Manmade: Studies Suggest That Wind Parks Cause Climate Change, Even Regional Drought

Germany’s drought happens to be worse in the regions with lots of wind turbines.

Climate Extremists Vandalise Historic Roman Monument

Another pathetic green attack on Western heritage, this time a fountain in Rome which was built in the late 1600s.

The Coronation & The Guardian, Temperatures, Misinformation (Part 2)

A 0.7C difference is enough to generate more record hot days for the same weather, supporting the narrative of the new King – that the planet risks overheating.

Goodbye Climate Alarmism: The Age of AI Alarmism Has Begun

Biden has just appointed Harris to promote responsible AI – in my opinion the opening salvo in an attempt to install fear of AI as a replacement for the failed…

FERC commissioners tell senators of major grid reliability challenges, with some blaming markets

There is a “looming reliability crisis in our electricity markets,” FERC Commissioner James Danly said.

Claim:  Turbulence is Getting Worse due to Climate Change

…none of the news reports contained any actual turbulence data to see if this is actually becoming a problem in a warming world.

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