The tweet end view of Durban

 Some Twitter reports from Durban

Twitter / @john_vidal: how many countries will he …

how many countries will head home so they dont have to be seen rejecting #cop17 Durban deaL?

Twitter / @JonathanWootlif: I just saw EU #cop17 #clim …

 I just saw EU #cop17 #climatechange negotiator, Connie Hedegaard, have temper tantrum on reviewing the latest draft text here in #durban

Twitter / @YolandiG: Standing at the entrance o …

  Standing at the entrance of the minister’s meeting. Not much happiness here #COP17 #grimfaces

Twitter / @BBCRBlack: Overheard #cop17 outside c …

 Overheard #cop17 outside closed room; “that is the ‘what the heck do we do now?’ meeting”

Twitter / @LangBanks: #COP17 #climate update: no …

#COP17 #climate update: no new developments other than to say there are far fewer people here now + they all keep checking their watches!

Twitter / @ClimateGroup: #COP17 question marks over …

#COP17 question marks over whether enough ministers left to provide a quorum. Things need to move faster to agree any outcome.

Thanks to Tom Nelson for collecting these


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Not many uptwinkles around the occupy durban extravaganza at this time. Aww.

Time to go home and forget about the whole bloody mess


“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye-aye”
Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out!

Kevin Schurig

What more can one say but, beautiful. Can anyone calculate how much CO2 is being released by this conference going down in flames? Also, anyone bring the marshmallows?

Ann In L.A.

The classic bureaucrat’s dilemma “what the heck do we do now?”
Bureaucrats’ raison d’être is writing regulations and centralizing power. They’ll find something to do.

Jenn Oates

I can’t decide whether to chuckle discreetly and humbly or laugh uproariously and gloatingly…


They should have send twice as many delegates, thugs, and journos; so the negotiations would have taken half the time!


good, let them all go to h#ll. They are a cancer on the world politic.

Normally, I hate twitter… Especially when Celebz and Politicians use it. My first instinct concerning the use of this social network, which only ends up getting them into trouble, is to say to them… “What Are You Thinking!”. But them, I realize, if I really wanted to know that… I’d follow them on Twitter!
In this case… Boy! I Love Twitter!

Gary Mount

“I just saw EU #cop17 #climatechange negotiator, Connie Hedegaard, have temper tantrum on reviewing the latest draft text”
I’d pay good money to see that on video 🙂

GP Hanner

Maybe they got the news that the Telegraph (UK) is claiming the coldest night of winter, so far.
Hey. It ain’t winter yet.

Claude Harvey

Don’t feel too badly for the attendees. They got a nice trip, excellent lodging and fine meals out of the deal; mostly at your and my expense.

The ONLY reason the Durban conference is going down in flames is because of the brave “skeptics” who have courageously fought against entrenched activist “scientists”, the old left media, and corrupt politicians. May God bless you all!

Don’t you love farce …


Does this make Tom Twitteratti? 😉

Again quoting without context uh? 🙂

Chris B

The news out of Durban sounds like a reporter with a bad migraine.

I’m not poking fun at the reporter who handled herself well in light of the frightening episode. I’m poking fun at the pathetic double-speak from the over-ripe watermelons flying home first-class from Durban.
I’d like to see an auto-tune of “Get it Done” by Anjali Appadurai.

John M

The late great Don Meredith had just the words for it.


No End Zone dance here. Our little struggling town is in the mist of spending money on solar trash compactors and big subsidies for solar hot water and guess what?………no sun!
When our teachers are climate preachers and the people with time to run for small town office are anti C02 zealots, look out. We still have a long way to go!
Though I have to admit the non event in Durban is sweet.


Pity to see poor Obama getting the blame after all his efforts, plus of course the polluters, whoever they may be, who have financed such massive opposition (not). All the twitterers who think that poor Africans are being condemned to death (e.g. Bianca Jagger) seem not to understand the consequences of the Malthusian policies of so many environmentalists on the poor of developing countries.

James Evans

GP Hanner says:
“Maybe they got the news that the Telegraph (UK) is claiming the coldest night of winter, so far.
Hey. It ain’t winter yet.”
Err… yes it is. It’s only 12 days to midwinter. *Mid*winter.

John West

Last day interview:

… well, maybe next year


Folks, when there are press releases in your national newspapers, predicting doom and gloom;
Do not forget to have your say against them. Don’t let them get away with it.
And remember links to wattsupwiththat.
Show them that it is indeed the lunatics running the asylumn.
It helps! It really does. Many are grateful for the information.

Paul Maynard

But the BBC are still talking about a “breakthrough”. Apparently, failure to agree anything and then a vague plan to do something by 2015 counts as a breakthrough in warmist circles.
The biased Beeb’s reporting has been appaling. On Thursday night on BBC 2’2 Newsnight, we had the ludicrous site of Lord Prescott ( ex New Liebour Deputy PM and one of the original architects of Kyoto) waving around a paper wine bottle that saved 10% of the CO2. He looked drunk to me. No mention of no warming, sea level fall or normal arctic ice.

John West

Another disappointed attendee:

What a pity they failed as ” A new UN study released at the time of the conference, warns that up to a third of all animal and plant species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.”
So, not good for the plants and animals and not good for mankind either, “There have been discussions taking place in closed doors by those in power, who have colleagues in the corporate world and the decisions are not in the interests of mankind.”
I guess they should have just stayed home and saved the planet by not flying 48000 people to SA.
Hey Ho.

Alex the skeptic

15,000 delegates not to mention the hangers-on, must have spent about $/€10,000 each, totalling a staggering $/€150 million for achieving nothing at all. How many dying children would otherwise have been saved by these 150 million dollars/euros?

Honest ABE

Look up Connie Hedegaard’s wiki entry if you want a laugh. It was obviously written by her or an underling.
She is described as a “public intellectual” in the lead and also as being, “behind Denmark’s energy successes.”
Her “energy successes” include:
Reducing energy use
Increasing taxes
Increasing subsidies

Greenpeace already seems to be blaming the failure on coal and oil interests.

Brandon Caswell

“……Err… yes it is. It’s only 12 days to midwinter. *Mid*winter.”
Umm, no. Winter starts on the shortest day of the year. In the northern hemisphere that is december 21st. It last for 3 months. This is grade school atronomy.

Stas Peterson

Her scientific qualifications are astounding. She has evry right to make pronouncements on all scientific matters on which she is intimate, as a rearcher and author. Meaning NOT A DAMN thing!
In summary a total ZERO, unqualified to check coats at the door.
But she is probably fully capable of growing into the position of checking hats, in perhaps a decade more of seasoning.


“Brandon Caswell says:
December 10, 2011 at 9:46 am
Umm, no. Winter starts on the shortest day of the year.”
Only in the US. In Sweden it starts on December the 14th. In the UK the accepted start of winter is the 1st of december, taking the three traditionally coldest months of the year as the season. Traditionally the solstice, being the shortest day of the year, was held as the middle of the season, hence the common name name “midwinter”.


Correction, October the 14th in sweden, not december.

Torgeir Hansson

Good to see that Western governments are getting it right. They are backing sloooowly away from climate change activism. It may be true that a conference such as Durban costs some money, but that’s fine. It serves the purpose of providing cover to decision makers. As such they are far cheaper than the alternative, which would be to carry out real climate-change policies, such as taxation, cap-and-trade, and foreign aid by the spadeful to the Tuvalus of the world.
Western politicians know that the issue of the day is the economy. Period.
Consider the actions of our own fine President: how much cheerleading have you heard from him for the Durban conference? Any? How about deputies in the appropriate departments? Anything from them? No? Funny, isn’t it?
Climate change activism in the West is dying exactly slowly enough to allow most politicians to save face.

Torgeir Hansson

An excerpt from the joint statement from the U.S and the EU before Durban:
“On climate change, we affirm our intent to work closely together to ensure a positive, balanced outcome in Durban, including mitigation, transparency and financing. We stand fully behind the commitments we made last year in Cancun.”
We “stand fully behind the commitments we made last year in Cancun.” And what commitments were those? Non-binding commitments to CO2 emission levels.
Yep, no question. We sure stand behind those.


Ruth_Kruger RT @tallthall: #EU sound nervous, Venezuela empowered and angry #EUStandFor5 #COP17
ShonaghLindsay @CHedegaardEU: Support Africa and keep standing up to the US at #COP17! We need EU leadership now more than ever @Avaaz
laurinliu COPpr during plenary: the process is fragile& will not survive another round. There will be opportunities in future to raise ambition #COP17
pritiriyer I’m sorry developing countries, but your views are not relevant here at the #UNFCCC #COP17 – paraphrasing the chair of the AWG-KP
calitzwillemien Bolivia does not support EU proposal. #cop17
So this is all just really an exercise in punishing the US and EU? I think “the process” is going to get a lot more fragile, too.


Apparently it is being live-blogged here:


Breaking news Tuvalus new airport to be converted to a sea plane operation, because of the failure of Cope17.


“SYM Team:
What will you take home from COP17?
Sarah Rifaat, 27, – Egypt
‘A deeper understanding of what still needs to be done. There will definitely be better cooperation and collaboration between me, my co-workers and other organisations. We are solidifying the global movement. I hope to bring good news to Egypt and build on that back home. There has been lots of talk around the impacts of climate change on Egypt at COP17.”
Now just who is Apparently it’s job is to extract cash from businesses and is a spinoff or merger of 1sky:
And … apparently … a Fenton Communications “client”!


What should scare people in the UK to death is that whatever comes out of the UNFCCC in Durban will be immediately implemented by DEFRA as that is their policy. They have “internationalized” their regulations and as soon as any formal document comes out, they will be on the telephone to Tyndall Centre at UEA with their checkbook at the ready to sign a consulting contract for implementation methods.
The UK will begin to pay immediately.


If the EU was really serious about helping developing countries it would get rid of the Common Agricultural Policy and the Customs Union opening up free trade from those developing countries into the EU. Same for the US. Until they do this all their BS is just hot air and the money pledged intended to facilitate the gravy train, graft and corruption.


donfabioni Kein Ende in Sicht…
(no end in sight)
katrienbarrat #COP17 quote of Belgian negotiator : a sinking titanic on which the band is playing bis songs and expecting applause..
RT @amarapossian: Just asked @CYD_DJC policy team for an update. “It’s a cluster fccc” #shitmydelsays #cop17 #climate
EU commiss Hedegaard holding firm on legal instrument binding for all parties at COP17, closing ambition gap by 2020. #COP17
dbiello BOEMRE’s Daniel Riefsnyder of USA only American to get applause @ #COP17.
tallthall Saudi Arabia: “This current report is much less than we hoped for and expected,” more pressure on developing countries, less on rich #COP17
OH, NO!!!
kate_sheppard Ah, LCA chair is Daniel Reifsnyder, from US State Dept. #COP17

John Br

My ‘Secret Santa ‘ gift to an employee at our work christmas party, will be a donation on their behalf to the website of one of ‘the few’. Those who devoted their time, effort, health and as well as their time with those they love to open honest science and the advancement of learning.
May I suggest the ‘donate’ buttons have an option for a gift voucher. The voucher could be in the form of a reparation or apology and can be handed to those from whom we have had to defend the efforts of McIntyre, Watts, Nova, Daly, Id, Plimer, Monkton, Montford, McKitrick, Carter, Lindzen, Bolt, Delingpole, the bloggers like Willis, and the supporters like Anthony’s Pete (an incomplete list of selfless dedication to a simple principle) from accusations of denier, shill of big oil, anti-science (another but vile list).
Seasons greetings to the ‘Deniers’ and I have found what I believe to be appropriate latin to place on the COP17 burial site at Durban;
Scientia vincere tenebras
“Conquering darkness by science”

Good news. Now lets hope we are right.

old engineer

In less than an hour it will be Sunday morning in Durban. And still they drone on, 24 hours after the conference should have closed. No telling what mischief will come out of this. Reminds me of the old Texas saying “A man’s family and property aren’t safe when the legislature is in session.” (Which is why the Texas legislature only meets for 140 days every 2 years.)

Robert of Ottawa

What is truly dismaying about all this is that there are several thousand UN and NGO and Governemnt bureaucrats who receive salaries to continue “The Process” for another year.
The Process is dead; long live The Process.
These bureaucrats must be put out of their misery: fired!

Phil R

TheGoodLocust says:
December 10, 2011 at 9:22 am
Look up Connie Hedegaard’s wiki entry if you want a laugh. It was obviously written by her or an underling.
She’s got degrees in literature and history and was a journalist for 14 years. What the h*ll are her qualifications to be climate change expert?
Oh, I guess contrary to the arrogant and condescending attitude of Gavin, Mann, et al., you really don’t need any.

Robert of Ottawa

TheGoodLocust says:
Look up Connie Hedegaard’s wiki entry if you want a laugh. She is described as a “public intellectual”
I frequently hire public intellectuals 🙂

Reed Coray

To all COP17 attendees. Don’t forget to turn out the lights. You don’t want to be responsible for destroying the climate.