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More on Mark Hertsgaard’s ridiculous claims – The Goldilocks Crop and the Impending Extinction of Pasta

Guest Post by David Middleton Yesterday, WUWT covered the issue from one angle, and blew Hertsgaard’s riduculous claims out of the water. Today, here’s another independently arrived at conclusion that suggests Hertsgaard’s claims are pure fantasy. It is apparently becoming … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Mark Hertsgaard embarrasses himself with ‘The End of Pasta’

Global warming kills spaghetti crop Sigh, “The End of Pasta?” reads more like “The end of journalism” Some days, there appears such blatant stupidity in the MSM, you wonder if there isn’t some sort of award than can be handed … Continue reading

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The Economist on “climate cranks”

I watched some of this yesterday, noting that Mr. Hertsgaard seems to simply be making a ruckus to promote his new book. There doesn’t appear to be any depth beyond that. The Economist seems to agree. – Anthony Who are … Continue reading

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