Nuclear Energy is a Game Changer, But Not for Climate Reasons!

So, people advocating for nuclear power on the basis of its potential to address a nonexistent climate emergency undermine their arguments for the technology’s actual benefits of safety and efficiency.…

DOE vs. Gas Cooking: A Review of Critical Comments

Calling DOE guilty of “nanny state” behavior insults the inherent maternal (but forgivable) instincts of nannies everywhere to make us do what’s best for us. 

Dr Richard Lindzen exposes climate change as a politicised power play motivated by malice and profit

… how complicit the media and politicians have been in forcing the disastrous climate change narrative upon an unsuspecting and trusting public from the very beginning.

The Mysterious AR6 ECS, Part 4, converting observations to ECS

By Andy May Christian Freuer has translated this post to German here. In part one we discussed various estimates of climate sensitivity (ECS, TCR, and observation-based values) and what they…

Biden to Veto Tariff Rises on Forced Labor Chinese Solar Imports

“… this joint resolution would undermine .. jobs and investments in the solar supply chain and the solar installation market.”. But what about China’s alleged use of solar supply chain…

Claim: Anti-ESG Investment State Leaders Have Conflicts of Interest

According to Naomi Oreskes, personal fossil fuel investments by politicians leading ESG divestment constitute a conflict of interest.

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