Pursuit of the Green Dream Will Make Inequality a LOT Worse

It’s amazing how quickly we could find ourselves living in a world where the vast majority of people have become poorer, in the sense of struggling to meet their basic…

Re-imaging Tasmania’s Temperature History, Part 1

He wanted to know from me if they showed global warming.

Who Noticed Earth Hour This Year?

Normally I publish something snarky about how we should all leave our lights on, but this year’s Earth Hour was such a non-event I genuinely didn’t notice it was happening.

Scientists Shifting Global Warming Goalposts to 1.8-1.9C?

“… economic modelling has often suggested that temperature increases well above … the 2 °C target … would result in higher total welfare …”

15 years after ESA listing as ‘threatened’ due to sea ice loss polar bears are abundant & thriving

There is no existential emergency for polar bears or any other Arctic sea mammals due to declining summer sea ice, despite continued messages of doom from remorseless experts.

Germany Rebels Against EU Ban on Petrol Cars

A growing backlash over climate-friendly policies is now hitting the German Greens, putting wobbles into the country’s three-party ruling coalition.

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