The First WUWT Essay Contest

Topic: Is there really a climate crisis?

Think of the best arguments you can against man-made catastrophic global warming that would convince your neighbors that there is no crisis.

Entry categories:

  • General Public: Any reader who does not fall into the two categories below
  • Professionals: Scientists, engineers, graduate students, doctoral candidates
  • Students: College undergrads, high school students, and below


  • First prize for all of the above categories: $2,500.00
  • Second prize/runner up for all of the above categories: $800.00

Contest Rules:

  • 1500 words or less, not including citations
  • Winners can remain anonymous, but must be known and verified by WUWT
  • Submit your manuscript using this link
  • Put “essay contest” in the description or title
  • Winners will be announced in October

Deadline: October 1st 2021

No participation ribbons will be given.

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