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archaeologist, anarchist, anthropologist – Political Activists Gagging Our TV Meteorologists on Climate Issues

UPDATE: 1/23/12 11AMPST Exposed – is a George Soros funded activist website. See details below. By Michael A. Lewis, PhD. and Anthony Watts Some one or some organization is attempting to influence the upcoming annual meeting of the American Meteorological … Continue reading

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Dueling Hypotheses

The Trenberth article contains so many glaring errors and biased assumptions, it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, the difference between theory and hypothesis: The problem is not with dueling hypotheses, it is with dueling theories regarding … Continue reading

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More Unsubstantiated Global Warming Hype

Guest post by Michael Lewis, Ph.D. The current issue of the elitist “science” journal, Science, contains an article in its “Perspectives” section (not in the “Research” section):  Earth’s hot past could be prologue to future climate | UCAR. Here’s a … Continue reading

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A Conversation with the Author

Guest post by Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D In a New Year’s Day post, Anthony mounted the Abstract from a Paper titled Warming Power of CO2: Correlations with temperature change. Subsequent comments raised some questions about the Journal citation, International Journal … Continue reading

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How I learned to stop smoking and love Global Warming

Guest post by by Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D. In my work as an archaeologist in Alaska, I spent a good swat of my time hiking through forests along the Yukon River, scrambling over piles of driftwood along the northwest coast … Continue reading

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