Climate Change Fears of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless

Just Facts

Contrary to forecasts of doom, crystal-clear science shows that a broad range of outcomes related to climate change have stayed level or improved for the past 30 years.

Rigorous documentation of every fact in this video is available at

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June 3, 2023 2:18 am
Reply to  observa
June 3, 2023 2:58 am

In the U.K. it’s in decline

Richard Page
Reply to  strativarius
June 3, 2023 4:29 am

Sorry strativarius but that’s incorrect. We in the UK have hit a slowdown where the rate of life expectancy growth is about half of what it had been in the years before, but this is not really a decline. This happens from time to time; although the trend is one of growth every year, the actual rate varies quite a lot.

Reply to  Richard Page
June 3, 2023 4:57 am

Sorry, Richard…

“Life expectancy declining in many English communities even before pandemic”

“DB scheme liabilities will reduce in 2023 from falling life expectancy”


Ben Vorlich
Reply to  strativarius
June 3, 2023 6:04 am

I think that there was a significant drop in UK Life expectancy for both males and females from 2019 to 2020 since then there has been a slight recovery. But an increase takes a long time in normal circumstances, so the increase hasn’t been enough to eliminate the fall in 2020.
The decline possibly caused in part by Covid19. As the CV19 mortality was twice as high in deprived areas compared to wealthy areas. The deprived areas will have a longer recovery than wealthy areas meaning an even slower recovery not helped by the current cost of living issues.

Reply to  Ben Vorlich
June 3, 2023 6:21 am

You think.


I do too. But the data is…. the data.

Richard Page
Reply to  strativarius
June 3, 2023 6:46 am

The data is most definitely the data. The article you cited mentioned that there was a decline in ‘1 in 5’ communities within the UK which, as I mentioned, resulted in an overall slowdown in the increase in life expectancy but not a decline across the whole of the UK, which was your original point. Even with the articles you cited, your point was incorrect.

Reply to  Richard Page
June 3, 2023 6:59 am

You think it is going to rebound with net zero?

Now, that is interesting.

“People pulling out own teeth due to lack of NHS dental care, ministers warned
MPs debate NHS dentistry and share extreme examples of patients taking care into their own hands.”

During the pandemic my dentist called to tell me that if I did not make an appointment I’d be taken off their patient list.

You can guess what I told them.

Richard Page
Reply to  strativarius
June 3, 2023 7:45 am

I can’t see into the future. If your original point was about forecasting future trends you should really have pointed that out sooner.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
June 3, 2023 7:48 am

Just a nitpick but if you think it’s appropriate to use the term “deprived areas” then why are you supporting a system that “deprives” people or that allows some to “deprive” others?

Maybe you mean less affluent? As in the US, I am confident that the social safety hammock in the UK is not actually “depriving” anybody (except for those who work and pay taxes).

The words we use affect the thoughts and beliefs we hold and influence others to hold, not just the other way around.

May Contain Traces of Seafood
June 3, 2023 3:42 am

NoTricksZone regularly posts weather observations from various regions of Sweden.

Nearly all of them show that Sweden has been cooling since before Greta was born.

Bill Powers
Reply to  May Contain Traces of Seafood
June 3, 2023 4:24 am

Perception IS reality and a whole lot of people ought to be in jail for Greta’s perceptions.

June 3, 2023 4:25 am

It ain’t CO2:

THE THERMOSPHERE IS HEATING UP: If you’re a satellite, this story is important. A series of geomagnetic storms in 2023 has pumped terawatts of energy into Earth’s upper atmosphere, helping to push its temperature and height to a 20-year high. Air surrounding our planet is now touching satellites in Earth orbit and dragging them down.


Leo Smith
Reply to  rms
June 3, 2023 6:30 am

Russian Royalty?

One can but hope.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Leo Smith
June 3, 2023 7:56 am

Oh Leo! Naughty!

Leo Smith
June 3, 2023 6:28 am

The modern Art Student Snowflake doesnt do ’empirical evidence’ The very terms reeks of white male privilege and dangerous Sciency Stuff and the mathemetics that really, darling, no one needs to learn.

How many mathematicians get on to ‘Celebrity Love Island?’

Hans Erren
June 3, 2023 6:55 am

Four year old news…

June 3, 2023 7:01 am

Nicely done. Straightforward delivery, citing evidence while not assaulting the viewer with too much “sciency stuff.” Unfortunately, in step with the totalitarian activists’ playbook, the media and social media “fact checkers” will be out in force to tamp this down and minimize its reach if not disappear it altogether. In spite of the opposition, we must persist.

June 4, 2023 11:07 am

Their fears are not baseless, they are based upon their knowledge of the subject which is, indeed, baseless.

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