media feedbacks resulting from outgassing of Algoreium amplify its effects at inexplicably exponential levels.

  69. I would agree with him on the condition that the science is examined by outsiders and unless proven to meet the normal quality conditions for life critical applications the climate scientist get an punishmen that is at least ten times as high, this should possibly include manslaughter charges for the deaths from fuel poverty in the UK.

  70. Here’ s video with an Al Gore segment from, of all places(!), The Global Warming Policy Forum, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Global Warming Policy Foundation – http://www.thegwpf.com/24007/#sthash.oGwPiwWH. “Polar Ice Caps More Stable Than Predicted.” Good news, folks!
    Al Gore is just embarrassed that his predictions aren’t playing out as he said, so he wants to shut up everyone (even scientists that WERE on his side, but are working to be SCIENTIFIC and keep up with the FACTS). Witness the wrath of a man who had power and adulation and is losing it. Very dangerous.

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