Rest in Peace:  Gordon Lightfoot — Canadian Folk Icon

Gordon Lightfoot – how can we say enough good things about the living breathing force of humanity that was Gordon Lightfoot? 

“The thinking error that makes people susceptible to climate change denial”

“… Climate change deniers simplify the spectrum of possible scientific consensus into two categories: 100% agreement or no consensus at all. If it’s not one, it’s the other. …”

Aussie Green Energy Shock: Snowy Hydro Cost and Completion Time Blowout

As coal power operators respond to the new carbon tax by accelerating plant closures, Australia’s big battery, the Snowy 2 pumped hydro project, has just announced more cost and delivery…

European Green War on Agriculture: Farmers Banned for Life if they Want Compensation

A new chapter in the horror being inflicted on Dutch farmers, in the name of climate action and fertiliser use reduction.

The Big Chill Will Save California from the Big Melt

But it now appears that the weather gods have decided to be kind, and meteorological salvation is now in California’s future.

The Practical Impossibility of Large-Scale Carbon Capture and Storage

From MasterResource By Steve Goreham — May 2, 2023 “CCS has been slow to take off due to the cost of capture and the limited salability of carbon dioxide as…

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