RSS Sep2014 annotated

The PAUSE in Global Warming is REAL. Atmospheric CO2 has risen rapidly since 1998, but temperatures have not. IPCC CMIP-5 simulations are therefore not valid because observations have been well outside the 5% to 95% confidence range.

(Downloaded 10 Sep 2014 from Source Caption: “Fig. 1. Global (80S to 80N) Mean TLT Anomaly plotted as a function of time. The thick black line is the observed time series from RSS V3.3 MSU/AMSU Temperatures. The yellow band is the 5% to 95% range of output from CMIP-5 climate simulations. The mean value of each time series average from 1979-1984 is set to zero so the changes over time can be more easily seen. Note that after 1998, the observations are likely to be below the simulated values, indicating that the simulation as a whole are predicting too much warming.”

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