Climate Models have Accurately Predicted 30 Years of Warming

Pro: Climate Models Have Been Demonstrated to be Accurate. From NASA By Alan Buis,NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory An animation of a GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) climate model simulation…

#34 – Andy May: “CO2-driven climate models of the IPCC are inadequate”

Date: 10/24/2022 Link copied to clipboard Sorry, your browser does not allow copying links Author: Andy May Topic: Climate Change Organisation: Tom Nelson Podcast Video Length: 44:53 Date: 10/24/2022 Link…

Climate Models Wrong on East Pacific… “We Don’t Know Why This Cooling Is Happening”

The East Pacific Ocean’s progressive cooling over the past 30 years contradicts climate models predicting warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. This discrepancy impacts global agriculture, as the ocean’s temperature…

SITYS: Climate Models do not Conserve Mass or Energy

…the atmospheric moisture budget is relatively large (and worse for CMIP6), approaching/exceeding the magnitude of current trends for many models.

Epic Fail in America’s Heartland: Climate Models Greatly Overestimate Corn Belt Warming

My continuing theme has been, “don’t believe gloom and doom forecasts for the future of the U.S. Corn Belt”.

AIs Trained on Climate Models Predict Faster Warming

Why did they train the AI initially using climate models? Why not ignore the models, and directly use the observations to directly train the AIs?

Colorful fluid dynamics” and overconfidence in global climate models

This situation is related to the replication crisis in science generally, whereby much of the literature is affected by selection and positive results bias.

Claim: Climate Models Are Imprecise, Because Psychologists Were Not Consulted

According to Nature “Human behaviour is a neglected factor in climate science”.

The Dirty Secrets inside the Black Box Climate Models

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra

Emperor Penguins Join Polar Bears on ESA List of Threatened Species Based on Flawed Climate Models

Though emperor penguins are not found naturally in the U.S., the endangered species protections will help increase funding for conservation efforts.

50-Year U.S. Summer Temperature Trends: ALL 36 Climate Models Are Too Warm

Given that U.S. energy policy depends upon the predictions from these models, their tendency to produce too much warming (and likely also warming-associated climate change) should be factored into energy…

Updated Climate Models Clouded by Scientific Biases, Researchers Find

After all, the ultimate goal of any model evaluation study is to help improve those models.”

John Christy Debunks Climate Models and Extreme Weather Hysteria With Laura Ingraham on FOX News

From the July 14, 2022 episode of Ingraham Angle.

“Climate models have not ‘exaggerated’ global warming” except when they do…

Guest “double take” by David Middleton September 2017 21 September 2017 Factcheck: Climate models have not ‘exaggerated’ global warming ZEKE HAUSFATHER A new study published in the Nature Geosciences journal this week…

Climate Models Don’t

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach [see update at end] Over at the marvelous KNMI website, home of all kinds of climate data, they’re just finishing their transfer to a new…

Swiss Analysis: Climate Models Running Too Warm, Falsely Calibrated…IPCC Needs “To Review Its Findings”

“The warming of the last 20 years has been caused more by changes in clouds than by the classical greenhouse effect,” say study authors Fritz Vahrenholt and Hans-Rolf Dübal

IPCC AR6: Breaking the hegemony of global climate models

Well, I’ve been reading the fine print of the IPCC AR6 WG1 Report. The authors are to be congratulated for preparing a document that is vastly more intellectually sophisticated than…

Study: Climate Models can Predict Life in the Year 2500

According to the authors of a study, if we don’t mend our wicked ways, in 500 years people in India will have to wear space suits when they want to…

New Confirmation that Climate Models Overstate Atmospheric Warming

Two new peer-reviewed papers from independent teams confirm that climate models overstate atmospheric warming and the problem has gotten worse over time, not better.

Climate Models: Worse Than Nothing?

Climate modeling has arguably been worse than nothing because false information has been presented as true and “consensus.” Alarmism and disruptive policy activism (forced substitution of inferior energies; challenges to…

Climate models fail in key test region

The researchers found that when compared to observations, almost every CMIP5 model fails, no matter whether the multidecadal variability is assumed to be forced or internal. They also found institutional…

New NASA Data Sheds (Sun) Light on Climate Models

The team found that the TSIS-1 data had more energy present in visible light wavelengths and less in the near-infrared wavelengths compared to the older SORCE reconstruction. These differences meant…

The ECB’s climate models are built on obsolete scenarios

There is an urgent need to not just update climate scenarios, but to implement a process whereby they can be kept instantaneously current … we can do this, we know…

The Problem with Climate Models

So it may well be, no, it is likely that once the underlying physics is properly understood, climate models will emerge that produce an ECS value considerably smaller than 1.8C.…

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