COP28: India doubles down on right to increase coal power and CO2 emissions

“India cannot survive without coal as it has no other options.”

Voice of America Is a Superspreader of Misinformation About Human Health and Climate Change

There is no evidence that modest warming has caused disease outbreaks due to animal migration nor that continued modest warming it threatens to do so in the future.

Amicus Brief Details Climate Litigation Campaign’s Political Origins

…the admitted objective is to obtain discovery for help with, and otherwise help move along, a national campaign of lawfare designed to coerce defendants “to the table” in support of…

Bone-Chilling: Last Christmas, the U.S. narrowly averted an energy disaster that would have decimated New York City and killed thousands

Put short, policymakers ignore the importance of the gas pipeline system at our extreme peril.

US Proposes Carbon Storage Under Nations Forests

This introduces a rather ironic scenario where forest land could be compromised for the sake of environmental protection.

UN COP 28 is not a democracy

So, as you watch yet another COP play out, keep in mind that the grand schemes endlessly reported and analyzed at great length are going nowhere fast. Full of sound…

ZEV Mandate Cannot Be Enforced With Foreign Manufacturers, Say DfT

It seems naive in the extreme for the Government to just assume that BMW, Renault and all the rest would willingly cave in to UK demands. But that just about…

Some More Energy Reality In New York City

So, how is it going? The answer is that this effort is an unmitigated disaster. Let’s look into the details.

Changing History to Control You

This video explores the just how history has to be changed to fit their narrative.

Energy In The Air

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach. TL;DR: Ramanathan proposed that the “greenhouse effect” could be measured as surface upwelling longwave minus top-of-atmosphere (TOA) upwelling longwave. However, this ignores the contributions to…

Get Ready for Another Pointless United Nations Climate Conference

One thing rising faster than world energy use is COP attendance.

Al Gore Ghosts Dubai 2023 with 1989 Alarm (What’s New, Pussycat?)

Al Gore might be the the slickest of the 70,000 expected at the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties (COP28) climate meeting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November…

COP28:  Who Matters?  — Follow-up

“China having a higher share of renewables each year, while also having a massive growth in overall electricity consumption.   …  What does this tell us about the type and amount…

Daily Mail: COP28 will be an Oil and Gas Contract Bazaar

Can you imagine a more hilariously ignoble end to the great push to green the global economy, than for the centrepiece of the green movement to transform into a giant…

Canadian Green Electricity Push Blocked by Alberta

Alberta has invoked the Sovereignty Act to set limits on the exercise of federal power. But the federal government claims there is no legal basis for their actions.

New Antarctic All-Time Cold Record Flies in the Face of Media Reporting

It has been a busy year at the bottom of the world, from hot to cold with climate change in the middle of it all for the blame by media.…

COP28 UN climate summit to officially target meat eating! ‘Nations will be told to curb their excessive appetite for meat’ to enforce UN plan for ‘food’s climate transition’

COP 28 UN climate summit planning Great Food Reset for USA!

L A Times Falsely Hypes El Nino Driven Modest Global Temperature Increases as “Record-Hot” Climate Change Outcomes

The. L A Times climate alarmists flawed claims that global anomaly increased temperature levels are “hot” or “hottest” are grossly misleading and based on considering only temperature anomaly increases while…

While America pursues renewables, worldwide expansion is underway for nuclear generated electricity

Sweden, China, India, Russia, and others are changing from occasional electricity from renewables to fossil-free electricity from nuclear that is continuous and uninterruptible.

Wyoming Governor Backs Out of Climate Debate

Gordon Was Standing Tall In The Saddle Until He Backed Down

Claim: The Cuban Economy is a Model for Successful Green Degrowth

Green British academic pushing a non GDP measure of social progress which gives a high score to Cuba.

“Wartime” Climate Policy vs. Natural Gas: Biden Gets Desperate

Yes, the President of the United States has pulled out a Korean War authority (Defense Production Act) to fight against American energy that Americans prefer.

Monday Mirthiness: Mind Blowing Failure of “Science” to Police Itself – Shame on Springer Link

How in the HELL does a “scientific” paper get published by Springer with “bullshit” in the title and used over 100 times in the paper?

Net Zero Electricity Fantasies to Cost British Consumers £100 Billion Over Next Six Years

Net Zero electricity taxes and levies are set to cost British consumers almost £100 billion over the next six years, according to the latest official figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility…

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