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New gadget: remote WiFi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Measurment of temperature is getting so much easier these days. Some of you may have a need for this WiFi Temperature / Humidity Data Logging Sensor, so I thought I’d list it here. It allows you to log temperature and … Continue reading

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Some stuff I’ve been up to…Cellular Weather Station

As many people know, weather stations are my specialty. I’ve been busy with inventing a number of things as of late, trying to stay competitive. So thought I’d drop this out there in case anyone has a use for either … Continue reading

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How to make your PC run at 7.1 Gigahertz

As many know, I do some tinkering with computers. While this isn’t my doings, I enjoyed it and thought you might too. Here’s the screencap of the CPU speed program, note the red underline. I got a chuckle out of … Continue reading

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My best computer upgrade, evah

The solid state hard drive comes of age I spend a lot of time at my PC, and I use quite a number of programs in my tasks at keeping WUWT updated. I use browsers, word editors, PDF viewers, paint … Continue reading

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