Skating on the Other Side of the Ice

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Inspired by this thread over at Bishop Hill’s excellent blog, I thought I’d write about sea ice. Among the many catastrophic things claimed to be the result of “global warming”, declining sea ice is one of the most popular. We see scary graphics of this all the time, things that…


Cartoons by Josh

Bishop Hill has a cohort, Josh,  that has turned Climategate and the blogospheric response into a running series of cartoons. During his blogging sabbatical while he turned his attention to mining (not the data kind), I think Steve McIntyre missed this one, so I’ll present it here. Some others of interest are:

England's Five Year Climate Forecast Cycle

Guest post by Steven Goddard (UK Pic Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response) England, Scotland and Wales completely covered in snow,  January, 2010 In my last article, I discussed the current theory that global warming is going to turn England into a tropical paradise.  And ten years ago we were told by The Met Office that…