Letters, I get letters

Note: This letter to WUWT from Sherri Quammen was received today at at 1:47 PM PST  and titled as: A “do it yourself” home global warming test. I present it in entirety, unedited, with appropriate citations for spelling and the original story. See follow up here. – Anthony


When I suggested (WUWT May 22nd, 2007) that Mr. Watts park his gas guzzler in the garage, close all the doors and leave his engine running, it was a humourous [sic] yet effective attempt to make a point to all the ney [sic] sayers that man has drastically affected this planet’s climate as well as it’s [sic] very fragile, life supporting eco-systems.

I merely suggested that he try a little experiment at home comparing the effects from the exaust [sic] of just one running vehicle on his health as well as the probable increase of temperature in his garage.  He obviously knows that many folks have commited [sic] suicide doing this or he wouldn’t have avoided  the real issue and instead call me a vitral [sic] filled leftist or what ever he said at the time.  If one car in an enclosed area ( like the Earth’s atmosphere) can kill someone, then imagine what six billion running cars can do.

In just the short time that the government insued [sic] a no fly rule after 9-11 where no planes were allowed in US skies, there was over a one degree cooling of the atmosphere’s temperature or something like that.  Can you see where I’m going with this, or am I just another tree hugging earth lover with my head in the polluted clouds?  I’m pretty sure this won’t be printed.  We can expect as much from a man paid by the corporations to be a weapon of mass deception.

Sherri Quammen

Concow, CA


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Amazing amount of ignorance packed into one short letter. This is why killing the Gorebull Warming scam has been so difficult!!!


You missed the incorrect use of it’s in line 4.
REPLY: Well spotted – Anthony


‘dioxide’, ‘monoxide’ — it’s an easy mistake to make.
Maybe Prince


…oops: What I was going to say:
Maybe Prince Charles actually thought he was marrying Princess Monoana.


Isn’t your little car electric or some other kind of wind up green machine?

David Oliver Smith

Anthony, you forgot to (sic) “it’s” in the last line of the first paragraph. It should be “its,” although many people make that mistake, not realizing that “it’s” is a contraction for “it is” not the possessive of it.

Anthea Collins

Oh dear! I really, really hope that was satire. Anthea
REPLY: No, it is written by a real person – Anthony

Jenn Oates

Is she serious? Please tell me that nobody could be that moronic.
Paid by big corporations to deceive, eh? They keep saying that about Anthony, et all. I do not think it means what they think it means.

“Can you see where I’m going with this, or am I just another tree hugging earth lover with my head in the polluted clouds?”
Just another tree hugging earth lover advocating suicide for those who don’t agree with you.

“as well as it’s [sic] very fragile, life supporting eco-systems.”
She must be a member of the Commonwealth, where being humourous is still allowed. However, being accurate must be frowned upon, because that’s where the fun stops……

Surely this is satire.


Wow! Such vitral [sic].
Anthony, I think that you are having an effect. Keep it up!
Warmest regards (as opposed to the warmist regards you’ve already recieved!)

Jenn Oates

Oh, and Sherri…it was neither humorous nor effective. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you that.


“In just the short time that the government insued [sic] a no fly rule after 9-11 where no planes were allowed in US skies, there was over a one degree cooling of the atmosphere’s temperature or something like that.”
..or something like that… Another sign of a warmist’s concept of accuracy.

Hmmm…that’s what happens when one doesn’t refresh-for-comments….
My sic.

Richard M

Once again providing evidence that … stupid is as stupid does (or writes in this case).


I would reject one specific item in the letter and leave the rest for y’all. If the planet earth’s ecosystems were so danged fragile they would have been gone a long time ago whether you believe it is thousands or billions of years old!!!

Frank K.

I think the town of Concow, CA has a severe shortage of tinfoil…

John W.

It’s really great to get this kind of unsolicited confirmation of the… effectiveness … of our public school system.

Steve Clauter

Is there something in her water? Perhaps this lady connected to a contaminated shallow well…

Scott Covert

May we have a citation for the 1 degree C drop in temperature after the “no fly” order?
Maybe the “thermostat knob” effect is due to air travel?
I smell grants.

I’m sure Sherri found the 10:10 No Pressure video “humourous yet effective” also.


Sad as it sounds, I know people who think that the poisonous gas that comes out of the exhaust is CO2.


The earth’s atmosphere is an enclosed garage, so there ya morons!
We in the Commonwealth countries do indeed spell humorous as ‘humourous’ , so dependent upon where your entertaining correspondent is dragging her knuckles, you could un-sic this one.
Thanks for the humour.
[REPLY: Check the address under the name. Not Commonwealth. -REP]


What I see, is the huge increase in automobiles worldwide, especially since China Russia and India have become motorized. The effect? In the last 20 years, lifespan is up by 10 years.
Conclusion? Car exhaust is good for earth’s creatures…
See how the illiterate like Ms. Quammen think? This is the result of not teaching classic Aristotelian logic in schools. Ms. Quarren commits at least three logical fallacies in her short letter. Can you find them? Sort of like a “Where’s Otto?” game for us WUWT readers. Who says the illiterati can’t be fun?

Jim Barker

Wow, seriously! Was it hand written? Cursive? Candidate for hand writing analysis?
REPLY: Not hand written, sent by the WUWT Submit a story form – Anthony


I found your letter writer!

Smoking Frog

Dear Ms. Quammen,
You know nothing about global warming. Scientists on your own side will tell you that: (1) waste heat, such as from running automobiles, has nothing to do with global warming; (2) a 1-degree decrease during the brief period after 9-11 when airplanes were grounded would have nothing to do with global warming.

“When I suggested (WUWT May 22nd, 2007) that Mr. Watts park his gas guzzler in the garage, close all the doors and leave his engine running, it was a humourous [sic] yet effective attempt to make a point to all the ney [sic] sayers that man has drastically affected this planet’s climate as well as it’s very fragile, life supporting eco-systems.”
So, the concentrations of carbon monoxide/dioxide, in a garage, have a relevant equivalence with expected atmospheric CO2 ppm concentration?
Anthony, plain and simple, she was suggesting you commit suicide…..not participate in an experiment.
I could only offer a nervous laugh at her “attempt to make a point”.


Little did she know….and little does she know.
Anthony, I hope you didn’t try that garage test with your “gas guzzler” you pictured here some time ago.
No, the fumes wouldn’t kill you, it’d be the boredom waiting.
Funny that she’s in Concow?? You should invite her to Chico (she may even work in that office!) for a cup of coffee…. A LEISURELY activity…. and answer her concerns! You can even show her your huge corporate paychecks. Then she can show you how you can live on the salary from a non-profit…. AND still be able to afford vacations in pretty, scenic places without expelling CO2.


Sherri (sic) Quammen (sic) has to be a nom de plume. Otherwise it’s an apairateeth & Carmen the opera construct. Do you have a return address to which books on grammar and critical thinking might be forwarded? In England, we still use the phrase “mentally defective” for some people, because they are & we still can!
REPLY: No, she is quite real – Anthony


From that short letter, one can conclude:
1) She has a middle school level writing skill
2) Limited critical thinking skills
3) Does not bother to think, or fact check, before typing
4) Accepts dogma and propaganda hook, line, and blinkers
It is quite obvious why she has come to her conclusions. She is easily misled.
This is why we do not allow children to vote. /sarc
Anthony, the letter was both entertaining and enlightening (although perhaps not in the way its author thought.) Do you have more where that one came from?


Well, I have to say that I’m convinced!
I’ve been a skeptic all my life about everything, but it’s just impossible to refute the pursuasive arguments and scientific knowledge that Sherri brings to the debate.

There are gasses bad for humans, there are humans bad for humanity.

Jim Johnson

Sherri! My heavens you have a lot to learn about…just about everything… Yes, please bring your head out of the clouds and come back to the Earth the rest of us live on. You need to pick up a few books from actual scientists and see how far off-base your comments are. You need to spend a few months reading the excellent commentary on Anthony’s blog. All is not right in climate alarmism and just repeating the alarmist mantra doesn’t get us any closer to reality.
That’s why wattsupwiththat is getting some of the highest kudos in the blog world. It takes logic and reason to new levels…something you just don’t find elsewhere.
JJ, too.

Climate Dissident

There is this article (including the standard homage to the false gods):
During the day it lowers the temperature but at night it rises the temperature.
Simple question of insulation: the blanket keeps the cold out at night but keeps the Sun out during the day.,


We have quite a few like that in Australia, starting with Julia deliberately mixing issues with trite dirty carbon messages and saving the world, all rolled up in an evangelical hype sufficient to get the spin into the heads and block out reasonable thought. Superficial claptrap, for superficial minds. Sherri is a shining example of the regurgitation of that sort of rhetoric.


….angry angry hippo


I just sent a message to Sherri on her FB page….
“Well, Sherri, WUWT posted your letter.
Don’t pass up the opportunity to share in the fun!!”
… gotta go get a beer and some pretzels… this should be entertaining!!


Just to clear up any delusions; I do know how to spell the word apéritif (sic).

Brian R

I think you should show her a picture of your (electric)car and ask her to a challenge. You will both sit in you parked cars in your respective garages and start the cars. Last one to leave the garage wins.

David in Cal

ISTM a tree-hugger ought to favor more CO2 emissions. Regardless of its impact on climate, there’s no doubt that more CO2 is good for all plants.


Sherri, I don’t’ whether to laugh or cry for you. The depth of your naivete is truly breathtaking. Your comment about earth cooling 1 degree or something after the 9-11 no fly rule is so sophomoric, so juvenile, so utterly ignorant of anything past 2nd grade science as to leave even the least intelligent of the warmista nonplussed. Come clean Anthony, this is an early April’s fools joke.
REPLY: No, this is a letter from a real person, here she is below on YouTube – Anthony

If monoxide is bad, twice as much must be twice as bad.
Con Cow is not much more than walking distance away, is it?


This is a good sanity check, because it’s close to the norm with respect to the general population knowledge of the AGW climate change issue. The regular posters to this board should sober up to this fact. I work in the electric utility field and you can’t believe some of the stuff I see in focus groups. That said….never, never give up the good fight.

Math Genius

Considering that 1 bathtub of water is unmistakably and scientifically proven enough to drown 1 man, it’s really amazing how mankind could exist with all the water out there.


Sherri is probably sitting in front of her computer wondering, “Why does he keep calling me sic?”

Robin Hewitt

Sherri, I think the word you are searching for is humoursome.


Guys, you are lost.
When such idiots are against you (and they are THE majority of your neighbors!), what can you do?
You are lost.
They will come with torches and hayforks and they will find you!

Frumious Bandersnatch

I think that you should get the Captain Louis Renault award for this article.
I’m extremely shocked (shocked, I say) that you are not worried about probably the nastiest of GHGs. Namely DiHydrogen Oxide. Very deadly stuff. Extremely corrosive and can kill an adult (if inhaled) in less than 10 minutes. It has arguably killed and injured more animal and plant life (including humans) than CO and CO2 combined. Property damage from this destructive chemical has an extremely high annual cost. In certain areas of the country, it has kept the premiums up on certain types of insurance.
It is, quite often, an industrial waste product and is regulated haphazardly. Large spills of this substance have happened more frequently than you might imagine (oil spills are nothing to this).
It has been known to affect the quality and quantity of groundwater. We need to ensure that laws
are in place (as well as enforcement mechanisms) to stop the polluting of our rivers and streams with DiHydrogen Oxide. We should work to ban it like DDT was banned.
And the kicker is that this deadly substance is a much greater factor in global warming than CO2 could ever hope to be.