Quote of the week – solving the peer review integrity issue

A poll follows. Over at Bishop Hill, he’s listed some quotes from Geoffry Boulton on scientific integrity that I found interesting. He writes (with apologies for posting in full, I couldn’t see any way to excerpt this short article): ============================================================== Geoffrey Boulton is giving a speech to JISC, the goverment body which “inspires UK colleges…

New journal launched

This new journal doesn’t seem to have the haughtiness seen by some other journals. I hope they provide letters suitable for framing. I suggest everyone submit a paper here at least twice, because as we know, three’s a charm. Here’s the journal:

A Conversation with the Author

Guest post by Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D In a New Year’s Day post, Anthony mounted the Abstract from a Paper titled Warming Power of CO2: Correlations with temperature change. Subsequent comments raised some questions about the Journal citation, International Journal of Geosciences, and the publisher, Scientific Research Publishing.