The 'good IT fairy' follows the 'Secret Santa' IPCC AR5 leak

People send me stuff. Yesterday in the major WUWT story More IPCC AR5: THE SECRET SANTA LEAK  Donna asked:

If anyone has the technical skill to make all of this data available – and searchable – online, that would be welcome, indeed.

Ask and ye shall receive, and in less than 24 hours. 

Simon Barnett writes:

I’m the good IT fairy :). Here’s an online search.

Thanks Simon!


Some notes: this search engine will point you to specific PDF’s where the searched terms exist, giving you a list of titles with links to the PDF’s. If you have already downloaded the PDF’s use the Adobe PDF Reader internal search tool to finish the job rather than clikcing on the links to download the PDF’s again.

You’ll save a lot of time and bandwidth doing that. Don’t have all the PDF’s yet? See the links and torrent magnets here: More IPCC AR5: THE SECRET SANTA LEAK

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  1. Wow, they must be busy. I search for “Monckton” and every link returns:
    Network Error
    The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.
    A communication error occurred: “Connection refused”
    If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact the…

    • @FerdinandAkin see my note about the PDF’s. Easy to overwhelm the bandwidth. Download the PDF’s via torrent and use the search engine to guide you.

  2. Part 2 of my leak coverage appears here:
    Are a Third of IPCC Review Editors MIA?
    Working Group 2’s review editors were supposed to file a report by 24 September. According to the data on the green stick, one third of them apparently failed to do so. Which means that an (admittedly weak) IPCC oversight mechanism isn’t functioning properly in 17 out of 30 chapters.

  3. Kudos to Simon Barnett
    That was a lot of work in 24hours.
    I’m having more success searching for terms enclosed in “quotation marks” than without. Might just be a bug.

  4. The U.N. is the agenda.
    The U.N. is now the oversight of U.S. all.
    They are not reviewable.
    Not in the charter.
    We are the only mechanisum left standing.
    Study the agenda.
    Be prepared to avoid being rejected as not needed in the life of the agenda.

  5. Too many WUWT & related readers all looking at it at the same time. Conversely, we could speculate if there is actually enough AGW worshiping internet traffic out there to crash sites claiming to have leaked info that indicts skeptics…..

  6. Anthony & Donna,
    Here is the link to the Next Generation Science Standards released yesterday.
    It is arranged by topics. I have written that virtually all the Gates financed curriculum for the Common Core I have seen is ultimately about teaching Sustainability and CAGW. If you look through these topics you can see the point is to teach the “science” that will foster a belief in CAGW and the need for radical transformative economic and social change. If I had a dollar for ever area now where false belief systems are being created in K-12 and higher ed, we could go to Tahiti for an extended stay and not care about the trashing of the Western economy.
    There are no measurements of knowledge any more. The assessments are the activities so pay close attention to the blue columns. With Carnegie funding behind these Science Standards, this is what is coming. With digital literacy mandated by 2017 the days of seeing how little content there is are about the be over.
    The science now being pushed all over the world must not be abstract and is called Experience Science. The idea is to take us back where we lack the knowledge and imagination and technology to manipulate nature. Just another species.
    As you are tracking these IPCC reports please do not forget the education leg of this propaganda machine. The UN never does. They consider K-12 and higher education to be their primary implementation vehicle now. Ban Ki-Moon even said so last year.

  7. Yup k-12 indoctrination is well underway but fortunately the youth are3 far more web savvy then us old farts and quickly see thru that with a few clicks of the mouse.

  8. IPCC WGII AR5 – ZERO-ORDER DRAFT – Do Not Cite, Quote, or Distribute.
    No problems with links so far. Thousands of pages filled with gas bag verbiage – Million miles of miles of travel to thousands of locations – Unlimited pubic funding – Endless doom and gloom regurgitation – Much discussed/connived and planed under nom de plume emails to avoid FOI request, A hid and seek technique, perfected by disgraced EPA dog and chief Richard Windsor/ Lisa Jackson = Nothing to see here!!!!

  9. quote
    If you have already downloaded the PDF’s use the Adobe PDF Reader internal search tool to finish the job rather than clikcing on the links to download the PDF’s again.
    Good point, Anthony … so I have implimented an “off-line” mode that will generate the result links to your local copies of the PDF files.
    Unfortunately browser security means you cannot open file:// links directly from the page, but you can copy and paste the link from the results text boxes into the address bar to open the file.
    Hopefully this will make the process a bit less cumbersome. Instructions for unzipping the files are included in the script…
    Alternatively, if you havn’t dowloaded the files yet (why not!?!), you call still use my on-line copies, by using the (default) “On-line” mode.
    Also I cleared up some firewall weirdness earlier on and stomped on a couple of undocumented features – so if you experienced issues earlier in the day please check back now 🙂

  10. It really isn’t fair. They have Phil Jones, who can’t use Excel. We have Simon, the good IT fairy.

  11. Is it remotely possible the word “falsify” shows up just once in a PDF file in all those pages of documents? If so is that really science?

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