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Introducing the Quantum Refrigerator – the coolest cool tech

Since Willis just published an essay on refrigeration systems and how the Earth has its own version, I thought this story might be fun and educational. Many people don’t know that Albert Einstein invented a refrigerator system in 1926 after … Continue reading

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Nanoscale vacuum transistors – way cool, but still not as pretty as a glowing 12AU6

From AAAS, news of a super tiny vacuum-tube transistor hybrid that can operate up to .46 TERAHertz (thats 460,000 megahertz or 460 gigahertz): Return of the Vacuum Tube by Jon Cartwright Peer inside an antique radio and you’ll find what … Continue reading

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Good news from UVa, earthquake early warning may be possible

Study: Ozone From Rock Fracture Could Serve As Earthquake Early Warning — Researchers the world over are seeking reliable ways to predict earthquakes, focusing on identifying seismic precursors that, if detected early enough, could serve as early warnings. New research, … Continue reading

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