Taking Keating's $30,000 skeptic challenge seriously, part 1

Contradictory contest criteria have been rectified via Keating “clarification” Guest post by Alec Rawls At first glance retired physics teacher Christopher Keating’s challenge appears to be an obvious bait and switch. It opens as an invitation to “global warming skeptics” who charge that “the science doesn’t support claims of man-made climate change.” The central “claim of…


The law of unintended climate consequences at work – study says 23% of warming in Europe since 1980 due to clean air laws

(Via the HockeySchtick) A paper published today in Geophysical Research Letters finds that clean air laws which greatly reduced sulfur dioxide emissions explain 81% of the “brightening” of sunshine and 23% of the surface warming in Europe since 1980. However, the authors note “this phenomenon is however hardly reproduced by global and regional climate models.”

New paper finds the climate to be 'highly nonlinear'

But, we already knew that from experience. However, a lot of models still treat climate as a mostly or near linear process, and that’s why they aren’t performing particularly well at even predicting the present. (via the Hockeyschtick) A paper published July in Science says “the climate system can be highly nonlinear, meaning that small…