'Paid volunteers' for the NYC climate march

People send me stuff. Below is an image from New York City of the 350.org “climate march” from their website today.  It’s the usual horde of useful idiots, holding up signs suggesting they are being gassed and that “climate chaos” is afoot.

climate_marchers_NYCIt is mostly an emotional response to a non-issue.

I was amused when WUWT reader Arvind sent this screen cap of an ad that appeared on Craigslist. One wonders how many of these marchers have similar situations where they are there on pay rather than on their own volition. Here’s the ad:


Source: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/evg/4669216880.html

That movie was such a bomb, they are reduced to “paid volunteers” handing out fliers on street corners at $50 each. Heh.

UPDATE: I wonder if these people got paid:

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284 thoughts on “'Paid volunteers' for the NYC climate march

  1. $50 Expensive! All they ever need to recruit is a wheatgrass smoothie voucher + free bottle of water to carry.

  2. I feel like organizing a protest against our Toronto winters, but I wouldn’t have to pay anyone to hand out leaflets for such an event. I could get real volunteers to do it.

  3. How many in that crowd could tell you the 2nd law of thermodynamics? Or extract the roots of a quadratic equation? What percentage would you guess?

  4. That’s a pretty diverse group of people there, ha ha. We’re told that minorities will be hit hardest by climate change but I guess they stayed home rather than mingle with young elitist types with nothing better to do.

  5. The pic reminds me only that it is, after all, about the time of the year where pagans celebrate then NH autumnal equinox in grotesque costumes. N’est ce pas?

  6. And I thought they said Big Oil had all the money?
    Of course by “Progressive Standards” this is a grassroots spontaneous demonstration, it is the will of the people, even if they had to promise them Obama Bucks to turn them out.
    And the Press wonder why I call them Presstitutes.
    Such blatant dishonesty cannot go unrewarded.

  7. I wonder what they would do without power, water, food, light, plastic and medicines for the next two weeks – being isolated down in that concrete jungle of lower Manhattan for two weeks surrounded in the dark by seven million fellow hungry, thirsty scared illiterate un-caring selfish primates?

    • By Tuesday Nov 6 …

      UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon the LIPA outage map for the Rockaway peninsula was temporarily changed, from 0 to 500. A press release also said that the utility is prioritizing work on the Peninsula, and that the number of LIPA personnel working to restore power in the Rockways will increase “as feasible.” As of 5:45 p.m., the number was back to 0.

      By the way, you have presented no evidence ANY of them were from the Rockaway (Long Island NY) area damaged by storm Sandy. It is mere conjecture on your part. Power to LI, NJ, NYC and areas north were restored much quicker than that, recovery was made possible ONLY by fossil and nuclear fuels, and the rest of the national economy that these paid cretins are working to destroy.

  8. First I went to Wall Street Journal and clicked on the NYC edition to see just what news this march is actually generating.
    Front and center is an article about someone using the Central Park Ice Rink for a horse show. There were no sub headlines or headlines for the climate march; well, maybe later.
    I then hit the march’s website and turned on the TV. Turns out one of those so called honest PBS news channels is completely dedicated to the climate march.
    The climate march’s website required following inks to get a controlled show and tell view of the march. Photos were arranged in a slideshow while the filmed broadcast has not officially started. what photos and video slices I saw were poorly focused, close shots that didn’t allow a long distance view.
    Oddly or not, the PBS broadcast was just as bad.
    Perhaps switching to traffic cams would give a better idea?
    The marchers are in loose disorganized groups often stretched across the road; lots and lot of empty space between marchers and groups.
    So far it looks like there are thousands, maybe tens of thousands; the march has a long way to go to reach ‘hundreds of thousands’.
    Considering that $1 million dollars which is chump change to CAGW private funders buys 20,000 marchers at $50 each, this march is just as much of a bust as the whole MSM and politics professional propaganda silliness.
    What would be interesting is watching for just how many of the troll types show up online while they should be marching in support of their ’cause’. Troll presence online during marching hours implies motivational differences from the CAGW faithful.

    • Aye, there’s the rub. Margaret Thatcher famously said that Socialism works fine until it runs out of other people’s money. How DID the western democracies allow the diversion of public funds into political movements whose whole agenda is antidevelopment?

  9. This is a common tactic that most people aren’t aware of. “Volunteers” are recruited from rail yards, under bridges, city parks and college campuses, to name a few places. Most don’t look like the happy, healthy, middle class types featured in the picture above. Many are homeless. They’re offered free meals, places to stay for a few days and the opportunity to visit another city or state in exchange for appearing at a rally and carrying a sign.
    I’ll never forget the time I was staying in a hotel in Portland, Oregon just down the street from another hotel where George Bush (43) was staying during a brief visit. Apparently, some political group decided to stage a protest demonstration in front of Bush’s hotel. I saw all these buses pulling up at the intersection by my hotel and unloading people carrying signs. Bus, after bus, after bus stopped and dropped off people who walked up the street toward Bush’s hotel. It went on like that for half an hour. Most of the people getting off the buses looked like the homeless I’d seen in my own hometown sleeping under bridges and in parks or panhandling on the street. Later that evening I walked up the street to the “protest” and talked to a few of the people who confirmed for me that they had been given free bus rides and meal vouchers. They expected to be paid a few bucks when the rally was over and returned “home.” Most of the one’s I talked to didn’t really know why they were there and did’t care. That was an eye opener for me.

  10. I wonder what slice the IRS will take out of that 50 dollars? Or maybe they will give them a pass since they’re not linked to Republicans.

  11. How many CO2 absorbing trees died to make those fliers? They need the $50.00 like the occupy people they don’t have be at work tomorrow.

  12. Look at those smiling, happy faces in that crowd! Are they really happy and fully believing that urgent action is required or we are doomed? Do they really look like people who are concerned about their future? Do they look mad that others are destroying their earth? Where is their frustration over society’s lack of action?
    I do not see faces of concern, I see people with nothing better to do on a feel-good afternoon joyride.
    The faces tell you everything.

  13. It is obvious in the picture that the photograph was taken on cue: “All right everyone, hands in the air. Let’s show how the antiperspirant deodorant is working for global warming.”

  14. Centrally designed color scheme for the posters and background. Look handwritten or handsprayed, probably done by a sweatshop company workers collective.

  15. I sincerely hope there were at least a few people in the midst of this march carrying signs or wearing T-shirts that read “March of the Morons” and “← I’m with Stupid →”.
    (Ah, too late I sense a business opportunity.)

  16. I know for a fact that this event was attended by a government employee who makes a very fine living being paid by our leftist government to construct and promote global warming alarmism.
    The event is nothing more that shameless political promotion. It’s all part of the socialist plan.

      • The plan that now has the US in 18th ranking for economic freedom, lower even than Denmark. 49% of the population dependent on some form of government payout (my Social Security included) and striving for 51%. A ceaseless flood of immigrants across an open southern border, but we have those damnable Canucks under control; no free pass there, by God. Unemployment is said to be 6.1%, but when 92,000,000 working age Americans are unemployed (early retirees and students included), you do the math. We have 146,500,000 employed, down from 153,750,000 in 2000. Of those, 116,000,000 are paying income taxes (me too), and a coincidental 116,000,000 are privately employed (again, me too).
        36% producing for the socialist dream American style, cannot survive.

      • James the Elder
        Thankyou, that is clear.
        The supposed “socialist plan” is very similar to that other right-wing assertion known as the “Jewish conspiracy”, and it is similarly real.
        We do have real problems to address. For example, we need to defend against the ‘global warming scare’, we need to oppose Agenda21, we need to etc.. But imaginary plans, plots and conspiracies distract from the real threats, and that is the usual reason they are asserted.

      • “The supposed “socialist plan” is very similar to that other right-wing assertion known as the “Jewish conspiracy”, and it is similarly real.”
        That would be the LEFT wing assertion ….. Nazi types are socialists.

  17. Not by myself surely, but a phrase has been coined for this. A fake grass-roots protest is called “astro-turfing”. When you’re paying protesters, it’s astroturfing.

  18. I love all the leftist signage: “Capitalism Means Crisis & Climate Chaos” (oh, how scary)….
    I also noticed many of the signs were printed and made to look hand painted to give the rent-a-mob “useful idiot” a grassroots vibe….
    I also noticed a lot of orange used in signage, which is a traditional leftist color.
    BTW, I’m still hacked off by the MSM (namely the New York Times, CNN, NBC & ABC) for purposefully switching the Republican Party color to Red from the 2000 elections, just as a cheap leftistist ploy to hide the Democrat’s rapid move to socialism at the time….
    Since the Republican Party’s founding in the mid 19th century, blue was their traditional color… Leftists are a such a deceitful and manipulative lot….. If they were honest, Democrats should embrace the color red and change their party name to the Socialist Party—gee, I wonder why they don’t do that….. (Sarc/off)….

    • Orange is the colour of the Texas University Horned Cattle, I believe. Communists use red. However, old Soviet Art posters did use orange. The relationship between this Texas university and Communists is pointed out by their joint enemies known as the GO AGGIES!

      • Fernando– Yes, red is the main color used to denote leftism, but orange is also a commonly used color in many countries.
        Yes, I can imagine associating orange with communism/socialism may not be that popular in Austin Texas, however,…… Austin is the most left-leaning district in the entire state of Texas…, I’m just sayin’…
        Thankfully, Texas is still THE most conservative state in all of the US…. Texas also has one of the strongest economies in the US…
        Gee…. I wonder if there is a causal relationship…

  19. This is straight-out Orwell’s Newspeak: “paid volunteers”, a total corruption of language to give an image of one thing while it is it’s opposite.
    It’s not black if I say it is basaltic white.

  20. Do you think the organizers of the 38th Annual Columbus Avenue Street Fair were happy or unhappy with an invasion of thousands of bused-in protesters down the street from their event?

    • Well, it seems many of the protesters will have $50 bucks to spend. Then there are 500-some bus drivers that have some time to kill and will need a bit of lunch while waiting for their load of protesters to finish up. It just might be a win for the Street Fair vendors.

  21. Watching the live feed from the PCM website, some folks flew in from Ireland, other countries too, oh the hypocrisy to fly a jet to this event, to take a diesel bus to this event, to drive a car to this event!!

  22. THOUSANDS ATTEND the Toronto Climate Action March.
    Okay, maybe 300 with some stragglers coming in when I left. I have pictures of the “crowd”. I cannot wait to see how the media reports it.

    • Can’t wait to see the pictures.
      I’ve told this story before, but my father ran an errand on his lunch hour, crossing ahead of “thousands of anti-Vietnam-war protesters” and crossing back behind them. Had the march been as big as claimed, he should have been hours late getting back to work. Ha.

    • “Why so many smiling faces ?”
      If the march were held in Colorado, I could explain it, though they’d need to offer a lot more than $50 just to offset the munchies required by the paid volunteers.

  23. Given that they are only offering fifty dollars, my guess is that the ad is targeted at people who were already planning to go on the march. So it isn’t really a case of creating a bogus crowd.

    • So you make a guess, and state your case based on that guess…
      You have the makings of a “climate scientist”.

  24. I for one and VERY happy to see these people show up just in time for the November election season! Just remember, if you want these left wing, extremist progressives to take over, then vote Democrat. Maybe someone should make a commercial…

  25. Striking similarities to the hippie idiots on top of the Empire State building welcoming the aliens right before they got destroyed.

  26. This tactic was extensively used by Hugo Chavez, till it stopped working and the money got scarce. Then they discovered plastic bullets were cheaper.
    And I’m guessing very few will see their $50. Pity the pinheads.

  27. If I were the evil fossil industry, I would stop delivering for a week or two, just to show those clowns how life feels without it.

  28. “Volunteer” can mean paid workers, like soldiers who volunteer. That is reasonable and honorable. “Volunteer” in the context of soliciting paid workers for a propaganda movie promotion is an oxymoron. And since the point of the movie is to increase climate fear, the emphasis should be on “moron”.

  29. The crowd seemed a mixed bag of other-supported individuals and non-profit groups without a lot of sh*t to do on a Sunday.

  30. Visiting Edinburgh for the weekend, their climate march was a very sad affair indeed as we basked in the lovely late September sunshine.

  31. We need a $15 minimum wage and Labor Department enforcement of it for paid volunteers. I’m sure our dear leaders will get right on it.

  32. Hey! Why don’t us Villagers make our own demonstrations. We’re in the majority. The planet’s cooling. Science is on our side. And we can have really grim expressions to show how happy we are that there is no Climate Crisis

    • That’s an European Green Party propaganda crowd. The British greens seem to be very radical. I haven’t seen any Green Party types here in Spain. Here the left is either Socialists, communists, or a party financed by the Venezuelan dictatorship known as Podemos.

      • So, if there are no climate loons in Spain, who decided to blow so much gov’t money on useless windmills that the economy’s collapsing? Iberdrola’s from Spain, and they’re one of the biggest green scam companies there are in the U.S.

  33. From one frame to another, the climate is relatively chaotic. Otherwise, it’s the weather which is chaotic. Fortunately, we live in semi-stable state with tolerable variance. It’s the activists who are intolerable.
    Make life, not abortion.

  34. With 60 BILLION food animals on the planet, this should be our first step in the Climate March!
    “As environmental science has advanced, it has become apparent that the human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future: deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.” Worldwatch Institute, “Is Meat Sustainable?”
    “If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetables and grains… the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads.” Environmental Defense Fund
    “A 1% reduction in world-wide meat intake has the same benefit as a three trillion-dollar investment in solar energy.” ~ Chris Mentzel, CEO of Clean Energy
    There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other. But no one wants to talk about it… http://cowspiracy.com
    Step by Step Guide: How to Transition to a Vegan Diet http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/step-by-step-guide-how-to-transition-to-vegan-diet/

    • Idiotic, vegan diets are downright dangerous, they cause critical nutritional deficiencies and particularly fertility problem in women. They predispose you to significant disease potential. Vegan diets should NEVER, EVER be attempted unsupervised, they can kill you.
      Your promotion of this is unethical, and Anthony by rights should remove your posting.

    • Paleo type diet saved my life. I went from a 250+ tub of lard to 185 pound, muscular 61 year old,
      that now easily passes a 2nd Class (US) Physical for my commercial pilot’s license.
      Vegan diets make you a carbohydrate sculpture…

      • Diet makes muscle? Post it!! I like my veggies the old fashioned way: already processed in my steak. Grill the steak, then remove the fat and give to the dog, it’s good for his coat. As an aside, I do love my peaches. I am an omnivore, after all.

    • “If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetables and grains… the carbon dioxide savings…”
      Pointless being**:
      1) Global Warming is not occurring. You can’t fool Mother Nature.
      2) Global Warming is a Sham. U.N. leaders let cat out of bag, when they called for redistribution of wealth under guise of Carbon Taxes. There is big dollars in promoting Green, along with lucrative funding for AGW Climatologists.
      3) Physics shows CO2 can not impact Earth’s Temperatures as claimed by AGW Alarmists. CO2’s effects are logarithmic and declining. There is a limited amount of IR light for CO2 to interact with.
      4) Man-made CO2 as GHG is nearly insignificant (0.2%) compared to Water Vapor effects (95%) as GHG.
      5) Levels of CO2 have reached 400 ppm, yet Earth’s temperatures have not increased, and instead slightly declined. Hide that Decline Mann, truncate that Hockey Stick.
      Suggestion: Next time you decide to Promote PETA / Vegan diet, don’t base your argument on a false hood.
      PS: I had BEEF for dinner last night and tonight.
      **Apologies to fellow WUWT readers for beating same drums again, but Science and Facts come very slowly to AGWers.

    • Falsehoods and fabrications spread by clueless and very gullible oddballs.
      Humans are extremely inefficient at processing plants. Nor are humans capable of easily achieving the required daily nutrients through vegetative means alone.
      Ruminants are extremely efficient at transforming plant roughage into healthy dietary components for humans. Fowls are also extremely efficient at insect consumption and rapidly turning that diet into human nourishing meat. Chickens qualify as one of the earliest animals domesticated for human benefit along with various ruminants, porcine (genus Sus) critters, duck, goose and even the guinea pig (Cavia). A domestication process originating separately around the globe thousands of years ago.
      Since you disavow the benefits of meat and the entire meat growing environment, perhaps you should sieze your future health and undertake growing all of your own personal dietary requirements? Add to your challenge the realization that a majority of our land surface fails arable status wherefore you should seek ways to overcome this deficiency by bringing previously non arable land into arable status with innovative crops or sustainable farming practices.
      Meanwhile, we who are proud to inherit our ancestors wisdom and hard won education will unashamedly consume meat from animals that can happily thrive where humans can not grow crops.

  35. Between 1,000 and 2,000 in Brussels for the “climate march”. About 100 times more walking and biking through Brussels on the car-free day today and enjoying the many music groups everywhere and open monuments where several may be visited only today…

  36. On the whole, it looks like a smashing success. A Twitter home run.
    Not exactly home grown, however:
    From NYT
    Nearly 500 buses brought marchers from South Carolina, Kansas, Minnesota and Canada, while a “climate train” transported participants from California.
    No speeches were planned, but the march was to end with a block party on 11th Avenue between 34th and 38th Streets.

      • I would say they got between 150 and 200 thousand (I’m familiar because I used to live in Venezuela where protests are very common). That’s a really nice turn out for this type of event. But if they want to pack real political punch they have to win the USA congress. And I understand that’s a very tall job. Otherwise the demonstrators gathered in one place have to number 2 to 3 million.

      • That has got to be the largest assemblage of deluded humanity I’ve ever seen.
        We’ve got our work cut out for us.

      • That’s the start of the parade at upper CPW. Looks like all the groups assembling. The upper right corner of the park in this picture is Columbus Circle and you can see the crowd isn’t there yet, you can see street.
        This isn’t bigger than the crowd that comes out for Thanksgiving. You can slice that crowd you’re looking at vertically and place them on either side of the road (on the sidewalk and the parkside) and you wouldn’t have nearly enough for Thanksgiving, which would continue all the way to Macy’s.
        How many seats in a bus? 500 x ? = ?
        Ditto the train cars?
        [50 per bus? .mod]

      • I should be more quantitative since this is a science blog. I counted between 10 -15 people across from the two pictures. Lets give it a generous 20. They are striding out comfortably so there is at least 1 m between rows. So twenty people by the length of Central Park (4000 m) is 80 000. Its hard to see but the protest seems to peter out less than 1 km away. 20 000 gets homogenized to 300 000? Why am I not surprised.

      • vicgallus September 21, 2014 at 4:39 pm
        […] So twenty people by the length of Central Park (4000 m) is 80 000.

        I don’t think you can even use the length of Central Park, which extends from 59th to 125th. The staging areas are around 83rd, 82nd, traditionally, because of the 86th cross-park drive for people coming in from Queens and Long island, and a convenient little neighborhood park. So Rasey’s photo at September 21, 2014 at 12:34 pm looks to me to start around there. It’s about 20-25 blocks from 59th.

      • Any guesses where the shot from the 12:34 pm post was taken?
        Here is my Google Earth guess: Based upon rough location and the red brick decoration between windows, I think the a strong candidate is the Kenilworth Building at 40°46’42.4″N 73°58’28.2″W, NW corner of Central Park West and W 75th street. It isn’t a perfect match from street view. The windows don’t look ornate enough in the photo.
        Pure Google Earth guess work. I’ve never been closer to Central Park than La Guardia.

      • Another Google Earth location candidate, and probably the best one,
        40°47’0.99″N 73°58’14.55″W, NW Corner of W 83rd Street and Central Park West..
        I’m not happy with the match of the brick work, but it looks like the photo is 2-3 blocks north of the Natural History museum. The museum is the only place where there are trees on both sides of CPW.
        (Reposted to put it in thread)

      • @policycritic – I thought that it was about 1km long. From what you said, that would be a maximum of 2 km long or 40 000 people. A satellite picture shows that the street is less than 10 m wide. This would make the density of people that I used around that of a packed stadium (an old one) so more likely there were only 15 per metre of length.

      • So what does the other direction look like, which would tell you the size of it better? Everyone is walking in the street, and it’s six or eight blocks FROM the park. The sidewalk on the right is fairly empty. Usually jam-packed with regular NYC parades.
        The kicker is that they didn’t do it during the week. New Yorkers are notorious for getting out on parade days–that means Sundays–and seeing what’s going on, like the Puerto Rican Day parade and Gay Pride Day.

    • Another Google Earth location candidate, and probably the best one,
      40°47’0.99″N 73°58’14.55″W, NW Corner of W 83rd Street and Central Park West..
      I’m not happy with the match of the brick work, but it looks like the photo is 2-3 blocks north of the Natural History museum. The museum is the only place where there are trees on both sides of CPW.

  37. Oxymoron: Paidvolunteer.
    But where are the “people of color” in the march? I think they could use the cash just as much as whites.

  38. Pay people 50 bucks to promote a march to implement policies that will cost them a lot more than 50 bucks if implemented.

    • Nah, won’t cost these burdens on society a penny. But it will cost those of us who work for a living, scrimp, save, live with in our means, and pay our Taxes (along with additional Taxes that others should be paying but are not).

    • Even it there were really 100,000 or even 300,000, so what? What is the population of NYC? How many of them actually live in NYC? They hardly add up to “The Million Mom March”. Even that needed a bit of media manipulated multiplication to reach a million. (Maybe they used a computer model?)

      • At the last Simon and Garfunkel concert in Central Park, 500,000 people showed up.
        Apparently, catastrophic global warming isn’t that much of a concern to the New Yorkers if all they could get for the march was, at most, using THEIR numbers, 300,000.

    • DJ says:
      The mainstream media is proclaiming 100,000 protestors …..
      Huffpo is mainstream??
      They are a blog. It’s not like they’re the NY/LA Times, or Fox, or CNN.
      And huffpo is a far-Left blog. So naturally you’re going to get far-Left propaganda. That’s how it works. If they say 100,000, take it with a big lump of salt.

  39. Tried to watch their livestream for a while but when a Mr. McKibben announced a minute of silence for the victims of climate change, I couldn’t stand it any longer.

  40. The BBC are claiming “tens of thousands” marched in London – many dressed as animals!
    They put the success of the marches down to the organizational power of the social media site Avaaz.
    With comments on the main news from Emma Thompson (an actress of sorts) claiming there are 22 million climate refugees, plus from Ban Ki-moon: “This is the planet where our subsequent generations will live. There is no ‘Plan B,’ because we do not have ‘Planet B.'” (??). It all sounds “lurvly”.
    But it must be worse than we thought as last week they appointed Leonardo DiCaprio as a UN representative on climate change. (I gather he is an actor of sorts).

    • Amos Mclean – “With comments on the main news from Emma Thompson (an actress of sorts) claiming there are 22 million climate refugees…”
      Apparently she also likened the threat of climate change to that of a Martian invasion! I know she was in MIB3, but does she really have the life experience to know that?
      However I do agree that the ‘threat’ of climate change is like a Martian invasion in that:
      1. There isn’t any threat.
      2. It’s not keeping me awake at night.

    • Emma Thompson (an actress of sorts)

      She’s a very good actress. And an Oscar winning screen writer too.
      Just because we disagree with her views on climate change doesn’t mean we should be rude about her talents.
      That’s just impolite.

  41. If they were passionate about the cause, they would not need to paid. Another factor to bear in mind-Conservatives typically do not have time to attend rallies-they are too busy working to pay the taxes to support those with no brains (have to be told how to think.) Thus, they have plenty of time to attend such rallies.

  42. Yesterday a bunch of climate campaigners stood in the pouring rain to complain about climate change. We had 35 mm of rain and we are pretty close to the long term average for the year. The day before we had the hottest day in September ever, however I no longer trust such “records” given the the Bureau of Meteorology have been homogenising them. People actually took their small children out in the cold and the wet to listen to other people complain about how hot it’s getting.

  43. This is a purely political exercise. Even the most positive spin doesn’t make it look like there are enough people involved to have much of an impact.

  44. Our local NBC affiliate loving covered the march but the headline was “Marching for Climate Change”. OOPS! I loved the sign that said fracking was killing the bumblebees. And the lighting that made the Rio De Janeiro “Christ the Redeemer” statue green. Guess it’s true, you can fool some people all the time.

    • RACookPE1978
      Competition to present the most outrageous falsehood is not a good way to win an argument or to convince others that you have a case worth hearing.
      You make the ridiculous assertion that “175,000,000” have been killed by “by socialism under all of its ugly names”. Your silly assertion is as ridiculous as the “22 million climate refugees”.
      We know as fact that in the last century the extreme right arrested socialists and murdered them in German death camps while communists in Russia were also murdering them. History is replete with examples of such atrocities, but I know of no case of such activities by socialists.

      • You are aware that “NAZI” was short for the National Socialist Party, right? And that Communism and socialism are close cousins?

      • Richard;
        Fascism and Socialism are both forms of statism and collectivism. Both seek the enslavement and subordination of individual initiative and talent to the will of the state. Both are tyrannical and totalitarian. In practice, both require crony capitalism and corporatism to survive, and both ultimately foster control of the masses by a political, financial and industrial elite who make all the rules. In such regimes the individual has very few if any rights, and little control over their lives. History shows us that is where all people who call themselves “Socialists” are headed.

      • Jbird
        NO! Your post consists solely of flagrant falsehoods.
        Socialism is an extreme form of individualism. Your attempt to pretend socialism is communism is extremely offensive.
        I and other socialists are the antithesis of your assertions. We leave that kind of behaviour to gun-toting Americans in schools.

    • Cowcharge
      You are aware that the ultra-right lead by H1tler rounded up socialists and tried to kill them, right?
      Communism and socialism are also very different and that is why Stal1n tried to exterminate socialists.
      Please keep charge of your cows and leave discussion of political philosophies to those who know what they are.

      • Richards,
        Ahem, Hitler was a socialist himself. A National Socialist which meant that he controlled the state and everything else that affected the population. He was a totalitarian socialist – no government by the people for the people but government by Hitler for Hitler.
        Communists were sent to death camps along with “political dissidents”, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jews, inmates of mental institutions and anyone else who was denounced by ones good NAZI neighbors.
        Stalin was very like Hitler, He use communism to cement his power and also got rid of anyone he didn’t like or he felt threatened by. Collectivization was used to further cement his power.
        so·cial·ism noun \ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm\
        : a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

        Do either Hitler’s regime or Stalin’s fall outside this definition? (Merriam Webster)

      • rogerthesurf
        H1tler was NOT a socialist: he was a fascist who rounded up socialists and exterminated them.
        The ultra-right have always tried to smear their opponents by saying

        Hitler was a socialist himself. A National Socialist which meant that he controlled the state and everything else that affected the population. He was a totalitarian socialist – no government by the people for the people but government by Hitler for Hitler.

        Except for the final quoted sentence, that is how the Naz1s them selves misrepresented themselves. And as you demonstrate, that ultra-right propaganda has not changed nearly a century later.
        I don’t care how you choose to misrepresent a definition in one dictionary.
        Using the descriptive short hand of Marx
        is the principle of ‘To each according to need and from each according to ability.
        is the principle of ‘To all according to need and from all according to ability.
        is the principle of ‘To all according to government dictate and from all according to government dictate.
        Enough of your ultra-right propaganda. This thread is about “Paid volunteers for the NYC Climate March”: it is NOT intended as an opportunity for the ultra-right to pretend that H1tler was some kind of socialist and a ‘good guy’.

      • Eric
        This thread has had a Fascist supporting Naz11sm, a Marxist spouting Marx, and now you spouting Lenin promoting Communism. And you all do it in attempt to pretend your objectionable opinions are socialism. THEY ARE NOT!

      • You can call the Nazis “ultra-right” all you want. It doesn’t change the truth about what they were: Intrusive big gov’t, nationalized industry, and loss of civil rights. Every citizen worked for the gov’t, just like you want here. Calling socialism an “extreme form of individualism” is laughable. And I’ll discuss whatever I choose, whenever I choose. You haven’t yet erased ALL free speech, commie.

        • LOL. You know nothing of my political views except what you have read here, in this thread. So your calling me ultra-right is pretty funny, like most things ultra-lefties say (at least, when they are powerless to implement their moonbat ideas).

      • Richards,
        Where did I say Hitler was a good guy?
        Oh I get it, Socialists are good guys therefore as Hitler was bad he couldn’t have been a socialist.

      • Cowcharge and rogerthesurf
        Do you fasci1sts really think you convince anyone with your nonsense? You cannot because to this day your predecessors are so despised that we have Godwin’s Law.
        Cowcharge, you call a socialist – i.e. me – a “commie” then write to me saying

        LOL. You know nothing of my political views except what you have read here, in this thread. So your calling me ultra-right is pretty funny, like most things ultra-lefties say (at least, when they are powerless to implement their moonbat ideas).

        What more evidence of your “political views” does anybody need your those words you have posted here? My family lost everything in a World War that began in 1939 to rid the world of your predecessors and their activities. We would fight again.
        rogerthesurf, you ask and assert

        Where did I say Hitler was a good guy?
        Oh I get it, Socialists are good guys therefore as Hitler was bad he couldn’t have been a socialist.

        No! Don’t pretend to be an idiot as a smokescreen for your malign political propaganda.
        H1tler was NOT a socialist: he was a fasc1st.
        By claiming H1tler was a socialist you try to bring your hero into the realms of political acceptability.
        Cowcharge and rogerthesurf, please return to whatever primordial slime from which you guys have crawled. This thread is NOT about your contemptible politics.

        • “My family lost everything in a World War that began in 1939 to rid the world of your predecessors and their activities. We would fight again.”
          At least now you’re brave enough to admit your family sided with the Nazis and helped start WW2. Well both my parents fought in that war to rid the world of YOUR socialist predecessors (albeit in the Pacific). And yes, we would fight again as well. So go ahead and start another war, and we’ll kick your butts just like last time.

      • Cowcharge
        You have gone too far!
        Clearly, there is nothing you fascists will not stoop to.
        My family were blitzed by the Luftwaffe in the fight against your hero, H1tler, and you try to pretend they were supporting your fascist views.
        You are not worth the effort of spitting at.

        • You’re the one who said it was started “to rid the world of your predecessors and their activities.” It was started by the Nazis. And you’re still trying to “rid the world” of the people who built this country: The independent-minded and the industrious.

      • “H1tler was NOT a socialist: he was a fasc1st.
        By claiming H1tler was a socialist you try to bring your hero into the realms of political acceptability.”

        It appears my previous assertion about your thinking is correct.
        I am beginning to think that your attitude is proving to be “outside the realms of political acceptability”.
        You have no idea what you are talking about. I respectfully suggest that you study these things closely after you graduate from high school.

  45. Socialism is the CURE to climate change? Are these people for real? In terms of killing large numbers of people maybe.

      • RACookPE1978
        You assert that “175,000,000” have been killed by socialism. I assume you are referring to exterminated malarial mosquitoes because socialism has killed no person.

      • RACookPE1978
        You assert

        175,000,000 innocents have been killed by socialism’s demand for abortion since 1980.

        Where, when and how did socialism “demand for abortion”?
        Where was this demand implemented and by whom?
        How did you learn of this astonishing secret plot which has killed “175,000,000” unidentified “innocents” of whom nobody has heard?
        Additionally, are you frightened of “socialists” under your bed at night?
        You go on from that madness by writing this

        I was actually totaling those killed by Stalin-Lenin-et al since 1917 across the Soviet Union of Socialist States, those murdered under Chinese Socialist communism (57 – 63 millions, plus as many more aborted under their policies since their formation in the 40’s), plus those killed under Cambodia’s socialist communism (3-4 millions) plus those killed under Germany’s national socialist agendas of external war and internal genocide (12 millions).

        It may have escaped your notice that those were COMMUNIST regimes and that “Germany’s national socialist” party was FASC1ST. Not one of them was socialist.

        Locally, the progressive-liberal-socialists in the US democrat party promote those 57,000,000 US citizens killed since 1973 as their proudest achievement and most holy rite.

        Perhaps you could search for the bodies of the “57,000,000 US citizens” whom you say have been killed by a section of the US democrat party since 1973. That’s a big number so the bodies should be littering the streets.

    • Well, you are right: 175,000,000 innocents have been killed by socialism’s demand for abortion since 1980.
      I was actually totaling those killed by Stalin-Lenin-et al since 1917 across the Soviet Union of Socialist States, those murdered under Chinese Socialist communism (57 – 63 millions, plus as many more aborted under their policies since their formation in the 40’s), plus those killed under Cambodia’s socialist communism (3-4 millions) plus those killed under Germany’s national socialist agendas of external war and internal genocide (12 millions). Locally, the progressive-liberal-socialists in the US democrat party promote those 57,000,000 US citizens killed since 1973 as their proudest achievement and most holy rite.
      I do understand that you (personally) as a libertarian in the actual sense of the term – do not believe that political socialism IS the party making the roots of communism, national socialism, tribal dictatorships in Africa, and religious theocracies through the Muslim world. ALL socialist societies oppose democracy and freedom as the threat they are to enslavement and government dictates.
      Its just that the UK’s socialism and the US’s democratic party are not quite as far: They are only at the Bread and Circus” stage now, because the former workers and capitalists still working can withstand the socialist parasites within. For now. For a little while.

      • Ooops!
        I have replied to this ludicrous twaddle but it has not posted in the right place in this nested system. Assuming it comes out of moderation, my reply to RACookPE1978 is immediately above his nonsense.

  46. There are lots of fools out there for anyone who wishes to whip up a fools parade. FOX reports 310,000 marchers turned out and it looks to me like an awful lot of people participated. Do the math. I don’t know what the truth of the matter actually is, but I do know that an “inconvenient truth” does not justify a lie and a lie sullies the liar and his cause.

  47. Greens: Climate march shatters record

    Organizers initially estimated that the march had drawn 310,000 people, then raised that estimate to nearly 400,000 — far exceeding their projections of 100,000 attendees and making the procession through midtown Manhattan by far the largest climate-related protest in history. New York police did not offer their own crowd count.
    Participants waved flags, pounded on drums and carried signs that said “No More Climate Change”[…]
    The march was organized by more than 1,500 groups and spearheaded by 350.org,


    • “Organizers initially estimated that the march had drawn 310,000 people, ”
      In another words, about 3,100 people. Knowing it was “Organizers” who did the estimating and factoring in these are AGW Alarmists who are experts at Cherry Picking and Biasing.

    • Of course, let’s just accept the count of the organizers of the darn thing. They wouldn’t have any reason to inflate their numbers, nuh-uh. LOL

  48. Robert B, I know that stadium when I see it, even in a thumbnail!
    As an aside, although I am not a vegan, I am amused to note the claim that vegan diets are “dangerous” when not supervised. That is true for all diets, actually. Why are so many people sick?
    It’s so easy to rationalise how safe the status quo is and how unsafe new ideas are. Cars are “dangerous” too. But I’d rather drive a car than make an animal do my dirty work. Horses ought to be free.
    Vicgallus, the extrapolation from 80,000 to 300,000 is done by peer reviewed, established methods. You don’t understand the science. /sarc
    Amos, DiCaprio probably genuinely thinks he’s doing some Good. I dare say he’s being taken for a sucker. It is not too difficult to convince somebody that their contribution to a given cause is paramount. Flattery works. It’s how the ‘honey trap’ works. Every time… 😉

  49. Question for all those “People’s Climate March”ers:
    Did you paid Marchers hold your breaths? Being Obama & EPA have declared CO2 is Hazardous Pollutant.
    CO2, a Hazardous Pollutant — ya just can’t fix stupids…

    • Sadly, I agree with you.
      It is possible for people to be wrong about something but earnest and idealistic.
      A lot of commenters on this article refuse to accept that people who have a different view to their own may not be evil.

  50. Best not underestimate 350.org and its cohorts, who have demonstrated today their ability to mobilize large numbers of disparate groups for “ecosocialist” action.
    Ludicrous slogans like No More Climate Change illustrate how easy it is to manipulate well-meaning, but less-than-astute zealots, who are further motivated by the chance to wear the team colors of those saving Planet Earth. The mantle of self-righteousness is a ready fit.
    Bear in mind that closely guarded fact about the United States that shocked President Dwight D. Eisenhower when divulged to him by one of his advisers back in the mid 50s:
    Fully half the American population has a below-average IQ.

    • This is a handsome typeface, but the (tail on the) capital Q looks like it was done by an over-caffeinated intern while the real typographers were out to lunch.

    • The statement that fully half of the population has a below average IQ. would mean that no one actually had average IQ., when actually more people have average IQ. than any other particular IQ.

      • Yes, this is correct. But the story goes that the misstated stat really upset Ike. Some apparently would draw a vertical line through the peak of the bell shaped curve at its midpoint and declare that those to the left of the line are below average, while those to its right are above-average. More realistically, average includes a short range of scores, perhaps 10 to 30 points. If the range is 10, that would include just over 1/3 the population who score between 96 and 105, with about 30% below that, and c35% above.

    • “No More Climate Change ” LOL!
      Lets be concise and make it, “No More Change!”
      Yes, thats it, lets organize a march for “No More Change!”. I bet we can get get at least 10,000 people to attend.

  51. I noticed the flag some of the ‘protestors’ were carrying: “climate change is the symptom, capitalism is the disease, socialism is the answer.” I would prefer they keep their answer to themselves. As of the late ’80’s (the latest that I have figures for) the sub-genre of Socialism known as communism was responsible for over one hundred million deaths.

    • Richard Patton
      I do wish that people would stay real in this thread.
      Communism is NOT a “sub-genre of Socialism” and the two political philosophies are diametrically opposed: indeed, communist countries have attempted to systematically exterminate socialists.

      • richardscourtney on September 22, 2014 at 1:46 am
        @Richard Patton
        – – – – – – – – – –
        To resolve the difference of the socialist opinions of yours versus those with critical different opinions, here is a suggestion.
        I suggest we trace the history of ideas on both socialism and communism wrt to their root concept of collectivism. I suggest there will be a result where total socialism is ideologically synonymous with communism and further that socialism will necessarily creep from partial to total socialism by the nature of collectivism’s means to an end.
        I think the search starts in the late dark ages and/or early medieval age.

    • John Whitman
      The earliest attempt at communism of which I am aware is recorded in the Biblical Book of Acts.
      Socialism was invented by the Toll Puddle Martyrs centuries after the Middle Ages. Hence, your suggestion is impossible.

    • richardscourtney says:
      September 22, 2014 at 12:20 pm
      @John Whitman
      The earliest attempt at communism of which I am aware is recorded in the Biblical Book of Acts.
      Socialism was invented by the Toll Puddle Martyrs centuries after the Middle Ages. Hence, your suggestion is impossible.

      – – – – – – – – – –
      A goal to have clear formulation is achievable.
      For a review of the history of ideas in our area of interest, then agreed to definitions is a good place to start. I suggest these:
      government – a citizen or a body of citizens who have achieved, by whatever means, the physical power to enforce or encourage certain kinds of human action in some citizens and prevent other kinds of human action in some citizens.
      collectivism – a moral system (ethics) based on the principle that the greatest values in a society are determined by benefits of groups of citizens; collectivism bridges from ethics to politics by placing individual resources and the individual lives themselves into a subservient role to groups in government action.
      socialism – a form of government based in principle on implementation of collectivism where the level of implementation can range from significant to total.
      communism – a form of government based on total implementation of collectivism to every conceivable aspect of human life.
      I suggest the start of our study of the history of ideas on socialism and communism to be in the post deep Dark Age era in Europe. It is the causes of the development of ideas that lead to the renaissance (of classical knowledge) that contains the practical cause of our modern Western civilization. Therefore I suggest starting our study with the very last part of the Dark Age and the very earliest part of the Medieval Age. Other start points could be used.
      So, based on the above I ask to consider whether any of these were any combination of collectivism, socialism or communism: (1) the very real total society power (government) of the Catholic Church in the late Dark Age; (2) Medieval Feudal government in early Medieval Age; (3) the Byzantine Orthodox government that reigned during the Western European late Dark Age to early Medieval Age; (4) vestiges of tribal government near the eastern borders of Eastern Europe or in North Africa or in the Near East.
      We can possibly go from any occurrence of any combination of collectivism, socialism there to looking in the renaissance, then to looking in the enlightenment, then to looking in the reformation then on to looking in the last several hundred years.

  52. I continue to ask the marchers to turn off their electricity and stop driving. That is what they are marching for. Sad to learn that they don’t know they can do that.

  53. Wall Street Journal describes the organized ‘climate march in New York City’ as including ‘tens of thousands’ of marchers. A very long way from hundreds of thousands.
    The organizers claim that worldwide several hundred thousand people marched in support.
    Too [many] experts in and around New York City are able to accurately gauge crowd sizes for any marcher overstatement to long survive.
    Perhaps the organizers do not expect anyone will try and ‘check’ the global claim for march participants?
    Since when does anybody actually have to march before participating in a free food and drink block party.
    I wonder if the block party served meat free hot dogs and burgers? If so, I expect the block party fizzled and lost participants fast.

  54. It is late at night and I am shutting down, so I have jumped over many postings and hope that I am not duplicating another posting.
    I have listened to CBC radio news at 1900, 2200, 2300 and 0100 tonight and the first item each time has been a lengthy presentation of the climate march, particularly the one in NYC. During the 0100 news, and maybe some others, “climate change” was particularly slanted toward unusual weather. Also, the genuine pollution of Chinese air was dragged into the discussion as being related to “climate change”. The cure to all these problems was (let’s hear the chorus) “reduction of greenhouse gases”.
    As Goethe said, “There is nothing so frightening as ignorance in action.”
    Ian M

  55. Re the last picture in your post.
    “End Capitalisim before it ends us”:
    “Climate Change is the Symptom – Capitalisim is the disease – Socialism is the Answer”

    I am horrified!
    I never thought I would see the day when there is a socialist/communist march in AMERICA!
    What planet are these people on and how has this foolishness got into the population?
    Don’t they teach in American schools what happened in Russia with the collectivization of the Kulaks and the situation in China in the early 60’s when the food ran out.

    • rogerthesurf
      September 21, 2014 at 10:26 pm
      Re the last picture in your post.
      “End Capitalisim before it ends us”:
      “Climate Change is the Symptom – Capitalisim is the disease – Socialism is the Answer”
      They didn’t say socialism is the correct answer.

  56. The New York Times, of course, went all gaga over the Climate March….
    I tried twice to post some interesting empirical evidence in the comment section of NYT’s article, but the NYT gatekeepers deleted them…
    I guess the NYT doesn’t want their readers confused by the evidence as facts are such stubborn things…

  57. Well, the AVAAZ Climate marchers have admitted that they want socialism.
    That’s a first step for them to come out of the closet.
    We knew all along.
    But great that they admit it.
    Could they please name their Beloved Leader so that we can enter into negotiations?

  58. The day after the marches, there seems to be a stunned silence hanging over the Village. A realization that, despite using the whole of yesterday on defamation and talking numbers down, it was quite a show. It’s now we really appreciate the security of our little isolated community. We all need a good warm dose of mutual affirmation.

    • Hey, just ask Leo Di Caprio, he’ll give you one of his Carribean Islands so you can create your Global Warming Socialism as a demonstration for us blockheads to follow; we’ll wait for your first 5 year plan.

  59. I suppose that abominable Mann must have been doing the maths. And they are as correct as his hokey pokey schtick. Give him an Ig-Nobel price.

  60. Don’t the attendance figures have to be adjusted up though (for scientific purposes you know) giving a total of 400 billion people attended the marches.

    • Ultimately on the Daily KOS it will be revealed that twice the population of the entire Earth attended the march.

  61. Hmmm? Arguing, some quite rudely, about the numbers seems a bit redundant … there is a general consensus that ‘something must be done’ … but then again, there always is. Decrying the desire for a better world just because you believe the prescription is wrong achieves nothing but alienating those that you would better off convincing. The AGW scam works precisely because rational exchange is lacking, not because the ‘other-side’ is more ignorant than you …eg, the remedial discussion[sic] on socialism, veganism etc does not endear [me] to the users of this – generally quite good – site. Even if only 50 000 people turned up that is obviously a positive because it sets a precedent for the next time (show me any mass movement in history that started off at full tilt?). Any undecided reading the comments here will have been dismayed by the – actually – nasty atmosphere (no pun intended) and arrogance of those who – actually – believe that their lifestyles are the normal[sic] ones.

  62. It’s no Glenn Beck rally. I would have thought they could muster a few more Liberal Hipster Doofuses that wanted to dress up, see a celebrity, collect $50, or show off their anti-capitalist conviction. Did I leave someone out? Oh yeah, a few alarmists.

  63. One person paying people to shill for his movie is hardly enough evidence to state that the march was made up of “paid volunteers.” Which I do not even know what that means, when I volunteered, I never got paid.
    The producer or direrctor of the movie obvioulsly thought this was an opportunity to get paying people in theater seats with target marketing. Maybe disconcerting to socialists in the crowd, but it is capitalism at its best.
    Regardless, this particular article seems like shrill propaganda, opposite but similar to the claims of organizers on the numbers actually marching. Ulitmately it doesn’t matter, except to the organizers who are making a living off of this type of activism.

  64. Damn who believes this idiotic article? Do you have any reading comprehension whatsoever? If you were trying to advertise a climate change television series, what do you think a good target audience would be? Hmmmm…any clues? Keep thinking…..ahhh, its just too hard for you isn’t it. Do you really think the producers of this show give a damn about a few extra people attending this rally? They are trying to get viewers.

    • I’m glad there’s at least one commenter who isn’t a complete fucking moron. 90% of the comments on this page are from stupid people bred on misinformation. Just the kind of misinformation this page is spreading.
      The advert is calling for people to distribute promotional leaflets at a large protest. It does not seek to hire ‘stooge’ protestors in order to bolster numbers.

  65. I’m confused. HuffPo headline says there were “hundreds of thousands” in the headline, but in the link to the video below states “thousands”. Tweets below the article state 400,000.
    Articles here say only a few hundred. How can there be so much confusion about the actual number?

  66. There is some slight of hand going on.
    300,000 people was originally tied to total of the world wide events.
    NYC was at least 40,000 and maybe 150,000. But even if you put 3 people per square meter (try it for very long), have a 15 meter wide street, you can only get 45 people per meter, or 45,000 people per km. The geometry of the streets and buildings constrains the upper limit.
    So what you do is associate NYC with the world. Use the world’s 300,000, and presto…. 300,000 in NYC in the implication.

  67. While Communists and useful idiots are marching and demanding solution to non-existing problems, India delivered a Mars orbiter for US$75M. “There is something rotten in Denmark”
    When India’s Mars Orbiter Mission went into orbit around the Red Planet, the achievement made good on a boast as big as Bollywood.
    “Our program stands out as the most cost-effective,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a June visit to mission control in Bangalore. “There is this story of our Mars mission costing less than the Hollywood movie ‘Gravity.’ … Our scientists have shown the world a new paradigm of engineering and the power of imagination.”
    The $74 million Mars Orbiter Mission, also known by the acronym MOM or the Hindi word Mangalyaan (“Mars-Craft”), didn’t just cost less than the $100 million Hollywood blockbuster starring Sandra Bullock. The price tag is a mere one-ninth of the cost of NASA’s $671 million Maven mission, which also put its spacecraft into Mars orbit this week.

  68. This is clearly a diss info website.
    1) ppl that aren’t trying to sway you won’t call the other side “idiots”.
    2) these ppl aren’t claiming to be “gassed”. They are protesting climate control, based on reasonable and abundant evidence. (Another tactic to make the other side seem silly and stupid)
    3) 50 bucks won’t get someone outa bed these days, let alone on the street looking incredibly enthused.
    4) that’s a really nice craigslist ad, but the ppl photographed aren’t handing out flyers.
    5) is it reasonable to think the news WOULDNT cover a story of hundreds of thousands of ppl being paid? Either way, it doesn’t add up.
    6) this isn’t even worth an argument. The truth is findable with research. Dear, guy running this site? Have you done no research on the weather control crisis? Do you not pay attention to the sky above your very head?
    Lastly, I would like to know who’s payroll you are on. If diss info is your objective, just know, you are on the losing team so if I were you, id demand a raise 🌏🙏💛✌️

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