Last minute Durban deal reached – extends life of Kyoto protocol

Kyoto has become a zombie, coming to life after being dead…

Excerpts from Yahoo News

(AP) — A U.N. climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement Sunday on a complex and far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change for the coming decades.

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would put all countries under the same legal regime enforcing commitments to control greenhouse gases. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest.

The deal also set up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year for poor countries. Other documents in the package lay out rules for monitoring and verifying emissions reductions, protecting forests, transferring clean technologies to developing countries and scores of technical issues.

Currently, only industrial countries have legally binding emissions targets under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Those commitments expire next year, but they will be extended for another five years under the accord adopted Sunday — a key demand by developing countries seeking to preserve the only existing treaty regulating carbon emissions.

“This is a very significant package. None of us likes everything in it. Believe me, there is plenty the United States is not thrilled about,” said U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern. But the package captured important advances that would be undone if it is rejected, he told the delegates.

The deal’s language left some analysts warning that the wording left huge loopholes for countries to avoid tying their emissions to legal constraints, and noted that there was no mention of penalties. “They haven’t reached a real deal,” said Samantha Smith, of WWF International. “They watered things down so everyone could get on board.”

The package gave new life to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, whose carbon emissions targets expire next year and apply only to industrial countries. A separate document obliges major developing nations like China and India, excluded under Kyoto, to accept legally binding emissions targets in the future.

Together, the two documents overhaul a system designed 20 years ago that divide the world into a handful of wealthy countries facing legal obligations to reduce emissions, and the rest of the world which could undertake voluntary efforts to control carbon.

full story at: Yahoo News


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Douglas DC

Kicking the can….

Anthony, its Durban, not Durbal…

Sean Peake

Love this line: “But the package captured important advances that would be undone if it is rejected”

J. Felton

As a Canadian, I still have hope for Canada to pull out of this ridiculous scheme…

FYI: The US never ratified Kyoto, and nobody should expect us to ratify Durban either.

I was hoping the “Durbal’ typo meant the deal was a joke Well, it is, anyway, but for some reason I’m not laughing. Guess this means a bunch of bureaucrats will continue to wine (whine), dine and fly around to exotic locations on our accounts. They’re holding onto their jobs for a while longer.

So what happens if we don’t ever pass a budget and send money?
I understand the UN can’t levy and collect taxes.

More madness. Not about science in any way, and using obsolete and largely disproven tripe as a basis for action. Basically any poor country can cry foul during a storm, using any weather event to ‘prove’ culpability by the wicked West.

Leon Brozyna

COP18, COP19, COP20 … and on and on … so many exotic locales to visit … so many billions of dollars to hand over to the UN.

John West

Can’t somebody come up with some other “cause” for these people to work on (perhaps one that wouldn’t involve ceasing fossil fuel use), so they can let this one go?
Maybe Santa could use some help?

“The good news is we avoided a train wreck,” said Alden Meyer, recalling predictions a few days ago of a likely failure. “The bad news is that we did very little here to affect the emissions curve.”
– Yahoo News
So does this mean the deal is “toothless”? A hollow victory to save face?


From what I read, the delegates agreed to negotiate a new agreement no later than 2015. It sounds like they agreed to agree later.


Kent is going to have some explaining to do since he said they wouldn’t on again.

Claude Harvey

This means the individual leaches who participated in this conference will remain dining at the public trough indefinitely. That’s what I would call a VERY successful conference in the eyes of the participants. Let the good times ROLL!


NO US agreement will EVER pass the Senate especially with an election year in the works. Those who do vote for that will get brutalized in any election. Thank GOD for the US senate! I can safely say – not one cent will be forthcoming from the US which will scuttle this agreement.

P. Solar

So where’s the text ?
How does this resemble what Monckton posted yesterday?

Steve Koch

It takes 67 votes in the senate to approve a treaty. That will never happen, just like it never happened with the Kyoto treaty.


More wasted money on a meaningless program. Sounds like a good day’s work for bureaucrats.

Dave Worley

Amazing how the MSM drools over these fools.

Carbon-based life form

Theater of the absurd: “…broad comedy, often similar to Vaudeville, mixed with horrific or tragic images; characters caught in hopeless situations forced to do repetitive or meaningless actions; dialogue full of clichés, wordplay, and nonsense; plots that are cyclical or absurdly expansive…” (Wiki)
Time to bring down the curtain.


Madness is right:
Sunday’s breakthrough capped 13 days of hectic negotiations that ran a day and a half over schedule, including two round-the-clock days that left negotiators bleary-eyed and stumbling with words. Delegates were seen nodding off in the final plenary session, despite the high drama, barely constrained emotions and uncertainty whether the talks would end in triumph or total collapse.
Yeah, that sounds like a great way to run the world /s
And this:
Coming after weeks of unsuccessful effort to resolve the issue, Nkoana-Mashabane gave Natarajan and European Commissioner Connie Hedegaard 10 minutes to find a solution, with hundreds of delegates milling around them.
They needed 50 minutes.
Wow! I’m impressed…these guys are sooooo bright that they only need 50 minutes to solve the world’s problems /s
Madness. But it looks like mostly a face-saving (expensive) exercise. China/India will never agree to legal binding emission controls….and the EU would have enough worries one would think

Oh, God…..Here we go again.
Why do people (sheeple) not realise when they are being sheared?
This will end in tears……..

Sydney Sider

I thought something happened over there: In Sydney Australia, this very afternoon, the clear and sunny day went away and was replaced by thunderstorms in a matter of minutes, right around the time the negotiators in Durban agreed to a deal!
I guess COP17 was a success after all and has defeated climate change – ruining my weekend away from the computer. *sigh*


The UN does not have force of law in the US. They are not elected, they are self-appointed. They are not a government, they are a diplomatic body. Diplomats do not carry the force of law. They are basically the political cronies of whichever despot is running their country, for the most part.

R. Gates

This about the least and most feeble of “deals” that one could make and still call it a “deal”. A face-saving “Nothing Burger” with an imaginary side of fries…


Apart from the beneficiaries who is going to sign up? Obviously the EU and no doubt Australia, but who else? I live in the UK and I am almost hoping recent events will lead to the UK leaving the EU. At least we can then dump Huhne the loon and tackle real problems, like the economy – I mean boosting it, not destroying it.
Even so we are facing a strong possibility of a complete Global meltdown, which will certainly curb CO2!. The eco-activists can take credit for their part in bringing it about, but they won’t like the world they helped to create.
It looks like they have created a window for at least three more years of junkets, but they shouldn’t book too far in advance as events may overtake them.

I seem to recall that for COP 16 there were a lot of early reports about how great the agreement was … and it turned out to be a completely insignificant.
More of the same?


@ albertalad
Since the senate never ratified Kyoto and in fact rejected it, why would they have any part in it now. It’s looks like they’ve done some kind of an end run around the senate.

Crispin in Waterloo

Yes, more of the same.

Gary Mount

It took 70 years for the Soviet Union experiment to end. Facts and reality will also end this global warming hysteria, hopefully sooner than how long the socialist experiment took.

This thing is even a bigger mess then Koyoto. I suspect it will make noise, fall and just die a slow and painful death. However the nonsense from both extreems will be with us well beyond my lifetime.

People, it takes 67 votes in the US Senate to ratify. Not going to happen, just like Kyoto didn’t happen. Same bovine scatology, different day. We have to continue to keep our eyes on the real ball before anything real can with these sorts of agreements. Keep beating the drums and pounding the pavement. Expose these frauds every possible chance .. keep it going

Robmax says:
December 10, 2011 at 9:48 pm

It’s looks like they’ve done some kind of an end run around the senate.

No, nothing can be done without 67 votes from the U.S Senate. Just not going to happen. In this country, international agreements (treaties) cannot bind us to anything without 2/3 majority passing vote of our Senate, period.

Its all moot if the Euro disintegrates as a consequence of the Greek and Italian defaults. The meeting in Europe this week only effectively delayed the process until the first government votes in the various parliaments. Some heads of state may loose their jobs just for agreeing to what’s effectively an EU treasury act stripping individual parliaments of the right to set tax, pension and spending rates. They will need many more riot helmets.
The Euro is literally one vote or one riot squad Commander (switching sides) away from failing.
If the Euro fails then the carbon trading system goes down because its all interlocked via legislation coached in the term of Euro’s per tonne of CO2 equivilent. Without the European CO2 market legislation clauses in Australia and New Zealand will kick in triggering votes.
Its all teetering on a knife edge.
The good news is that more informations coming out about E-Cat and the Piantelli Group cold fusion technology and it seems to be confirming data.


As Premier of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, let me assure everyone, we intend to comply and demand those who don’t pay proper reparations. Mainly to ourselves. And those we suggest.


“They watered things down so everyone could get on board.”
so you crippled it. what a joke.
“verifying emissions reductions, protecting forests, transferring clean technologies to developing countries”
sure – verify the emissions, supervise their forests and power them up with wind a solar!! [rolleyes]

John F. Hultquist

Some months ago on P. Gosselin’s NoTricksZone
there was a post explaining who wrote (or was responsible for) the Kyoto protocol. I do not have a link to that story. Sorry.
One thing I recall is that much of it was contributed by supporters of the green sorts in Germany. Also, it might seem that as a developed country, Germany would be treated in a manner similar to the USA and other such developed countries. However, the reunification of East & West Germany and the costs of bringing the East German industries up to West German standards –and the lowering of emissions in the process, effectively negated the effect of Kyoto on the new combined Germany.
There was much more. Perhaps these hidden agendas in Kyoto are what folks in charge of the Durban Deal have been fighting to protect by its extension.
The above mentioned NoTricksZone post would be useful reading. I don’t know how to find it.

Al Gored

Here’s the best lipstick that Richard Black, the BBC’s Green parrot, can put on this pig:
“UN climate talks have closed with agreement on a package of measures described by the chair as “balanced”.
The European Union will place its current emission-cutting pledges inside the legally-binding Kyoto Protocol, a key demand of developing countries.
Talks on a new legal deal covering all countries will begin next year and end by 2015, coming into effect by 2020.
Management of a fund for climate aid to poor countries has also been agreed, though how to raise the money has not.”
There’s more but that’s how it starts. If that’s the best Black can do then there can’t be much to it at all. Also worth noting that although this is breaking news, there are 304 comments and they have already closed comments. They only do that when the ‘little people’ aren’t buying their spin, which seems to be happening a lot these days.
Then on his blog Black tweets “Still not sure I understand the last hour of procedure #cop17 If it matters, we are sure to find out the hard way.”
So, hard to say what is going on. Yes, the UN says something happened but they lie all the time.

1. “…The deal also set up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year for poor countries. Other documents in the package lay out rules for monitoring and verifying emissions reductions, protecting forests, transferring clean technologies to developing countries and scores of technical issues…”
I’m sure that the people of Haiti will be glad – if anyone needs to have their forested areas protected, it’s them. They’ve only got about 2 percent of it left.
2. “…The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would put all countries under the same legal regime enforcing commitments to control greenhouse gases. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest…”
So here we just saw COP 17. That means they can have about 9 more parties before they have to panic again.
Also, it says they’ve agreed to START negotiations on a new accord. Doesn’t say there is a new accord. So wait to see the “traveling circus” go on a new 9 city tour (for COP’s 18-26).

All those apocalyptic “scientific” papers and pronunciation out just in time for Durban, including the cartoonist-run AGU…they obviously had zero influence on a meeting that could’ve happened 5 years ago or hence.


Owner: No no! ‘E’s pining!
Mr. Praline: ‘E’s not pinin’! ‘E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e
rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the
bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!

Al Gored

From Australia, home of the free and objective press (sarc), this is how a story from there begins… and again, it doesn’t look like much:
“Big emitters vow action on climate change Adam Morton
December 11, 2011 – 4:36PM
.The world’s major greenhouse gas emitters have agreed on a roadmap that – if followed – would lead to a global pact to tackle climate change with “legal force” by 2015.
“vow”… “if followed” blah, blah, blah.
More inconvenient details: “But it is expected only the 27-nation European Union, Norway and Switzerland — responsible for about 17 per cent of global emissions — will make binding commitments under a second period of the [Kyoto] protocol starting in 2013.
Other countries including the US, Japan, Canada and Russia have said they will not be part of the Kyoto Protocol, and want it replaced by a single treaty covering all countries.
Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said Australia would not sign up to a second binding target under Kyoto until all major countries had agreed to binding targets to limit their emissions.”
But a few more years on the AGW gravy train at least, for these climatutes.
Why would the EU and Switzerland support it? Many reason but, coincidentally, Bonn and Geneva are the two places they are thinking of having the HQ for their $100 billion a year slush fund. Could have an office right next store to Bankster Central in Geneva. Very handy.

Campbell, in Sydney

When will the public, around the World, wake up to this scam. Or to put it another way, when with they be able to offer enough resistance? Indeed more of the same, snouts in the feeding bowl.


guys, guys… the second batch of hackergate mails was tooooo late in arriving! Ain’t ya got nuthin… else?


So what happens if we don’t ever pass a budget and send money?
I understand the UN can’t levy and collect taxes.
It would take a Constitutional amendment to give up the sovereign (and Congress controlled) right to tax. This appears more a vehicle to allow politicians to garner contributions out of the pockets of naive greenies than a socialist agenda. What’s in it for the UN is the opportunity of that bureaucracy to engage in rounding errors when handling any monies.

Martin Brumby

@anticlimactic says: December 10, 2011 at 9:38 pm
I’m sure you are right. The only people who have anything to fear from this are the English speaking countries, plus the Germans, Dutch & Scandinavians. Sure, the US won’t swallow all the pill, just enough of it to keep the EPA and the rest of them in business.
But the leaders of the pack will doubtless be the UK and Australia and NZ, all of whom have already enthusiastically thrown the economy under a bus as a tribute to Gaia.
When we tire of shivering in the dark we will know something will change. Until then, we won’t even see BuffHuhne in court for what is a blatant prima fascie case of criminal behaviour. If it had been (let’s say) Jeremy Clarkson who had got his wife to pretend she’d been driving when he’d been clocked for speeding, he’d have been in Court (“in the public interest”) in a heartbeat. But although this is a disgrace, yet another example of our corrupt Crown Prosecution Service, what we should be seeing is Huhne & Milipede both impeached for misleading the House on Climate Change.
Will that ever happen?
Not a prayer.

Henry Galt

Zombie politics. They .. just .. refuse .. to .. die ….


“But the package captured important advances that would be undone if it is rejected…”
Like what? Hide the decline? Just what important advances?

“…U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern.”
Climate envoy? Climate envoy? This world has gotten so f-ing ridiculous!
I hereby appoint myself Lord High Chancellor of Cloud Cuckoo Land.