In the hot seat at WUWT-TV

Commenter John Whitman visited me yesterday to help with some portion of the content and suggested that I needed to record this for posterity citing it as “historic”.

I don’t know about that, but it does show the David-Golaith nature of putting on a 24 hour TV show to challenge Al Gore.  What I lose in Gore sized special effects budgets I make up for in clutter. 😉

Kenji is just off camera, sleeping, ready to give UCS member commentary.

Look for final schedule to be posted early tomorrow, blogging will be light or non-existent for the next 48 hours.

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  1. As I said in the “Counter programming” post, please, if at all possible, record, replay, and divide into segments labeled by persons and subjects.

    • @R A TAylor…this is work, lots of it. No guarantees. I’m doing what I can. Technology sometimes isn’t cooperative the way I’d like it.

  2. Website address please? And clutter? my workstation isn’t anywhere near as tidy 🙂
    REPLY: Website??? Right here. Visit tomorrow, read schedule, watch -A

  3. Make sure the recording goes good so the highlight DVD is excellent. Having a collection of short video presentations on at least the main points would be helpful.
    Given the possible reactions by Kenji to seeing Al Gore, do you have a laptop he can watch that’s waterproof and washable? Sure, you prefer us to stick to the facts, argue the evidence, don’t get too emotional. But after watching Gore for several hours, or even longer than five minutes, it’d be understandable if Kenji can no longer hold back and needs to dump on Al.

  4. Mr. Watts, just do what you can, don’t go and exhaust yourself.
    What you are doing is far above and beyond etc.

  5. I’m not sure who Goliath is. A guy with the world’s most viewed web-site on global warming, or Al Gore. Good luck! I’m sure it will be great. Get a few shots of Kenji in. I’ve never met a unionized concerned scientist.

  6. Sorry for this ignorant question, –but is WUWT-TV associated with any channels (US-direct TV) that may somehow carry any portion of it?—Do we just try to follow it here?

  7. @NeedleFactory
    I’ve had good success recording screen content to MP4 on Mac with ScreenX ($10) together with the free software SoundFlower (to re-route sound from speaker output to microphone input). I suggest testing a few times beforehand since the Soundflower-routing isn’t immediately obvious.

  8. accordionsrule says:
    November 13, 2012 at 3:32 pm
    That much video is huge. How about crowdsourcing the audio into a transcript and embed the slides?
    I second that idea. I don’t have the bandwidth to do streaming video, and even if I did, I have the attention span of a gnat. Plus, I can read about 8 times as fast as I can listen.

  9. My experience with electronics, specifically a series of gating electronics (I drew the schematics and tower configurations in case we had to scramble) to create a series of specific, center frequency, fast on-set, pips) reveals my age. For data entry, we used chadded data cards, saved it all on “floppy” disks (and I do mean floppy), and spent tons of money on air conditioners, used exclusively to keep our electronic babies cool while our veterans cooked on hot hospital floors. Those same components now fit on the head of a pin.

  10. Mr. Watts – thank you so much for providing this! I would like to watch the entire show, but am hindered by that nasty four letter word (work)… I realize this is a huge undertaking, but was wondering if it will be recorded at the studio? It would be great to be able to purchase a copy (with a large portion going to support your site, I hope) to view at a later date, or show to the AGW folks I am constantly getting into heated discussions with.
    Best of Luck!

  11. I would like to make an open request / suggestion to the many viewers here on WUWT. If you know how to record the presentations that Anthony will be offering us, please do so and then perhaps there can be an consolidation somewhere that those who have missed some part or all can view post presentation.
    I ask this as Anthony is doing all he can and recording his achievements may be best outsourced / crowdsourced. I would do it but I don’t have the knowledge. Some of you do.
    Just do it!

  12. You rock Anthony, kicking ass and taking names! It must suck to algore about now. Upstaged by a guy in his jamies and a netcaster box. Ouch!

  13. Anthony, the photos of your efforts are really inspiring. I hope that all goes smoothly and that the results are as good as they deserve to be. You have a huge task in front of you but it will pay off, I’m sure.

    • I checked about the premium subscriptions, and given the expected number of viewer hours I’d be into it over $2000, possibly more.
      @eyesonu @accordionsrule The only option to pull this off was the free ad-based service. I’m not happy with that, but it was the only way. I also tried Livestream which is more affordable but they had technical issues with my Tricaster 40. YouTube doesn’t allow Live streams, only recordings, and the remainder of the choices weren’t useful either.
      Best I can do under cirmcumstances.

  14. Anthony, I must join the others in calling for recording the broadcast.
    This is going to be powerful stuff. The names on the list (unlike those of the BBC 😉 ) are something. This should be avalable to as many people as possible (YouTube).

  15. Out of the loop for the past few weeks, now with a few days off, and looking forward to your TV show to counter the big hypocrite’s apocalypse mongering reverse Robin Hood money grabbing guilt fest.
    Having said that, and reading your above post re the cost of a premium subscription, is it too late to do a whip around for the funds? I’ll gladly put a hundred ozzy dollars towards it, and surely there’s twenty or thirty other like minded people out there?
    Give me a code word for it, like “SHAZBUT,” (or “WUWTTV,”) not to be confused with your surface stations project, and it’s on it’s way.
    Whaddaya reckon, people, can we help the bloke out to make it ad free, or what? :-))
    Johnny in NQ

  16. I can add $100.00 US to the WUWTTV Pot.
    Then again, maybe those 100 Ozzie dollars will be more valuable for the next four years …….

  17. It being the wee small hours where Anthony is right now, I decided to donate anyway, and unfortunately couldn’t leave a code word, (bloody paypal :-(… but there you go mate, I’m going to the other thread to try to drum up some business… Had to do it in US dollars, too, so I won 56 cents in the transaction.. Win Win, I’d say :-))
    Good luck tomorrow 🙂
    Johnny in NQ

  18. Anthony,
    If you do need special graphic effects or animations, there’s bound to be some people here who could help you out :
    Blender is open source and can do just about anything you can think of. There’s heaps of budding young artists wanting to be seen.

  19. Only 4 monitors? What a piker! You need at least another half dozen! 😉
    In all honesty, you have a nice set up. How do you keep your wife from throwing her clutter into your computer room?

  20. Good luck Anthony. I will be watching. Today will be remembered for another event that might come up during the broadcast – California’s on-line carbon auction which starts just about now. This morning’s California Department of Water Resources News carries an article about the California cap and trade auction today, starting at 10 am Pacific Standard Time. The original estimate was $40 per ton of “carbon”. The link is
    “A major piece of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will kick into gear Wednesday when regulated businesses throughout the state will be required to cut their pollution, or pay the price.
    “Under the state’s new cap and trade program – the first of its kind in the nation – at 10 a.m. Wednesday, businesses such as refineries and industrial facilities will for the first time either bid on carbon credits to allow them to pollute more, or sell credits for having polluted less, under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) first pollution allowance auction.”
    “CARB estimates the regulation will add 10 cents per gallon to the price of gas for every $10 per ton that industry pays for allowances. The futures market has lately been pegging the price at around $12 a ton, which could result in a 12-cent per gallon increase.”
    “Officials believe the re-election of President Barack Obama, who in his acceptance speech voiced support for battling climate change, will embolden states to follow California’s lead.
    “”With the election, we expect states that had dropped their own climate efforts to take a new look at what they can do, and some of these ideas will be adapted or adopted elsewhere,” Mary Nichols, CARB’s chairman, said.”

  21. from Holland with a basic cable provider (Ziggo) the reception is ok, with short breaks now and then, a page reload helps there (may also be my system: Ubuntu and the chromium browser)
    overall a good show – had no time for all of it, but I’ll grab those recordings later on 🙂
    great work Anthony

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