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Kenji gets mail – ‘Union of Concerned Scientists’ wants a one-sided Senate hearing panel, asks for money

Kenji got this in his inbox today (donation links redacted): ============================================================= UCS supporter— It’s bad enough that climate deniers get elected to Congress. But it gets much worse: some purveyors of disinformation sit on the House Science Committee. Rep. Lamar … Continue reading

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350.org cancels melting “HOAX?” ice sculpture

“It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.” – WUWT commenter H.R. Change of plans. Posted by Bill McKibben – 07/07/12, 5:18am Below is the note we just sent out to our friends accoss the USA. Dear Friends, I think I … Continue reading

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Congress ends corn ethanol subsidy

Interesting timing, especially when some biomass companies are switching from wood chips to corn, because they couldn’t turn a profit on wood chips. Looks like all the wheels are coming off the bus now. To Survive, Some Biofuels Companies Give … Continue reading

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Congressman Markey and Senator Inhofe agree to debate climate science

Inhofe ================================================= By Steve Milloy JunkScience.com So the debate’s not over after all. We’d pay for ringside seats. From Politico: Ralph Nader put on his Don King hat Monday with the hope of inspiring a made-for-TV showdown between two Capitol … Continue reading

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