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Wild Speculation on Climate and Polar Bears

By Dr. Pat Michaels at World Climate Report, reposted with permission. Here is another big one from PNAS. For those who don’t know, PNAS stands for the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and it has gained the unfortunate … Continue reading

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US Greenhouse gas emissions drop to lowest level in 15 years

As first highlighted by World Climate Report and later by WUWT last week:  Now its your electric ice maker in your fridge that’s killing the planet, meanwhile CO2 emissions fall significantly in the USA …this Financial Times story citing the same … Continue reading

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The Earth’s biosphere is booming, data suggests that CO2 is the cause, part 2

The SeaWiFS instrument aboard the Seastar satellite has been collecting ocean data since 1997. By monitoring the color of reflected light via satellite, scientists can determine how successfully plant life is photosynthesizing. A measurement of photosynthesis is essentially a measurement … Continue reading

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