Fauci, Fear, Balance and the Grid

Focusing too narrowly on public responsibility (CO2 reduction, equity, social justice) without adequate concern for economics and reliability is a recipe for disaster.  Bring on the balance. 

Silence of the Grid Experts

Utility experts are charged with complying with reliability standards rather than maintaining reliability. 

Addressing Wind/Solar Instability: Hardwiring the Grid

…and there were predictions that Texas was going to be in trouble

How FERC can protect the grid from wind and solar

The basic idea is very simple; do not add renewables without sufficient backup.

Aussie Climate Minister Rejects Claims the Grid will Fail when the Generators are Decommissioned

Aussie Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen is confident the grid will remain reliable as dispatchable generators are decommissioned, despite official reports which warn there are big problems.

Academics and the Grid Part 3: Visionaries and Problem Solvers

How might one seek to turn the economic and reliable grid into a costly, complicated system prone to blackouts?  Discarding dependable generators and replacing with asynchronous intermittent technology would be…

Academics and the grid. Part II: Are they studying the right things?

discussing remote hopes and ignoring huge obstacles will lead to increased likelihoods of greater costs, worsening reliability and eventually unbearable blackouts.

Academics and the grid Part I: I don’t think that study means what you think it means

Recognizing the difference between what theory suggests and practical knowledge demonstrates is critical.

Aussie ABC: Electric Vehicles Could Overload the Grid

“At the moment our electricity grid is not coping at all”: According to Origin Energy, a major Aussie supplier, unless smart chargers are used to shift EV charging load away…

How Much of the Grid Must Be Upgraded?

The study shows that electricity demand for all-electric homes peaks on winter mornings due to heating, and averages around 3.62 kW per home, or 264% of a mixed-fuel home’s peak…

Homeowners with solar panels are ‘giving their excess power to the grid for free’ after government closes energy payment scheme

From The Daily Mail The Business Department has announced the closure of the ‘export tariff’ It currently pays householders for excess power that is fed back into the grid  Opponents…

How Natural Gas and Wind Decarbonize the Grid

Updated Analysis of US Regional Power Generation, 2007–2015 Here’s an analysis from The Breakthrough Institute.  Continuing to publish material with a different viewpoint~ctm From Breakthrough Institute July 13, 2017 |…

NYT, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and David Crane have no clue about how grid tied solar power actually works with the grid

Hurricane Sandy seems to have brought out the latent stupidity in just about everyone in their zeal to get in on the climate alarm resurgence. I laughed out loud when…

FERC commissioners tell senators of major grid reliability challenges, with some blaming markets

There is a “looming reliability crisis in our electricity markets,” FERC Commissioner James Danly said.

Electrified Compressors and the Great Texas Blackout (a threat to grid reliability everywhere)

But gradually, compressors were electrified so slowly that, to follow the parable, they, like the frog, didn’t notice what was about to happen.

Grid Capacity Issues Threaten Net Zero

But the scheme has been thrown into doubt after the National Grid said it cannot connect the facility to the electricity network until 2031 at the earliest, when capacity upgrades…

How could the Aurora Borealis affect energy grids when renewables are added to the mix?

When you have solar, wind and battery storage, it has to be connected to the grid through what we call inverters, or solid-state power converters

We Must Demand a Demonstration Project of a Mainly Renewables-Based Electrical Grid

Nobody would be happier than me to see a demonstration project built that showed that wind and solar could provide reliable electricity at low cost.

Ross Clark: The National Grid is falling apart thanks to Net Zero

We’re left with demand management to keep the lights on – rewarding the rich at the expense of the poor, and all using taxpayer funds

US Grid Needs Fossil Fuels, Not Wind

This destroys the idea that the wind is always blowing somewhere, and that all you have to do is distribute surplus power around the country in order to meet demand.

Save America’s Grid!

It is the mad rush to replace reliable coals and nuclear power plants with weather dependent wind and solar power. This simply does not work and we are beginning to…

National Grid warns Britons of blackouts on ‘really cold’ evenings

WUWT recently reported how Conservative Party rebels sabotaged Liz Truss’ attempt to increase domestic gas availability by allowing fracking. Britain might be about to pay the price.

WMO: Embrace Renewables to Stabilise the Power Grid

Apparently nuclear plants are out because they require precious water for cooling, or are vulnerable to sea level rise.

Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All of Europe’s Power Supply at Risk” …30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed

The economic damage resulting from a major blackout would be crippling. Chaos would ensue for weeks or months.

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